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Congrats , good luck with sales.
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Nice looking Theme ! GLWS :)

Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck megadrupal :)

Onether theme!!!! Nice!!!

Thank you!

wow, nice work! GLWS ;)

Nice theme !!

Good looking One-Page theme, pulling together a quick CV project.. will update on usability.

I ran a test install with your recent update, but unfortunately ran into another error. Namely, “An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 200 Debugging information follows:” With a series of import errors on: system.theme.css system.admin.css system.maintenance.css system.base.css system.messages.css system.menus.css ctools.css reset.css style.css views.css user.css search.css node.css field.css comment.css

And the installation bombed. I’m not a Drupal pro, and I was looking for a quick n’ easy installation process. I don’t feel like debugging on Christmas, so unless you get a packaged solution I probably won’t be touching it until the new year.

Could you just send me a rar mirror of the complete files, and a database dump for the content? Much appreciated.

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Thanks for sending me a file archive and the database dump. Christmas right now, so I might not be able to fully test until January; Thank-you for the quick reply, and I hope it works alright.

Hello I want to buy this theme, but i would need a help to install it with modules. Will you help me (or someone here). Thank you

This theme comes with install profile, so you can install it like Drupal and after this, you get everything like our demo (except demo images)

Does this, or can this, support multiple “onepage” pages ?

no, it’s for onepage only. We will upload multipurpose version next week

can you elaborate on multipurpose version? Will this be for Drupal? Will it be an update to this design?

It will be for Drupal but it does not an update to this design. You can drop us a message and I’ll send you preview link first.

Does this theme display Japanese characters properly?

For example, can I put the following text into the H tags (h1 etc) and the slider text?

I have found in the past using themes that the fonts don’t support Japanese characters and it is troublesome to fix. Please could you test the above and let me know?

yes, I just tested (??) and it display good.

The documentation includes an install video that shows you installing the site with demo content and all the modules installed. It showed a user downloading the demo content version from your personal site. The download I got from Themeforest didn’t include the one described in the docs, only an empty profile that makes me guess a lot about how you wanted the views set up. I installed the profile but it has a bunch of js bugs that are blocking most of the site functionality.

Is it possible to either get the working demo content version included in the Theme forest download, or have the documentation updated so that I can follow it to install from the profile?

Thank you, I’ll update documentation. Now you can extract and install it like normal Drupal package.

I re-installed the profile based on the new documentation and it works well now. Thanks for your support.

Is there a video set up on this theme? I want it to be the same as the demo first, before i start to edit..

Please don’t upload on appearance, just extract it and install like install Drupal

Hi, i am still waiting for support help, as i have tried all means.

Very impressive support and help from MegaDrupal, i am impressed with the service, and this template really rocks!

Good theme

I have a problem when I removed the slides of admin/structure/fullscreen-slider/1/edit the four and five slider don’t removed.

There is a option to remove slide through to database or edit any file code?

Thanks for your comment. it’s bug in my module. Please contact our via email i will sent new update for you.

Is the full version of the slider module included with this theme?

Yes, fullscreen slider is included with this theme.

Does the theme come as a installation profile with the mentioned modules or is it standalone? Thanks

Our theme package includes installation profile and full document. Thanks for yo? comment.

Can I use this one page Theme to theme my Drupal front page and integrate the menu system and have another theme for the rest of the site (perhaps using a module like themelkey).

Yes, you can use with themekey. There’s one small problem with menu, I can send you fixed version, please send me a message after purchase