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hello please can i use a paid membership plugin for this theme and also can i set it to be only audio upload/ so that users cant upload other files apart from audios

Hi there. We have no feedback about paid membership plugin, but if coded well it should work with boombox. You’d better search in the forum discussions about that. https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/zombify/ here you’ll find an answer for your second question Please let us know about your experience with paid membership plugin if you decide to use it. Thanks

Can I run pinterest video on home page, like youtube, vimeo right now its only showing image of the video on home page but video can be played only post page.

Unfortunately – no. Pinterest has different coding and integration logic.

ok but same issue if I directly upload on the website, there is no workaround to fix it ?

We will check it by all means. Please follow our updates.

Raja917 Purchased

​Hello Support Team,

How can I disable dark mode on any specific page?

I have few pages on my site, where dark mode looks bad, So I want to disable dark mode only on those pages, rest of the website should function normally.

Please Reply ASAP.

Thanks and Regards

Hi. Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature in the theme. It’s a bit complicated, as the functional part is based on cookies. But if you don’t like the look of an element or one of the components on your pages -not the entire page – you can open a support issue https://pxlab.ticksy.com/, with the detailed screenshots and descriptions – and our front end developer can advise something.

Hello. I have installed this theme. And when I signup on website, It showing this message “You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.” How can I turn off this active email?

please follow a few simple steps if this will not help – we will contact you by email. 1. Navigate to your Dashboard – Appearance – Menus 2. In the list where all menu listed check Profile menu (currently set as profile menu): https://www.screencast.com/t/gUVoCJWE2O 3. Choose the Profile menu and make sure BuddyPress is checked on the screen options: https://www.screencast.com/t/cdeDdo915SAl 4. Choose what to show and what to hide: https://www.screencast.com/t/cuHIqyuWG5G 5. Save menu If you are mot using BuddyPress you can do the same with standard WP functionality. Following the same logic. Let me know if this help.
Thank you. https://ibb.co/0ZC924K But I can not find register button.

Can you please check is this option is set in your dashboard https://www.screencast.com/t/wXsitAqB6KC

Already a year over. When do you plan to make the reddit Version of Boombox?

We will personally inform you by email (if you provide us). We promise – you will be the first to know when it happens! Don’t lose hope, friend! :)


xdeepx Purchased

hello px-lab, 1-) Which is the fastest demo of boombox theme? 2-) Which demo is the most suitable for adsense ads? 3-) Can you make the floating ad in the next update so that it appears once per IP address? I asked questions simply because I use Google translate, I hope you understand. :) I’m waiting for your answers, thank you.

Hi! All demos has the same functionality. The speed mostly depends on content that would be uploaded. Images, gifs, videos etc. And also server side makes a great difference. All demos are good for Adsense. We sill pass your suggestion about the floating ad – to our design and development team. Thanks for idea!

bogunvv Purchased

Hello! Pre-sale question. Please tell us which site uses the plugin for your personal account? Вuddypress?

Да! Привет друзья! Themeforest official comments language – is English ;)

bogunvv Purchased

Hello! Good. I almost bought another theme from a competitor. At the last moment I noticed yours and decided to take it. Good product made! And if I write to support you (in tickets), can I write in Russian?

Yes, sure, no problem! Thanks for choosing Boombox!

Hello, I am very happy with the boombox theme. I still have a question about “BoomBox: Animatrix community”. This text is on the left side of the menu but I can not find it back in the menus. Please let me know where I find this text? Thank you for your support.

Hi! Thanks for choosing Boombox! Hope you will enjoy it! Are you talking about this text https://www.screencast.com/t/lMi87y7IDlC – it’s actually one of our menus – called “more button menu”. But it may be placed in different locations. You can read more about our menus and their settings here https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/menus/. If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ and provide more detailed information and attach screenshots.

bogunvv Purchased

Hello! I downloaded a demo of the site https://boombox.px-lab.com/, but I cannot find the main page in the admin panel, which is displayed on the site, in order to customize it. Where can I edit it?

Hi! Thanks for using Boombox! Homepage is created automatically. But you can control all the settings in Customizer/Home

Please read our documentation for more details https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/ or contact our support in case of any questions or difficulties https://pxlab.ticksy.com/

hello, how can I edit the fields of [boombox_contact_form captcha = “1”] ? Thank you

Hi there. Can you please open a support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ we will gladly help you. We try to keep comments, like it’s recommended? for general QA.

Can i change a new demo without lossing my content?

