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Hi, I registered on the Bebel support forum yesterday and I am still awaiting my activation link email. How long does it usually take? I have a number of problems working with the website, and whilst I am sure that the forum will contain the answers, I can’t get there without activation. Many thanks in advance.


i am about to purchase this theme but want ot be sure its right for me.

to confirm, the front page is made up of blog post not portfolio?

the theme is compatible with self hosted video embed and of course youtube/vimeo.




yes the frontpage is made up of blog posts :) The site doesn’t support self hosted videos out of the box but youtube and vimeo integration, yes :-)


BOOM! thanks

Hi! Very much I love your theme. But awfully photos on small displays look. It is possible to make photos scale in proportion, or at least alignment on the center, instead of in left? Excuse for my English.


thanks for your interest :) You need to close the themeforest frame that the site is loading in. If it is turned off the site and the images will adapt to the screen and look beautifully ;-)



Thanks for the answer! But unfortunately at it not so, look please at these screenshots, screenshots . Usually main area of the photo is in the center. Photos will better look if to make alignment on the center.

The main page of a subject very effective (at the expense of photos) and people hope that in a post there are many colourful photos, but they see here it is a screenshot :) Probably, it looked better and more functionally so – a screenshot.

If these corrections to you seem superfluous, you can make it for me at additional expense?

Again excuse for my English!


Okay I think I know what you mean ;) The images are all centred in the centre but of course stretched to fit the boxes. Unfortunately not all objects in our images are centred but rather at the side of the images etc. You have to make sure to use images that centre the objects – but that’s just a WordPress issue. You can always refocus the thumbs made by WordPress using a plugin.

We might should have made that for the preview :)



Hi ! I just bought this template to use as a website, I loaded into Dreamweaver, but I cannot find index.html file to start. Please show me what to do?


now I do understand what you mean. Ignore my other response.

This is a wordpress theme, not an html template. You will need wordpress (see ) to run it.


I want to use this layout to make make my website. how can i convert this template for website? Please let me know.



do I understand you correctly? You want to have an html version of the theme? If so, just copy the HTML output of the rendered wordpress version (means, in your browser), and paste it in your html editor. Then you have to adjust the paths and also copy the images, css and js files.

Hope that helps

really loved you theme.

one question, will be possible to create a multi-language with this theme?


we have never tested it with the WPMU plugin, but the theme is fully compatible to the default wordpress i18n functionality.


Im planning on install the qTranslate plugin. i hope it will work, cause i will buy this theme ;)

So i bought this theme :) really happy with that.

need to do one simple question on support foruns of bebel, but when paste the purchase code to join group, it takes forever (keeps spining) and i dont get in :(


this is a awesome theme, I really love it!

There are three minor problems I have.

1: search.php – If a user searched a term and there are NO results, he or she gets only a blank page. It would be great if there is some kind of text like “Sorry, there were no results. Please try your search again” maybe with the search-form.

2. I have problems to show up the font options and the social options at a single page. They won’t show, even if I have activeted them in the Theme Options. Maybe there is a problem with an plugin?

3. If you have an archive like Months, Years. etc the link won’t work. E.g. if I have articles for “November 2013”, “Dezember 2013” the complete list of articles will show up, if you use one of these monthly links.

Thank you and all the best Ludger

Hey, First of all thanks for your purchase! I think you have some valid points there!

Could you post your question in the support forum? I already sent the programmer a link to this comment but he can only give support in the forum :)

I am sure we can help you ;)

Cheers Bebel

Hey, thank you for your quick reply! Yes, I will post my questions in your support forums,

thank you Ludger

Hey, after the latest update everything works fine. So thank you for your quick reply & support – and for this very fine theme! Cheers Ludger

Hello! I was wondering if your theme is compatible with WPML or at least translation ready. Thank you!


it is fully translatable – we haven’t tested it with WPML, though.


Hi Bebel, thank you! If I buy it and test it with WPML, I’ll let you know :) Cheers!

What such a poor theme, what such a poor support!!

I’m waiting for a week for a response to all the problems that I have with some of the theme features. The responsive functionality doesn’t work, the social media links doesn’t work, the main menu doesn’t shows properly when access to my site throughtout my iPad or iPhone.

