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ierkan Purchased

Hi PX-lab team,

After the latest update, we cannot create a new post since we get the following error on the “post create page”: https://imgur.com/a/07yPjdK

I don’t know why this happens after your updates. Any idea why this happens? Thank you. Ismail.

Received. We will get in touch with you shortly


ierkan Purchased

Thank you.

you are welcome. Let us know if any questions

hello , please featured image looks so big. how i can modify the size and how i can modify related posts i want them be in the same category . sorry my english not good

Can you please submit a ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ and provide more detailed information. Attach screenshots and accesses

bogunvv Purchased

Hello! Can you please tell me, can I somehow upload new fonts to the topic? For example Arial, Roboto and others?

Hi. We provide 3 groups of fonts. CSS defaults, Standard fonts (system) and Google fonts. Roboto – is a Google font and you can find it in drop-down list of fonts: Customizing—> Design, Arial MT, is a sans-serif typeface and you should just set Sans Serif here https://www.screencast.com/t/fOuu61yUfjTK if user’s system has Arial preset – he will see the site with Arial font if no – we are showing the next from the system list.

bogunvv Purchased

OK. Thank!


https://imgur.com/a/gD8C31b image sizes are too big on mobile. Can i make them side by side like on desktop. https://imgur.com/a/uk2dJjo

Please keep in mind that there are different screen sizes of mobile devices. Some small screens might not look good with the requested layout. But if you still want to change the suggested appearance please contact our support for the suggestion https://pxlab.ticksy.com/. Following the Envato’s guidelines for the comments section, it should not be used for support purposes.


debluys Purchased

I almost wasted 5 hours and i’m unable to find an option to change the color of menu text. There are so many options in your documentation, but i really don’t have any of them in my customization setting. I even removed everything imported the demo, reinstalled wordpress and database. But nothing is working.


debluys Purchased

I figured it out, half of the options are not working on the latest wordpress version, i downgraded to 5.4 and all the options are now working. Please release the update, the lastest 5.5 version have so many features.

We’ve released the update on Friday 14 August. Could you please make update and let us know if there any issues left.

WP Version 5.5 is not compatible yet with current theme, since we dont have access to new block editor, preview feature, User Interface, new block patterns, inline image editing among other things. Sadly I had to downgrade it as well. Boombox is using WordPress 5.3.x, while the competition Bimber theme is running WordPress 5.4.x. Come on guys Please release your updates faster, we need them!

We’ve released the update on Friday 14 August. Could you please make update and let us know if there any issues left.

The options to change the header colour have disappeared as seen in the documentation: https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2017/12/Header-5-min.png


Anyone having this problem use the plugin “wp downgrade” to install Wordpress 5.4 and the options return.

We’ve released the update on Friday 14 August. Could you please make update and let us know if there any issues left.


bbernie Purchased

how to make TAGS appear at the top of a single post?


Hi, the settings of for the single post could be found customize/single post. At the top of the post we are showing WP categories attached to the post and tags are shown at the bottom of the post

Hi, AWESOME template. By the way, where visitors can sign up for “Another GAG”? There is only log in.

Hi! Thanks! Hope you will enjoy it! All information about Boombox features and settings could be found in documentation. Sign up process is described here https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/authentication/ Let us know if any other questions.


i think there was theme update, and it affects my featured posts slider part, one of the right side of the post is not showing, shows empty black area.

Please check and help me with it.


Hi there. Could you please double check, that you’re using the latest Boombox version 2.6.4 All recommended or included plugins are up to date and all the rest – are disabled. If the problem still there – please open a support ticket https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ The list of plugins could be found here https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/all-plugins/


How can i make the publishing part (Create Story page) to be like the screenshot? Check this: https://d.pr/i/vnjIyM

The current position publishing part (Create Story page) is hidden under my live chat button that i why i want to move it to under the post section.

My site: https://marketplan.asia/

Sorry I cannot submit the support ticket as my support is expired.


Hi there. Unfortunately, there is no way to move the publish bar closer to the content, because there are different cases when it will not be particularly convenient to have it there. For example when you have very long content and you just need to edit something at the top of it. But we will ask our front-end developers together with designers to think about this – as it’s now very trendy to have the live chat. Actually it should have at least a few options of placement.

bogunvv Purchased

Hello! Tell me where can I change the translation of these words? https://prnt.sc/u2ergm I looked through the theme and plugins and tried to find them through the translation plugin, but nowhere are these words, specifically the words “Base”.

Can you please open a support tickets https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ Actually Themeforest comments section is not supposed to work as support chat. And please attach the screenshot of the issue and more detailed discretion. As the registration actually has email address option

bogunvv Purchased

Opened ticket # 2511582. Look please.

working with your tickets

compatible with Gamipress? It says Gamify in the demo but I can’t find that plugin.

MyCRED and Boombox are compatible. Here you can find the list of plugins that are recommended or included in Boombox https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/all-plugins/

is the theme multi vendor compatible?

Boombox theme supports WooCommerce integration and as you know WooCommerce offers this solution https://woocommerce.com/posts/create-multivendor-marketplace-wordpress/

i had several licenses, but why no childtheme in zip file anymore?

did you download all files and documentation https://www.screencast.com/t/zZWo5EdmW

oops, thx

you’re welcome

Why does this not update to wpbakery 6.3? Also, it shows woocommerce templates need to be updated with this theme.

Please specify the problem – you can’t update WPBakery? Please disable the plugin, click update and enable it again. We have WooCommerce also on our development and demo environments and we are not expressing any issues during updates. Please follow our recommendations about WPBakery and also try once again to update WooCommerce. If the problem still there – let us know by opening the support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/

Does this theme approve from ezoic ads?

Hi. We didn’t test it, but I can’t see the reasons why it should not. We didn’t get any information or complaints from our customers, that Boombox doesn’t work with any of widely spread advertising platforms, but it would be interesting to receive your feedback. We recommend to use WP QUADS PRO with Boombox

Just curious, will there a big update for this theme soon?

Hi! Thanks for asking. We are thinking about that… and… we are working on that! Please follow us on social networks for more information!

Hey, I cannot download images in buddyPress in Profile. I see an error I’m using Arabic, and this error occurred after a recent update


Hi, can you try to rename image (if it’s also on Arabic) to English? We have received the same complaints about using Cyrillic. It’s a very strange bug and we are currently trying to replicate it and fix the problem. Please let us know about the results.

Although the theme advertises different header layouts for pages, there are no options for this. Only in POSTS can you change how the featured image is… for pages it only has the option for small featured image and right-hand menu. Is there some fix for this?

Hi there! Boombox theme allows you to create pages with different layouts. For that purpose you’ll need to use Boombox Page Advanced Fields metabox, which can be find in edit mode of each page. Go to Dashboard ▸ Pages ▸ Edit page and under the content section you will find Boombox Page Advanced Fields. Besides, we provide a great functionality to set different logos/icons for different categories! Please read our documentation carefully and let us know if we can help you https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/specific-page-settings/

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately “layout” options are not part of your page setup. there are some background image options, but that takes a lot of extra styling work versus what you’re able to do for post. Please see a comparison: https://imgur.com/a/DUFs8jn

Can you open a support ticket and describe detailed what exact option you are trying to get – our team will help you. There are too many settings – both for header and for pages – to list them all here. https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/header/ https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/specific-page-settings/

Can users be integrated with different domains automatically?

could you please explain more detailed what do you mean?