Hi. Yes, you can. But before adding a new demo we recommend to reset the database via one of the trusted plugins to avoid possible code conflicts

bogunvv Purchased

Hello! Please tell me if it is possible to embed news from social networks VKontakte and Facebook into the site? So far, I only see Instagram and Twitter.

Hi. You can add embed URL from all these networks https://www.screencast.com/t/mJclejAtH07 About License: you can transfer your site from one domain to another, you just can use one product licence on 2 different sites at a time.

bogunvv Purchased

Fine. Thank!

you’re welcome


debluys Purchased

Hey there, My domain name was closed after a year, and some one bought it. And now i am starting my website with different domain name. Can you please update the license information because it still mentions old website which is not mine and using a different theme. I’m planning to renew the support license will you provide me support for the new domain ?

Hi there I will forward your request to our support team. See what they can do. Could you please provide your current license and your previous and new domain name? You can send information on support@px-lab.com


debluys Purchased

I’ve sent all the information to the email. Please check. Thank you.

Received. We will get in touch with you shortly.

I noticed that in the Animatrix demo on your demo page there’s no Header menu on Mobile devices. Can this be fixed or that is the design of the template?

https://www.screencast.com/t/gIc12ndiUa Here you go! I’ve added a burger menu. The theme is fully customizable. You can choose what to show and where to show. https://boombox.px-lab.com/animatrix/

bbernie Purchased

where to find “Hide Elements” for https://boombox.px-lab.com/trending/ ?

I want to hide VIEWS, AUTHOR, DATE, SHARE, ...


Hi there. As all you have listed come from different places and sources – the settings could also be found in separate locations. https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/rankings/ – here you can find the view settings. Share options depend on the plugin you are currently using – you can read more about that here https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/easy-social-share-buttons/. Author and date – could not be controlled by user via dashboard or customizer – as it’s a WP general functionality. But you can contact our support team https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ – they will provide you the further instructions. Best regards


bbernie Purchased

it is pretty easy to give an accurate answer to my question !?

https://imgur.com/a/zp3Pply (please see red marking)

why dont you add those “hide elements” checkboxes at “Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Posts Ranking System” !?


We have added mostly used options in Customizer. We can’t include all additionally requested by our users features, as it could be an endless list. But our support team always try to help customers, with providing custom solutions (where it’s possible), that could be implement by user.


Rehanp Purchased

Hi, can you please explain if I need support to fix the twitter social login issue re: callback URLs? I’ve set the twitter callback url on the twitter developer app settings to the domain, https://www.whatelse.club. Is this the incorrect callback url while utilizing WP social logins? It’s not allowing the connection Error below:

(ξ Authentication failed! Your server time is not in sync with the Twitter servers. Acceptable timestamps: 0 403. Callback URL not approved for this client application. Approved callback URLs can be adjusted in your application settings)


Hi! I think the issue might be described in different WP forums. It’s more about WP, Twitter and server settings, than Boombox. Hope you find a solution. And thanks for choosing Boombox

Is it possible to remove Sale badges from products?

It’s WooCommerce functionality. Badges are added automatically when the product is under sale. https://www.screencast.com/t/X7zQnJSh If you don’t want to show badge, but still have the sale price for the product – you should check the WooCommerce forums for the solution.


Wassy24 Purchased

Hi. I have an issue with the theme. When I upload an MP4 video on the Glutenburg editor, the theme does not autograb the video as a featured image like it is supposed to do. It stays blank.

We have answered you in support ticket. Shortly here: WordPress doesn’t support MP4 video as a featured media. Only img or gif.


Rehanp Purchased

Is it possible/built-in to sync listicles with the Easy Social Share Buttons (or another plugin) to be able to show social-share buttons after every list item so you can then have users share that image/specific list item?

Hi, can you please open support tickets here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ – for each your request. So we can guide you. We are trying not to use Themeforest comments section for support needs, as answers might be long and include different links.


Rehanp Purchased

Hi, does the theme currently support fixing the featured image sizing when scrolling through lists of posts?

www.whatelse.club if you view on desktop and scroll you’ll notice a video clip is very large and takes up the full screen when scrolling, is there a way to fix this sizing to desired maximums when a user is uploading their media? Same with when posting images/video clips on signgle page posts like a list item, is there a way to control the sizing? Thanks.

Hi. It looks like you have set this option in admin. We have different Posts Listing types, that could be found in Boombox page advanced fields. Listing type can be Disabled or selected one from 10 options for this specific page. Dashboard ▸ Pages ▸ Edit page We think that your Post Listing Type is set to “mixed” https://www.screencast.com/t/xiThhCiSKnI Please double-check this and the problem still persists – please let us know.