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Hello megadrupal, I’ve sent a message via your Themeforest account of yesterday, I am still waiting for an update (on the Main Menu), and practical ways to change the logo in addition to overwrite the logo in the theme folder. please send that fixed version to me too via email.

thank you

How can I add additional google fonts to the fullscreenslider?

To add additional google fonts, you need go to configure page of slider and check to “Google font” checkbox in Font Settings section. After check it, a textbox wil appear and you can paste url of google font in there. Save all change in configure page and you can use fonts with character settings for items on slide.

Can I use this one-page theme as my home page but still be able to link to other pages?

Yes, you can link to other pages.

I was having trouble getting it to install properly. Come to find out there is a problem with Drupal installs on MAMP with Mavericks. If the install gets stuck on the database page (after putting the proper tables in the db) then just refresh the page until it finally moves to the next page.

Just thought I’d share. Sorry if this isn’t the right place, but I wasn’t sure where else to put this info.

Please send me a message here, I’ll send you version with database dump.

Hi, I just purchase our Theme but i have problems. Can I please a full demo sites files (If you can’t install with our install profile you can contact us through email then we give you full demo sites with no installation.) Thanks.

I have problems with MAIN MENU, doesn’t work :(

Any chance to help my with my issues ?

Hi, Can I please a working full demo site files ? I don’t have time, i have a project do to… Pls !!

Great theme! I’m having trouble with the webform layout module because I can not run the drupal installation on a php 5.3 server only 5.2. Do you have a work around for the errors given for this problem? Thanks for your time.

I think you need update php to version 5.3 because Drupal requires PHP 5.2.5 or higher (5.3 recommended).

Does this theme support drupal language translation. So the URL/en goes to english content and URL/es displays spanish ?

anyone around? Im really stuck leveraging this theme. Is there a way to print a block in the md_boom_module_block_view function in the md boom module?

please wait me for more few hour, I’ll send you fixed menu module via email.

Thx for your help. You have provided very swift support. You have found a great fan and customer :)

Hi, I am fairly new to Drupal and I just got my site up and running, but I am getting an error message every time I try to upload photos to any portion of the site. I get this error “You are not authorized to access this page. ”. I have checked the permissions for the user and my research online has not shown any support for this issue. I am not sure if this is the database, the theme, or something else. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Please remove “file_entity” folder in profiles\boom\modules\media, then clear site cache. It will work.

Whether this theme work/compatible with Drupal Kaltura module?

Hi Neo, I sent you a message asking how to add another content in scrool this path (new link in the menu). So far I have not received an answer. It is very important to me and very urgent. You wrote earlier that the boom is designed to add new contents. Help me fix this issue.

Hi, please post your question here, our developers will help you to do this.

Can I please have an archive of the demo install? I am having an abnormal amount of issues with the initial installation with this theme.

Thank you.

please drop a message here so I can send you archive file.

Where Can i find setting for recipient address in contant form. I have set my email in contact form and site info, but not working.

Thanks for help. I now setting the Web form email, and i cant use in e-mail template [submission:value:my_field_key]. I want make my own e-mail template, but Field Key dont work propertly. Any ideas?

Hello, did You something on the website, because I get an error after submitting the form?

i comment: /* $vars[‘view_human_name’] = $view[‘human_name’]; $vars[‘view_description’] = $view[‘description’]; */

And one more. Where can i change link for: “Go back to the form”after send mail

Hi, I found this problem when I try to modify the appearence

Add URL redirect from this page to another location The requested page ”/admin/appearance/settings/md_boom” could not be found.

I’m not sure what’s problem. Can you post your question to our support form and explain to our developers?

I did and i did’t have a response yet.

How i can add a video intro in this theme ?

Please visit here, our developer will help you. Thanks

HI, great theme it’s working really well but the MD Full Screen slider I can’t remove slides. Can you please let me know how I can update the module? Thanks

Please visit here, our developer will help you. Thanks

Hi, How can I add a different font (font Poland – Polish characters) in MD FullScreen Slider ?

you can add font in google font or type kit in slider configure page. If you want to add another font, you have to do it in your custom CSS code.

hi, how can i configure to have the menu fixed just like the live demo? thanks

please visit our forum for the fastest and detailed support.

Hi, I am working on this theme (purchased by a customer) and I have a question about the portfolio. Is there any way to disable toggle view and make the second (equal thumnail sizes) the default option? I can not find this anywhere and I am not able to find any docs/manual in the theme. Thanks a lot for your response!

Hi, Thanks for your concern in our product. Should you have any inquiries, please visit our forum for the fastest and detailed support.

Please could you advise me if the template includes a sample database so that I can install the template with some sample content? If so, please could you let me know where I can find from the downloading file? Thank you!

please extract and install as standard drupal, after install you will get site with sample database.