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Nice work,

Good luck with sales :)

Hi, Thank you so much :)

Really good work! Good luck :)

Bii thank you so much :)

I like too the description ! :)

Thank you so much :)

Whats wrong with you man? You are using my “Author” image at your work (in the slider section, just like my slider at Simplify Landing Page!!!). Please delete it asap.


As Hamjaa stated this images was taken from Pixden. However we are going to change it.

Kind Regards,

Very Nice Theme :) i love its clean design and font Usage

Thanks so much hamjaa for appreciation.

@coralixThemes That is actually resource owned by Pixden Cover Pic :) So legally you don’t have any right to claim it, Best of Luck with Sales @Crunchpress

Sure, fell free to use it… but what a coincidence…. you use the same book cover as we did and you copy-paste our author slider at your presentation… I just want to say that obviously you have look at our template.

@CoralixThemes You can leave message to the author to update the sales element as the demo not contains your author image :) take a close look on demo

I can’t get the menu to work. Mac/Safari.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for pointing it out. I’m going to check and fix it ASAP.

Thank you.

I’m having problems with the preview. The header text seems to be obscured by the nav bar.

Chrome and Safari.

Resolution is: 1280×800

Hi, thanks for pointing out this issue. We are going to fix it ASAP.

Thank you.

I did, I already sent you 2 emails to @CrunchPress but he didn’t change the preview image….

Hi, There was a delay due to weekend. It will be changed today.

Thank you.

@corlaixThemes :) I guess it will take around 2 days to get it reomved by the author :) as it is weekend on most part of the world and Software houses not work on Saturday and sunday feel relax and watch till Monday evening

Love it! Think I’m going to buy this one!

Hi, thank you so much.

I dont know how much times I need to tell you!!!
Do NOT USE MY IMAGES!!!! Please delete it from your preview! It is not yours it is mine!!!!

Hello CoralixThemes,

The cover image you are talking about on demo belongs to Pixden.
FYI Here is the link 

Its a royalty free stock PSD. Which we downloaded after purchasing their Premium Membership. If you have used it at your demo it deosn’t mean that you own the rights to that image. On your request, we edited that image so it should look different.

If you have any proof that you own full rights to that PSD not Pixden or Pixden Premium Members, please come up with a copyright claim and we will happily remove that image from our demo.

Thank you.


We are not talking about the Book Cover. We are talking about the “Author image”, the slider with the man there. Did you see a text there?
We added the “Thank you” text above that image.
Please delete this image from your presentation:
Anyway…we already sent a DMCA to Themeforest Team.

That image was never part of our demo. However it was added in preview image, its removed before you posted this message.

Thank you.

I downloaded this and the css isn’t matching what the preview shows. the blog is not formatted and looks nothing like the demo. the footer also is broken. Can you upload a version that is accurate to what you are portraying??? Thanks…

Hi, there is an updated version available for download. Please use it or simply replace your JS and CSS files with the new files from this version.

Thank you.

also…there is a horizontal scroll bar…that also wasn’t in demo…

Hi, there is an updated version available for download. Please use it or simply replace your JS and CSS files with the new files from this version.

Thank you.

I’m also having problems with the documents not matching the demo. Particularly, once I get to the section that says “Read all of these great reviews,” the font is different and the background is all messed up.

Hi, there is an updated version available for download. Please use it or simply replace your JS and CSS files with the new files from this version.

Thank you.

Well, it looks better in Safari now but still screwed up in Chrome

@gregwillits, i was able to fix this issue by duplicating the CSS and .JS files from the demo. It seems there is a versioning issue…

Also, i am not able to get the book to flip (in the review section). The demo’s isn’t actually functional either

Hi, we are working at Flipbook effect, it have issues in Chrome. It will be replaced with a new effect.

Thank you.

I like this theme but a couple things prevent me from buying it right now.

1) The top menu needs to have the contact page added to it. With the contact page link at the bottom, I think most visitors would miss it and waste too much time trying to find it.

2) Can the contact page have same page form validation instead of it sending you to a separate page to inform you about fields being left blank or improperly filled out.

3) Also, does the contact form have a popup on the same page that alerts you that your message was successfully sent?


You’re most welcome Leyte :)

Can you offer a general time frame when you think you’ll have this template updated?

Hi there, update version of theme with form validation will be available for download in 8 hours +/-

Best Regards,