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Thank you :)

This is truly called a theme. ThemeForest needs much more themes like this bro! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you :)

Hi, May I know do you have any demo account?

Hi, check please this screenshots for front end view of logged in user.
screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 3
For more information please email us to support@px-lab.com Thank you!

Hi, Can this theme work with woocommerce and multi vendor plugin?

Hi again,

We didn’t have woocommerce integartion with specific BoomBox design. We don’t want to overload theme, this isn’t supposed to be ecommerce theme on his main purpose, but we’ll consider this as optional feature in nearest future.


!! First Sale :) really cool theme! any plans for open list?

Congratulations and Thank you :) We are working on open list right now, hope to include in updates in nearest future. Feel free to write us in case of any question. Enjoy Boombox:)

Perfect! first impression opening the demo, WOW, this is what is called a theme. It just really awesome. Good luck with the sales mate. :)

Thanks, we have worked very hard :)

Impressive theme, well done guys! GLWS ;)

Thank you! :)


Nice Work, GLWS :grin:

Thank You!


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks :)

awesome theme and want to buy, but first I have the following questions:

1) in the demo I only see designs poll list, trivia and personality quiz, also has design with 2 or 3 columns to create quizzes like these?
or right or wrong answer, or answer for each question quizz as https://www.buzzfeed.com/littleraeoflight/this-game-of-mash-will-determine-what-your-aone-1q5mu

2) when a user creates a post by the front create a post, it will automatically be published on the web and you can see the result? also as if the user environment to add a post momenot is friendly or not.

3) that do not allow user registration in the demo and not let you see the administration, I am very interested in buying but I need premitan see the administrative part to clarify all my doubts because a while ago I purchased the theme banzai which looked very promising but in the demo not allowed to see the adminstrativa part, so buy almost blindly after buying it discovered that its operation does not serve me, then that is why my request if I premit registrrame in the demo or give me a are user permissions to view the adminstrativa part to clarify my doubts I buy otherwise not.

gracias por responder a mis preguntas, pero en mi caso para comprar necesito que me facilite un usuario con permisos administrativos para poder crear contenido viral, así como ver la parte administrativa, si no me puede facilitar un usuario o que me permita registrarme en la demo no comprare.

por lo que ya expliqué el theme se ve espectacular, necesito crear contenido y ver como se administra, ya que todos los themes o scripts que he comprado sin ver cómo funciona la administración o creación de contenido, siempre termino no usándolos y perdiendo mi dinero, así como el theme banzai o script buzzy que compre y al final tenía muchos problemas así que no quiero que me pase lo mismo con este theme.

Hi again,

Please email us via contact form here https://themeforest.net/user/px-lab#contact and I’ll try to provide the viralpress demo to you soon. It will be ready a bit later today.

You can easily use BoomBox with other users, you’ll be able to review their submitted content, edit and then publish.

Also please write in English, it’s difficult for me to translate, google translate doesn’t work good ;)


Thanks for answering my questions, but in my case to buy need you to provide a user with administrative permissions to create viral content and see the administrative part, if I can not provide a user or let me check in demo not buy.

so I explained the theme looks spectacular, I need to create content and see how it is administered, as all themes or scripts that I bought without seeing how management or creation of content works, I always end up not using them and losing my money, and the banzai theme or script buzzy buy and eventually had many problems so I do not want to pass me the same with this theme.

Congrats!! Amazing Work, GLWS :)

Thank You! :)

Thank you! :)

very nice theme! and i wnat


Too slow in the demo version. Is there a solution?

Hi there,

Can you please check again, it should be some temporary problem, BoomBox is built on the highest quality and there shouldn’t be any problem with a speed.



Nice theme but full of bugs, share bar on mobile and tablet is broken, sharebar design with voting icons on mobile looks awful…so you need to fix that.

2. user profile is way to simple

3. is there any option to edit the post or save as draft for end users ?

4. any chance of introducing meme plugin or option to create meme ?

5. auto load next post is available ?

6. post grid is way to big on mobile devices, it should be max width – 767px and min width – 768px

7. any option to limit 1 voting per IP or user ?

8. is it possible to change icons, voting and reactions ?

Your theme has the potential to be best seller, GLWS.

Regards Trends


My main concern is 90% authors don’t give a damm about their theme after few months, look at the newspaper theme, they keep updating it instead of releasing new theme and that’s how they are the best selling theme.

I’ve some amazing suggestion for you, no theme has those features and if someone will introduce them, it will be a big plus for that author.

I won’t disclose those features on a public forum or in a comment section, you can write to me “trendsbuz@gmail.com”, we will discuss over there.

1. I know admin can edit, save and delete post, I was talking about the front end user.

2. change your voting and comment icon to be flat or material design, rounded corners and rounded design is out of fashion.

3. auto load next post means, once a user finish reading a post then the next post load on scrolling instead of section like ” don’t miss ” or “more from same cateogry”.

4. you should change the design and style of “follow us”, buzzfeed have the best implementation of that, else it looks like another normal blog.

5. post grid is way to big on mobile devices, it should be max width – 767px and min width – 768px

the entire design should follow this rule, because its easy to customize the theme this way, instead of having css for different screen sizes.

6. when a user scroll a article then ” share bar should appear at the top with article tittle” on desktop and tablet version, and on mobile “only social buttons”,

to get an idea how this works, look at “huffpost and indiatimes”.

I still have plenty of useful suggestion, i’ve not mentioned some as they are rare gems and will let you know in private.

Good luck with your sales, I’ll buy one soon.

Regards Trends

Hi again,

Be sure this theme will be highly supported and continuously in development! :)

2. We’ll review some minor elements for improvements. Regarding the rounded corners – fashion is changing very fast, and it’s completely adjustable from our admin side, just look at this one demo http://boombox.px-lab.com/buzzy/ , nor rounded corners at all.

3. understood! great feature – I’ll add this in our upcoming list.

4. I’ll take a look how it’s implemented on Buzzfeed.

5. yes, working on this.

6. agree.

I’ll contact you via email, eager to hear about other suggestions.


Hi again,

Sure, anytime…...will try my best to help you grown and to develop a better theme from the end user prospective.

Regards Trends

Scroll down the gag,panda version of the demo,

top-manu-bar is not working right and very slow and unstable.

Hi there,

Yes, we know about that bug, working on it right now!

Thanks for reporting!

How many plugin does the theme depend on? I mean, I know it uses viralpress, WP Quads and…?

Hi there,

Actually there is no any plugin theme won’t work without:

1. Viralpress – if you need powerful frontend viral content uploader. 2. WP Quads – if you need adsense integration like on our demo. 3. Mashare – if you need share functionality like on demo. 4. Mailchimp for WordPress – if you need newsletter integration.

All plugins will be suggested to install during theme installation, but none of theme is required for theme to work.

That’s all, thanks!

Great theme GLWS.

One quick question time frame when you add open list, in one week, two week, one month? Regards


We’re working on this direction, it’s difficult to say right now, but for sure not 1-2 week, 1-1.5 months is more realistic.

Thank You!

Nice Work! GLWS :)

Thanks! :)

very nice theme , GLWS :)

Thank You :)

1.launch? another demo theme?

2.Now is the latest version wordress 4.6 pepper, compatible?


1. BoomBox is highly customisable and yes, we’re going to add more demos soon, there are so many options to build another beautiful views, just we have some minor improvements next and we’ll start adding more demos. Do you need something specific?

2. Yes, we tested BoomBox with 4.6v Wordpress.



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