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Hello can you please tell us where exactly this function appear in theme options settings and what is the exact used function name for to enable/disable available only or all accommodations ?

” Finally, you can indicate whether search results display all accommodations or only ones with vacancies here. ” a nice screenshot would be great !

Where we can find the following WP-Setting option in theme option setup section :

1. Hide the WP admin bar from guest visitors 2. Hide WP version number from html source 3. Determine whether users must click a confirmation link before their account is activated upon registration.

a sceenshot would be great – thanks a lot !

” Finally, you can indicate whether search results display all accommodations or only ones with vacancies here. ” a nice screenshot would be great !

The above was removed because of a bug. We are currently working on hard on reenabling this and generally making the search functionality of the theme more user friendly and more admin friendly.

1. Hide the WP admin bar from guest visitors 2. Hide WP version number from html source 3. Determine whether users must click a confirmation link before their account is activated upon registration.

The above have been removed as a result of TF recommendation.

We are sorry for any inconvenience these texts in the docs have caused. We will upgrade our documentation asap.

Thank you for pointing these out.

UPGRADING OF LIVE SITE OR THEME ? 5. Browse to admin, create new Hotels and Vacancy Rental pages using appropriate templates as mentioned earlier in this document. 6. Create self-catered accommodations, and create the vacancies for them. 7. Check theme settings – switch off/on new features etc.

A. does point 5. means that user MUST SAVE CURRENT AVAIL STATUS of all already created accommodations ? To re-entry correct current availability ?? B. same above for ” self-catering accommodation ” ? C. set means all existing THEME OPTION SETTINGS have to setup completly once again ?

REMARK : if a user has 100+ accommodation listed those user can save BEFORE UPGRADING the correct AVAIL STATUS ?

No, you don’t.

Btw, we also recommend you create a WAMP installation on your localhost and always have a up-to-date version of your database on your localhost so that you can upgrade your theme locally first and see if anything is wrong before upgrading your production website.

Thank you

URGENT BUG ! Dear guys please check your theme demo ! Click on ” My Account > Register ” button and you will see that the form is not displayed correct the complet bottom part with submit button is not visiable.

Please fix that issue – before we will upgrade to the new version 4.2 from 27.06.2014 – thank you !

ok… can it be you already made the changes ? If yes should we upload the upgrade files once again now ?

Please note .. that this registation form can even contain more , if user allow subscriber to sign up for newsletter too , the form hight will encrease even more .. so you should think well if you fix the form position or hight of the form !


Ok noted, we are still looking at what we can do to improve this.

The code will be uploaded in the next upgrade.

Thanks for your help.


I did update theme to v 4.2. And i found some issue.

1. After tour booking, All prices doesn’t show in confirmation page. ( Adults, Children, Total price )

2. I am using woocommerce. Until before version ‘Use WooCommerce to enable payment after booking’ function was good working. But ‘Woocommerce’ function doesn’t work after tour booking. When i am booking, showed confirmation page but system can’t add to cart.

How to fix it? thanks a lot!

1. Shown as follows:

02 Confirmation
Thank you. We….........24 hours.
Traveller info
First name : ABC
Last name : ABC
Tour: Italy tour
Adults: null
Children: null
Total price: null

can’t see any price

2. I am using only tour. Can you show me admin option navigation. i can ‘t find “Is for reservation only” option in admin panel.


i checked again admin panel and options.php. But still i can’t find.

This is indeed a bug (with regards children, adult and total price being 0 in tour booking confirmation page).

We have fixed it and will include in the next upgrade.

In the mean time, please fix this in your parent theme.

Open js/tours.js and on line 336 after
add the following:
        jq("#confirm_tour_total").html(window.currencySymbol + window.rateTableTotalPrice);
Also, on line 624 (or few lines after because of above changes), find the following code:
tableRow += '<td>' + window.currencySymbol + totalPrice + '</td>';
Just after it, add the following:
window.rateTableTotalPrice = totalPrice;

Thank you for pointing this bug out.

Hi, Do you resolve a translation bugs (a lot of ext in admin, and in front-and can’t be translate), what about characterfix(???? symbols in order, when i input name and last name in russian). You don’t write this fixes in changelog, and this is very serious bugs? And what about this bug – there are children in admin, bun no children in front(look at pic . I wrote about this bugs to you several times.

