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I had some questions and problems with my website, but the author was kind enough to help. Thank you so much for the support! Here’s what I’ve done with this excellent theme: http://nancych.com

Hi there,

Is it possible to use the dividers while using the building content features please ? Thanks!

Just uploaded to my FTP for install – I am not seeing all of the options for the editor such as: - Icon button - Column buttons

and many more – using WP 3.9.1

Hello, the theme that is available is 1.3 and 1.4 in the demo is, I want my stay equal to DEMO. Can you help me? http://felixplus.com/demo/boom/wp/

Hi, I left a ticket in the support page but nobody answered, it’s been a month now. The support page does not seem to work at all now, is there a new support page?

Hi, I bought this plugin a while ago and I had some problems that I was never able fix such as: the icons would never load or show on the Firefox browser; I never knew how to align my contact form to the center of the page; unsure why my preview page button never worked; frustrated why every time I try to change that orange banner it would never change!!!

I noticed that the theme has been updated so I wanted to know since I purchased this them can I download the updated version? Do I have to delete my existing version? And would that mean I have to reconstruct my pages again?

Hi, why the Dividers option is not appearing in my tool bar?



Hi, I bought the Boom Theme and i have a few questions.

1) How do i make the navigation menu bar so that it stays on the top. Even the user scroll down the page? Different said: that the menubar works just like in the Zoomer Theme.

2) Is it possible to show the navigation menu bar under let’s say a layer slider or image?

I look forward to your reply.

Oops, and 1 another question: 3) A copy of the new way of writing down the location from Google Maps in their URL, is not accepted in: Boom General Settings>Contact Information>Google Map. How can i display correctly the Google Map from my office at my new website?