So, I’m very disapointed and I don’t know how can I ask for the refund of my money…


I am very sorry for the bad experience! We usually get back very quick and the only thing I can imagine is that the request slipped through. I sent the programmer an email and asked him to take a look at your support requests asap. Be assured that we do everything we can to give proper support for our theme!

Kind Regards Bebel


I just got back from the programmer. He said you deleted your account in the support forum. He checked your site and it seems you updated/changed the gallery plugin. That plugin you use now breaks the code so you should go back to the usual plugin that came with Booklet. There are many posts about this issue in the forum so if you take a look around you’ll easily find help.

Hope that helps.


After updating to Wordpress 3.8 the theme is no more working. The homepage does not actualizes automatically and there is no responsiveness anymore. Any solutions for that?

One more: gives a white admin page…

Looking into it right now – would you mind posting this in the support forum as well though? The programmer can only answer over there as this is a seller account. But I already contacted him so reply should be fast :)

Thanks Bebel

hello! how can I change the length of the descriptions in portfolio?

look at this:

it looks bad,


yeah that looks a bit messy ;-) Would you mind posting your question in the support forum though? The programmer can help you out over there in no time but he can’t access the comment area on themeforest.

Thanks for your understanding! Bebel

PS: I like how you use the Booklet theme but if I’m allowed to give you a tip: the site loads very slow because your images are too big – the main image on the homepage is about 1.3 MB. That means it even loads slow on high speed connections and not at all on mobile devices. Try to use “jpeg” instead of “png” format for your pictures and make them 100-300 kb in size – not more. It will greatly improve the viewing quality for your users ;-)

Please Note: This support request was posted to Babel support forum under the private group “BOOKLET”, but I have yet to receive any reply. Please Help!!

>>> Index page Image Float issue when viewing on iPad 2 <<<

Images for Home page posts are not floating correctly when the page is viewed via iPad (1024×768). The resulting “white-space” gaps look unsightly. Is there a fix for this issue?

Any help or direction you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


thanks for your patience – our programmer will answer your request in the forums shortly – I send him a message to point you out as well :)

Hi. Is it possible to turn this theme into an app for download on phones and tablets?


there are services that allow you to make a website into an app one can download. You would need to buy the extended liscense though and check the themeforest terms and conditiions ;)


Beautiful theme. I’ve been going back and forth on it for the past month and I have a couple questions:

1) The front page item, “Nebraska Tour With Friends” has arrows at the bottom that let you flip through the images associated with the post but when you view the post, there doesn’t seem to be a way to view these images. Am I missing something? (This seems especially strange on a posts like, “Best Photographs from My Trip to Africa” where you open the post and there are no images.)

2) Would it be possible to make each front page post image entirely clickable? The “Read More” link is a little small.

3) Within the post page, is there a way to set a different default background color and/or font size? (ie., black background with white text and medium sized font instead of white background and small font.)

Thank you!

Hey Simon,

thanks for your interest!

1) Of course it is possible to show the images also in the post. But you don’t have to – it’s optional :)

2 and 3) These are things that our post buy support can help you with! Just register in our support forums after the purchase and we’ll try to help you as good as we can.


Hi! Is your theme able to run on WordPress 3.8? Your software version only says 3.6…


yes it does! It work from 3.6 and up ;)

I could install required plugins but those three were couldn’t. CF-Post-Formats, Gallery Plugin, Portfolio plugin. if I try to instal, the message as blow ;

The plugin does not have a valid header. Downloading install package from… Unpacking the package… The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

how can I fixed this problem?


extract the zip folder of the theme on your desktop. Then, go to the wordpress plugin install page, select installation by upload and navigate to the extracted folder on your desktop. Go to the folder Booklet/plugins and upload the

If you still are having trouble after doing this, please register at the support forums for further assistance:



Thanks for a cool theme! Im having trouble making a “front-page-gallery-slide-post” similar to the first post in your demo. I can’t get it to work properly and I can’t find help in your documentation and your support site is a pain to join.

Thanks in advance!


unfortunately the only way to get advanced support is by registering at our support forums. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is the only way we can handle support at the moment.

Thanks for understanding

Hey! Great theme! Just wanted to know if it is compatible with buddypress?



thanks ;)

We didn’t implement buddypress so no – the theme is not buddypress ready, sorry!



I am not seeing where you enable the sticky sidebar

Ah I see it now, in the post there is a toggle to “hide single page sidebar widgets”