If it’s not resolved yet, can you tell, how and where i can fix it, i can’t run my site with this bugs.

Thank you.


The characterfix we still have in our todo list.

Can you please provide the fields which cannot be translated in front end backend so we can fix them.

The children/adult issue refers to self-catered accommodations only right?

You did write to us and we have written down the bugs. However, there were a number of issues and we can only resolve so many in each upgrade release. We can promise that we will get to them and we thank you for your patience.


Hi, Thank you for answers!

The children/adult issue refers to self-catered accommodations only right? – You’re right. Do you have any ideas to fix it?

We have this in our todo list and hope to figure it out very soon.



First of all, Thank you so much for the updates of the Theme, it is getting better and look great! I have some questions that I still can’t figure it out how to do:-

1. How to add the inner navigation on the tours? I have sent some comment previously and you asked me to add these into Child page, I tried but still can’t figure it out. I know it might be a little troublesome, but would you mind to assist us on this? Or you mind if you login to our wordpress or FTP to do one sample for us? I’m sorry but we tried to ask the professional but they still could not figure too.

2. On the new updates, with the image slider on tour page, now the mobile view of the picture are not so fitted. May I know what is the best size we should use?

3. Can we make the main search in the Homepage default as “TOUR” instead of “hotel”?

4. Can we add tag to the tours? And how can we make the custom search page sidebar (Refine Search Result) as opened itselt instead of us clicking on the price then only it dropdown the selection of price range? Can we add more option for it? Such as “Tour start from: Paris, Frankfurt, etc etc, so our client can search more easily rather than use search based on pricing.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best theme ever!

Thanks and don’t hesitate to ask if you have other questions in the future.

Best regards

Hi , I have asked the hosting support and they said there are error on the child functions where it caused it to be down. Now they deleted the file, so my website work well again.

For now, we will just wait for ur next release since the content cannot be change for different tours now :)


Great, thanks.

Where is the RTL in the update?. I’ve waited a lot., But no response to my request.

Hi Tarek,

We had an issue and we are still working on this. We will release this in the next upgrade which will come at the beginning of next week. We couldn’t release it and break stuff.

Thank you sincerely for your patience.

ok i am waiting.thank you

Ok, thanks

Hi there! Nice job with the last update, some of the new options and functions are most welcome. I have two minor issues so far I’d like to point out: 1. Regarding search results, please take into consideration that it’d nice to add a maximum occupancy field to self-catered accomodation items since all apartments/houses have a limit of people they can host and therefore the search option “total guests” would be useful (I think now, as far as self-catered is concerned, it’s of no use) 2. Concerning social networks icons, I got them customized with my theme’s color but the :hover action shows both white icon and background instead of the blue color I’d expect. Is it a css issue or did I get the ico files not fully adapted. Please check it out at (pass: nijar2014). Thanks in advance.

Hi, did you upload to your child theme or parent theme?


Sorry, my mistake, I was not uploading it to the child theme. Now it works. Thank you very much.

Great, thanks for posting back.


Checking the new updates I found something that might be a bug. Not sure thought… maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve check the option “Is for reservation only?” in one of my accommodations. Once I submit the booking it redirects to the cart page saying “you cart is empty”. Shouldn’t go to any page displaying an Ok message or something like that?

Also the main menu isn’t well centered. It is aligned to the left of the screen in Safari browser



Which object were you attempting to book? Tour, Accommodation, Care rental?

Also, please make sure your javascript file in your child theme is not outofdate because we made changes in /js/accommodations.js, /js/car_rentals.js and /js/tours.js in order for the is for reservation only feature to work.


You are right! I forgot to update accommodation.js in my child theme. Works perfect. Thanks and sorry about that

No problems. Thanks for posting back.

My Theme version is 4.1, i have modified content according to my client, But Now New version came 4.2, its more good, i want to Update New version to my client, Kindly Provide me How can i Update New version without effecting the content,

Hello khadarshine,

navigate to your Downloads section from themeforest account. There you will be able to download the theme again.

Thank you.


Your content will not be affected (posts etc).

However, we recommend through our documentation that all code customizations be made in a child theme. This way you can safely overwrite the parent theme without worrying about your code changes being lost.


hey do you build plugins as well? if yes, is it possible for me to get a taxi services plugin ?


