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you are not helpful at all if I ask you a simple theme´s related question for you to tell me cannot be answered it. Who else am I supposed to ask?

Could you please tell us about the compatibility issues you have with WordPress 5.5? We don’t have any. As well as open support tickets about that, nor from you, neither from any other customer. If you DO have them, then why didn’t you open the ticket yet?

Because you say everything is on the documentation, when it is not the case as you see.

We still didn’t receive any support tickets from you about the compatibility issues with WP 5.5. Hope you’ve resolved everything.


djixas Purchased

Hi, I’ve disabled all social media modules and buttons but Twitter and Reddit on the plugin that comes with theme, but it’s still showing facebook + twitter at the top of the posts. Is this a bug?

Hi. Please try this https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/widgets/ – Boombox Social Widget Let us know if any other questions


djixas Purchased

Hi, thanks, but i mean these: https://imgur.com/aDusm1f

Can you please open a ticket https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ and provide accesses. It looks like Boombox social widget, but we can double-check.

Is it elementor friendly? If not, when are u going to implement?

There is no integration between Boombox and Elementor. We provide integration with WPBakery.

Hi there :) do you think NOT being Gutenberg Optimized, can become an issue for this Wordpress theme in the future?

What exact feature is not optimized? We are not going to get rid of WPBakery though. Today there are a lot of discussions on will Gutenberg kill page builders or not. And most experts agree on Gutenberg Is not a replacement for a page builder… At least not yet… and at least in comparison with, Visual Composer/WPBakery that we currently have.

Everything look amazing (and optimized) in your template. I was just wondering. Thank you for your answer.


Hello, it is anyway to hide subcategory on template-parts/single/components/categories.php?

Like to show only the main category and not the child.

Unfortunately, no.

Hi guys, I’m Happy about this theme, but I have a question: Is there a way to remove pagination from post listing on a Page? Thank you!

Hi! We’re glad you liked Boombox! Try this: https://www.screencast.com/t/h9mT0dWJgo and btw we have very descriptive documentation https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/ Enjoy!

hi, i no longer see the icon section of the menu in /wp-admin/nav-menus.php

Can you please specify? After what manipulations did you lose it? Can you, please open the support ticket https://pxlab.ticksy.com/

Can we add products on woocommerce with zombify ? I would be glad if you do

No, unfortunately, you can’t. Zombify is only for content publishing.

How can I used to Post Template 5

Like this: https://www.boredpanda.com/dog-breeds-that-look-similar/ There are no links in the titles. And can the comment part be made on Facebook comment? Currently, users must register to be able to comment. Also, pictures change their order with point making. Honestly, I wouldn’t prefer the pictures to change in the queue.

There are different ways to organize comments sections – i.e. Facebook comments plugin, that is included with the theme, or WP Comments, BuddyPress comments, etc. I guess you’re using BuddyPress comments – aren’t you? If so, you should better ask the plugin support or refer to the plugin’s documentation, as we only provide the integration, but functionality comes from their side.

About the user’s status (logged in or not) for commenting: https://www.screencast.com/t/FIm2pJWo9 WP Dashboard/Settings/Discussion section also has different options for comments. First check settings there and after that on the plugin’s side.

It looks as usual, but thanks anyway

PS: I find those settings.


There is a problem with Google sing-in button design! Please give fix soon, as i can’t get approve to Google login (with WP Social login) when theme uses wrong login button design.


Google Sign-in

Make sure the Google sign-in button on your project’s homepage follows the Google sign-in branding guidelines.


You must follow these requirements to continue with verification. If you don’t follow these requirements, we may have to reject your request.

Hi there. This request should be forwarded to WP Social Login support team. They made an update recently. Did you see it?

In your demo the videos are auto playing in the homepage. When I installed your theme and post youtube video it only gave me featured image. I check/unchecked Image ration 1:3 and Post has content and still not autoplaying. I played around Extra>Video Control same problem. Just static images. I’m using another gag

Hi there. We’ve replied to your support ticket. Please don’t use comments section to duplicate the question asked via support. We usually answer within 24 hours according to the Themeforest prescriptions. Video autoplay depends on “Posts Listing Type”. Please open Customizing ▸ Home ▸ Main and change the type e.g “Masonry: Boxed”


Hi, I am really interested to buy this theme, I just have a question before buying this theme can i use all demos on 1 domain?? or by making sub-domains can i use 2-3 demos under sub-domains??

And is it Woo-commerce friendly?? or is it possible that my viewers can buy products by any other way?

And can i also add more space for ads??

And can my viewers are able to upload memes and posts??

Hi! Thanks for asking. Yes, you can set different demos, you don’t have to buy different licenses if it would be one project, one end product. You can read about that here: https://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular Yes, Boombox is working with WooCommerce https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/woocommerce/ We are using AdSense Plugin WP QUADS PRO – they provide a huge amount of different options https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/ads/. Yes, Boombox has Zombify (front end uploader) that lets your users create different kinds of Post Formats. https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/zombify-post-types/ Let us know if any other questions

Any plans for Reddit demo in near future? I like your theme and need to buy second license but need reddit demo, so might need to buy bimber instead of this.

