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​Hello there, I have an issue with GSC when it crawls through the site, on some pages it shows that the “Content is wider than the screen” / “Text is too small to read”, but when I try live version, everything is fine. It could be that it doesn’t load CSS properly and that problem occurs on more than 1 of my websites which uses Boombox theme. Is this the themes fault or is it something else?

Hi there. Yes we had 2 more complaints from the customers about the errors and we used to have it on our demo site also. But we made a live check and validation check and both of them didn’t show any error. We monitored CSS load each time – everything is fine also. There were several similar issues in discussion on Google forums – it looks like these errors disappear automatically after some time.


bogunvv Purchased

I want to say thank you very much to the guys! The support works just fine! Over the past week, I have bombarded them with questions, but they quickly and professionally helped me. It’s nice to work with such people! Huge greetings from Russia!

Thanks guys for the kind words! Hope you’ll enjoy using Boombox!


aaronvs Purchased

How can I set up polls and vote images like in this post demo: https://boombox.px-lab.com/poll-answer-questions-explore-hidden-side/

The importer dont bring any example of the posts that show on demo. It doesn’t matter if it comes without images.

Hi there. You can read about poll and other Zombify post types here https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/zombify-post-types/#poll

Hi! Your work is exquisite, I like it!

1. Would you please provide me a link to a day/night mode switchable theme? I can’t find the option.

2. Can I customize private/public messaging fields?

Sorry, this functionality is not available.

Okay thanks. One last question before I buy. Are your themes licensed under GPL?



djixas Purchased

< – Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version

It still says 6.0.5 vs. 6.2.0 available

Let us know if the issue still there


djixas Purchased

Same, but deleting plugin solved it :) thanks!

We will try to solve that together with the WPBakery plugin support. Some users have this problem.

The main menu is not visible in dark mode.


Hi there. It depends on the color of the menu items you set. It’s all customizable.

You’ve added header in night mode, that’s great! I think it would be wise to add an option for second variant of main logo, because if the logo is black or dark and the night mode on – it remains the same and barely visible.

one day at a time)))


I would like to ask you please to release as soon an update with a fix so that i can use Zombify editor with WPML for both languages in my site. The problem has been opened in a previous ticket ​https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ticket/2428870/ question date : June 4, 2020 at 5:23pm​​

Please notify me on that. Thank you for your time.

I guess you are talking about using different create a post pages for different languages. We are working on that and will keep you informed. You can also follow Px-lab on Facebook – we are notifying users on the new features that are added in updates.

Hello, I want to upload logo on my website, but it looks like demaged image file. Every other image looks fine, just logo do not work. Any ideas why? :D

What image format is it?

It was classic png, but after I realised that my wordpress was not in SSL mode, but my domain was. So some images was uploaded as http and did not convert to https. Maybe it will help someone. Thx anyway. :)

Hi, did you manage to solve the issue?

Hi, does it have auto load infinite posts?


Please get new demos now. I would also like to ask for the possibility to edit the article pages with wpbakery or elementor.

We offer WPBakery

Hello, thanks for great theme!.

I have question :) I dont create ’’Personality Quiz’’ what is ’’Assign a result’’ ?

I guess you didn’t understand me. How can I set this part? :)

Screen: https://imgur.com/gEEiVQz

Are you there?

you need to upload an image that would be assigned to the answer. https://boombox.px-lab.com/quiz-what-pet-is-right-for-you-2/ Please check here how it works

Hello, my list items pagination does not work. It comes with page 1 and when I click on Next – where page/2 have to go, it reload the first page like the page does not exist. So when I have 2 items, one on every page I am able to see only the first. I have made clean install and I dont understand. Any ideas? :)

Could you please open a support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ – our team will help you

Created wordpress general ticket, bc it comes with renew support and this is not this case in my oppinion. Thank you. Ticket number: #2539021


What if in future i wanted to change theme. How will i move zombify created posts like quiz, polls etc

Zombify posts are working only with Zombify plugin. And we are not selling it separately without Boombox. It can’t be installed somewhere else. Sorry

If I buy will i get the demo post as well with all ad section shown in the demo?

Demo posts – yes, ads – no. But ads – are simply placeholders (images)


How can I turn off verify email address?

Hi! We’ve already answered you via support ticket. Let us know if any other questions


pyrohot Purchased

Request: Please make theme compatible with Google Web Stories for WordPress https://wp.stories.google/ also ad support would be great!


pyrohot Purchased

I tough ad support for stories, similar ad space position with wp quads, as gallery popup has. Sorry my bad English.

No problem, understood.

Could you please send us your request here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ we have the category for this “ideas and suggestions”? This way it could be sent for the discussion.

My ticket still not answered more than 24 hours. PRIVATE TICKET #2540509

The problem is when I install WPBakery get few errors and because of those error there is no header etc, Demo importing not work like expected.

I added ticket screenshots and site access information.

Dear customer. We answered your ticket. Here shortly: now WPBakery didn’t have any errors – nor in admin, neither in code. The front end is also working correctly, without error notice. Maybe you had them before, but currently everything is working normally. The only thing – WPBakery has already released a new update, that would be added with our nearest update release at the end of the month (as usual). Demo was installed correctly https://www.screencast.com/t/bbbIKkQqB5U. Hope you don’t have any issues now. Let us know, if any

I checked my website still not look like boombox original there is no header etc I am going to clean install downgrade php and MySQL today other hand your link for screencast not work . I hope this error will be fix soon as possible.

Dear customer. We contacted our support to c heck the status of your ticket, and they told us that you’ve managed to solve the issue. In case you’ll have any questions – let us know by opening another ticket.


neronet Purchased

How to show related posts in mobile? it showed just in desktop layout

Related posts are showing both for mobile and for desktop versions. Maybe you’re checking the amp version?


neronet Purchased

no, it is not amp version.


Please send us a link to support@px-lab.com and wp accesses


pyrohot Purchased

​Request: Please add functionality to see on homepage full posts not only post excerpt.

Hi there. You know, we didn’t have any similar requests from our users. If we have at least a few – we will add this question for discussion. As it’s not a common practice to show full posts on the home.