Unfortunately we do not have the time to do custom work for individual clients. All are efforts are focused on improving the themes we offer here at themeenergy.



I see that this theme is responsive but is there a way to make it more mobile friendly? Like having a seperate theme for mobile maybe with big buttons and search etc?

Thank you


You’d have to custom code something like that.



I just update to the latest version and i notice that the booking date is dissable it don´t give me the option to pick a date for reservation and have already created vacancies for each one.

I am using WPML for two language inglish and spanish i have created accommodation in the two language, type room in two language and vancancies in the two language. What did i do wrong? what i must do to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Can you please resend your wp/ftp login info so we can have a look as another user recently reported something like this.



I purchased this template and as soon as we activated the theme, all went blank.

Please help us amend this issue as we need to get going with the website asap.



Please set WP_DEBUG to true in your wp-config.php file (root of your website) and report back the php error you see.

Thank you

Hello, Kajag! I’ve got a problem with car rentals after update to 4.2 version.

for example when you click on car page you recieve this:

can you recommend something for that case? thanks!


We are currently working on extensive improvements of the search functionality. We will be releasing this upgrade within the next 7 days.


Ok, thanks!

You are welcome.

Dear Support Team, one very basic question regarding NEW THEME UPDATED or UPGRADES and EXISTING CUSTOMIZTATION or CHANGED made on CHILD THEMES.

Does it make sence at least to create a complete copy of of all files from the parent them into the child theme , specially because to keep the correct file structure in the child theme , that always must be the same as on the parents theme ?

Or what most easy and suitable way is it to setup the child theme , so that user can make any changes that want .. and not be afraid to have a wrong file structure in child theme.

A perfect advise for this issue would be great , and would make sence as well to be added to you documentation file too !


We recommend you create the same folder structure in the child theme as in the parent theme and then only copy the files you need to modify from the parent.

so, if you want to modify your includes/parts/accommodation-booking-form.php file, your folder structure would be as follows:



ok thanks , we will keep that in mind – thank you ! But I guess it would be great if you add and FTP screenshot with samples for setup the correct file structures on HOST webspace for Child Themes , dont you think that would make sence and will make the life more easy ..should be not a big deal .. thanks you !

We will take that suggestion into consideration.



I purchased this template and as soon as we activated the theme, all went blank. Please help us amend this issue as we need to get going with the website asap.



Please set WP_DEBUG to true in your wp-config.php file (root of your website) and report back the php error you see.

Thank you

Pre-buy Question

Do I understand that this is NOT a portal theme?

That it is only the Administrator who can modify listings, create calendars, etc?

I see nothing in your documentation that offers the ability to have a User-self-registered site where each User sets up and lists their own posts and is able to create and manage individual calendars for each listing.

Do I see the limitations of your theme correctly?


Yes. Our theme does not support front-end submissions at this time. We have front-end submissions on our to do list and hope to implement it by the end of the month.


Hello Kajag, After the updete 4.2: 1 – in the form of hotel, no longer appears in the dropbox for no kids, 2 – at the hotel, map of site name disappeared in the box, 3 – location and display the widget “Send enquiry”, has the name of the resort and the hotel’s name appeared after the hotel address.

How do I resolve this problem?

Thanks, still a good day

You are right, we apologize, we must have broken this when doing the OO upgrade recently.

To fix the right sidebar please do the following:

In sidebar-right-accommodation.php (in your parent theme as we will also release this as an upgrade), on line 15 add:
$accommodation_location = $accommodation_obj->get_location();

And then on line 29 where you see the span class=”address” stuff replace it with

<span class="address"><?php echo $accommodation_obj->get_custom_field('address'); ?>, <?php echo (isset($accommodation_location) ? $accommodation_location->get_title() : ''); ?></span>

This fixes it.

Hello, I’m glad you resolved the error, thanks a lot

You are welcome. Thanks for your patience.

Hi there:

Just noticed after last update accomodation list on destination page shows square images without converting them to the proper ratio:

Have a look at (pass: nijar2014)



this haven’t changed from the original release actually. But I agree, it does not look nice and we will fix it.

Thank you.

Thanks, we will be looking forward to the next update ;)

You are welcome.