Hi there… Actually we were planning. But, to be honest, I can’t exactly tell when we can do that. it’s a pity, that you have to choose, but I can’t promise that it will happen in the next couple of months. Please submit a ticket https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ under the category Ideas and Suggestions. There were a few more requests about that. This way, we will notify you as soon as any decision will be ready. Thanks

Hi there,

I’d like to know if I can use a single license purchase on 2 domains? Is there a multi-domain license or do I need to purchase a single license for each domain separately?

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi there! Here are the Envato’s guidelines on this subject: “You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product”. https://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular You’ll need to purchase 2 regular licenses.

Please i need help. I have a website with this same demo: https://boombox.px-lab.com/advertimer/ and the problem is that for “archive” type pages (category, tags) there is no H1 title. And I looked at the options for customization and there is nothing about it. how could i add exactly to these pages?

Okay, we will check the issue and get in touch

Hello I need a solution for this, I don’t want to have to remove every theme to fix this problem.

These pages have an option to enable/disable title area https://www.screencast.com/t/hqlj7YQdo If page title area is disabled – H1 is missing. We will fix that issue with the next Boombox update. Please follow us on Facebook not to miss the news https://www.facebook.com/pxlaboratory/

Can i change the Boombox Dash theme to show 3 column instead of 5 column ?

Hi there. https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/home/ Please scroll to the section “Layout” / “Listing Type”. These settings could be implemented global, and could be also changed for the specific page. I.e. you may set 3 columns for the home page and 1 for the category page.

Hello Boombox Team,

Below I have addressed all the important errors and features to be fixed and added. If you fix these issues, I am sure that Boombox will become the best viral theme.

Many of the errors have been already asked by other buyers but they haven’t been solved. I hope to get the response and solutions for all the problems stated below as soon as possible.

Please look at the screenshots to understand the issues better.

Posting Problems:- https://snipboard.io/as87lk.jpg

1) (—Very Important—) Nowadays most of the media are in the long portrait mobile video formats. But in our theme on the desktop view, the long videos and images are not resized to be visible completely. Only half of the post is visible which is really bad for user experience.

2) Lazy load for the posts is not really lazy load, it actually loads only when users reaches to the very end of the page and then have to wait for long time until all the posts of the next page are loaded. We need lazy load like of 9gag.com or look at any other social media sites. All of them have a very smooth loading of the posts.

3) We have to add thumbnails for all the video posts manually. Please make is automatic or integrate some plugin which can automatically extract the thumbnails from videos.

Sidebar and Hamburger Problems:- https://snipboard.io/Pf8urv.jpg

1) (—Very Important—) Sticky sidebar do not work because there is no scrolling feature. Only half of the side bar is visible.

2) Sidebar does not have caret icon.

3) (—Very Important—) If the menu has dropdown list. The list won’t open unless user clicks exactly on the small caret icon. Usually the dropdown should open on clicking the text. Hamburger and Sidebar both have the this same error.

4) How can I keep the dropdown menu list open by default.

5) Labels (New, Hot) for menus, don’t work on Badges, more and sidebar menu.

Dark Mode Problems:- 1) (—Very Important—)Please add the feature to add different logo for dark mode. Because if logo has dark colors it won’t be visible in dark mode.

2) Dark mode settings in customize don’t work. (Using “Another Gag” theme). If I want to choose different background colors for light and dark mode manually.

3) How can I disable dark mode for specific pages. I can edit my child theme if you just guide me.

Please reply ASAP. Thanks

Posting 3) We are using CloudConvert – https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/zombify/ scroll to API connect section, that generates cover images for UPLOADED videos. For embedded videos, that are pulled via native APi – we are setting the cover image from the source (i.e. YouTube Thumbnail) Menu 4) We have no options to keep the dropdown menu open by default, but you can either configure it like in our Another Gag demo https://www.screencast.com/t/HyJEBdNWF3o and show dropdown items in the bottom menu: https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/top-and-bottom-header-menus/ or to keep the dropdown menu open – you can add Javascript click function after the page load (via child theme), but as we think – it’s not a great idea if talking about UX Dark Mode If you are talking about Customizing/Design—>Color Mode – there should not be different options of the background color for Dark and Light modes. The thing is that by choosing “Light” or “Dark” mode you’re just telling us in what color scheme your original site version is. And we use this information to provide the most suitable opposite version, when user changes his view from with the dark/light mode icon. That is it https://www.screencast.com/t/PUPRtw9NdxZ The rest of your questions need testing and will be answers by our support team in first-served basis. I will keep you posted. Thanks

Thanks for the swift response,

3) I will try this by activating cloudfront.

4) On your demo theme (Another Gag). You have a sidebar menu with the dropdown list open. How did you keep it open by default? https://snipboard.io/AKerzj.jpg

When can we expect the solution for other tasks? