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Great features! But the contact and quote page isn’t responsive .

Hi Royce-

Thanks! What on the contact page isn’t responsive? Or is the whole page not loading for you? I’ve been having some hosting issues lately and that could be to blame too.


the page loads properly but when i resize my window only the half part of the form inputs can bee seen :)

The layout is a mostly fixed layout. The portfolio, however, does expand to fit larger and smaller screens.

@ Royceborja – looks like the whole site is fixed. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a “responsive” layout.

Looks good man. I am working on a masonry theme right now. You beat me to it :D

Thanks! Masonry is killer. Can’t wait to see yours. Whens the release? :)

yes it is :D – hum, hopefully soon!

Both style and masonified portfolio are hot! love it

Yes! Thanks Dadit!

Woah… very nice theme! Luv it.

Thanks Chuck! :)

Wow! It’s really amazing theme! I have 2 questions: is it ready for a localisation? & how difficult is changing fonts to Helvetica/ Arial? Thank you for your answer and good luck with sellings! ;)

Hi Renenekuda-

So glad you like it. It’s almost ready for localisation. I just need to add the text domains. Should be in the next update.

Also, changing fonts to Helvetica/Arial should be real easy. I’d be happy to talk you through it.

Thanks Again! Andre

Hi !

really great work !! 3 questions before buying it :

- Could we embed some music players in the homepage portfolio ? I mean, not a word link but a real player that we could check in directly.

- On my iphone, the contact bar is not stick in the bottom, it’s floating in the middle of the page. Could you fix it ?

- I don’t know if i’m alone but, when i scroll down the page with fingers on the trackpad of my pc, it not responds very fast… It’s the site that doing that… Any ideas ?

Thanks !

Hi Loic-

Thanks for you questions.

-The theme is not set up for embedding music players. However, there is a widget area below the navigation that you can embed custom html/flash/etc. that could hold a music player.

-This is a mobile safari issue which I’m told will be fixed in iOS 5. In the mean time I’m working on a fix for these browsers. Should be in the next update.

-Hmmm… seems to scroll smoothly for me? Which page are you having issues with?

Thanks, Andre

Glad to see it here :) The advices on the forum seemed to work with the codding :) Congrats

Thanks Duotive :)

Love the layout of this theme. I just have one question – would it be a relatively easy mod to have each ‘portfolio’ item link through to pages rather than the post?

So instead of the read more link pointing at the full content of the post, it could go to a custom page/URL?

Happy to dig into the code a bit, just wondering if it’s likely to pose any problems.

Hi Xavierhoeven!

I’m so glad you like the theme. You would only need minor modifications in the theme to link each item through to a page. It would be as easy as removing the link from the title and adding a button instead of a read-more tag. I’d be happy to talk you through it.


Hi, I’m a french product & graphic designer looking for a Wordpress theme. I like yours but need some answers before buying it.

1/ Is it possible to add a background pattern picture ?

2/ Is it possible to insert a twitter widget ?

3/ Can I change the font for mine that is Cleanvertising ?

4/ My uploaded pictures will be automatically resized/croped to fit 240×155 format ? or do I have to do it myself ?

Thanks for your answers ;)


Hi Vincent-

You can change the colors of the footer drawer and menu texts, but you’ll need to add the custom css to the css box in the site options. It shouldn’t be too difficult – and I’d be happy to help.

The portfolio can display an unlimited amount of projects. You may, however want to keep it under 10,000 to decrease the load time for the visitor :)


Thanks again for your answers. I bought the theme and I’m working on it since a few hours,

I have a problem with picture size, some pictures are shrinked, you can check at

Other point I don’t want the whole page to reload when I select an other skill…

Hi Vincent,

Can you send me an email via my contact form so I can look in the backend of your wordpress admin?

Thanks! Andre

It’s not truly responsive, one factor which is stopping me from buying. Sure, you can call it a liquid layout, just not responsive, as it does not adapt to different screen-sizes. Looks amazing nonetheless, but just fyi.

I second the issues with ios platform. Once these are fixed this will be purchased. Also ive noted the theme is somewhat slow at times but that may be down to your host of course.

I am using shared hosting at the moment. It could be because of the traffic load. I’ll be updating a fix to the iOS footer issue very soon.

impressive ;)

Thanks man :D

Awesome :D – almost like indexhibit on steroids …and added fashion sense.

On steriods? I like it! Thanks Chipperson!

Great news about the IOS update – a cool theme which I’m sure will do well. Let me know when the update is out so I can purchase this.

Have a great day Vic

Will do. Thanks Vic!

Sexy dude, very sexy.

Thanks Adam :)

Hi, just purchased your theme and I had a quick question. All my posts are showing up in a blog format. Is there an easy way to import all posts to my portfolio?

Also, I manually copy/pasted two posts onto the portfolio tab, and when I clicked “view post,” it directed me to “Page not Found.” How do I view posts in portfolio rather than blog view?

Thanks so much, David

Hi Revoluzik-

Are you looking to port all your blog posts to portfolio items? You may be able to use a plugin for that:

Also, be sure you’ve set up the site correctly according to the documentation. If you’re still having issues, just let me know and I’ll take a look.


Ah, I missed out on the documentation that was inside the .zip file. Everything’s crystal clear now, thanks!

Excellent! Let me know if you have any additional questions David!

Hi, nice theme. I considered to buy it .. but before that i just want to know is there any discuss forum or customer support for this theme rather than discuss the topics in this comment page?

all the best and happy selling :) sinfu

Hi Sinfu-

I do offer support for all my themes. However, I’m still working on putting together a support forum. In the mean time you’re welcome to email me any questions you may have via the contact form on my profile page. I usually respond within 12 hours during the week and 24 hours on weekends.

Cheers, Andre

Very cool theme! I had to buy it.

However… I have a big issue. There is no place to upload the slideshow images within my portfolio items page . It seems my portfolio items page only has a place to add a “feature image”...but no place to add the slides. ??

I searched the whole page for it. (scrolled all the way down). Its not there. Am I missing something?

Please advise.

Sorry…False alarm… something weird happen with the theme upload. :)

Ha, no worries Chuck! Let me know if any other issues arise.


Hey, incredible theme – I love it :)

One small problem I’m having at the moment, with the homepage portfolio.

Any portrait images are handled fine, and upon click, the image expands and the title/description shuffles underneath and the slideshow starts – Any landscape orientated images, upon click, don’t expand. The area around it expands and the title and description appears, but sits behind the thumbnail image (which doesn’t move).

And portfolio items with both portrait and landscape imagery does both – when the slide show is displaying the portrait image, it works fine, but when it slides to a landscape, it breaks again.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Thanks, Warren

Hi Warren-

This can happen if the images are too large. For some reason this bug is coming up on exceptionally large images. Try reducing the width of all of your images to 700px and that should fix the issue. If you’re still having issues, just let me know.


Hi Andre,

Perfect, thank you. And thanks again for such an amazing theme.


I’m so glad you like it, Warren.

Cheers, Andre