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Hi, I have a problem at map change in onepage version, I change script.js and it’s work on contact page, but in onepage layout it doesn’t. Please help


With onepage version if you need to change google map, please open file custom.js ( in folder js.onepage ) then jump to line 133, at here you can change.

Thank you very much :)

Nice theme, but what is the name of the font form the logo? :)

Boom logo using “Pacifico” from Google web font ;)

Thank you very much, you are good man!


back again,

this is a slightly different question than last time (I think)

Where are the social media images located for the big buttons at the top of the footer?

EG: <ul class="social-links clearfix"> <li class="flx-twitter-icon"><a href="#"></a></li> <li class="flx-facebook-icon"><a href="#"></a></li> <li class="flx-linkedin-icon"><a href="#"></a></li> </ul>

I tried changing the last two with no luck. Plus when I looked in the location specified by the css there were no such images.


Hi ,

First, you need put your social image to folder :”images/icons”, then create css class corresponding with your social image.

Hey man, Just purchased the theme but having trouble finding the “One Pager” PSD. any chance for a direction?

sorry, Onepage psd is not include in the download package

Just a question on implementing a Boxed Layout style to all the pages. Could you please help me here ?

- class="flx-select-layout" - id="m-flx-select-layout-boxed"
It is strange but this item not work correctly:


<!-end:backtop-> The bottom “top” is not existed. I make the full copy of template to this folder: try it: https://www.collageberry.com/t/t.html—not work http://felixplus.com/demo/boom/html/testimonials.html—work ok with the same source code.

Help me to find the problem?

Hi evgeniyb45 , thank you for purchased out product. Please creat your ticket on our forum suppport : http://support.felixplus.com & drop us your ftp account via email : support@felixplus.com . We’ll help you fix this ASAP . Thank again :)

Hi, Where is my free copy from wordpress template as you told me :(

I imported the readymade content. When I click on the Home link in navigation I am redirected tohttp://felixplus.com/demo/boom/exporter/

Rest of the navigation works though.

I bought but, i cant see the single page template man

how can i activate one page theme

we’ll update onepage later :)

Hello, great template, but I have a problem with the contact page.

I have corrected the longitude and latitude coordinates in js/script.js but the map is not showing. I have double checked with the template over and over again even with the list of js files in the footer and css files in the header. Still no luck. You can send me a personal email and I will reply. Please, help me.

Hello. I like this template. My clients don’t like portfolio cliking. They need to click on the centre of the thumbnail and then photo can be open. Is there any way that they clik anywhere on the thumbnail so that photo can become bigger? Thank you

Hi, Why this page “page=felixplus_theme_options” doesn’t work any more?

Hi, I just bought the pack, and I want to work with one page.html page, but when I open it I get a dialog box saying JavaScript Alert Can not access image and stays in loading

Hi, I just bought the template, I have a question, do not operate the loading and not loading the images of the main slider, it comes out all black and stays Loading …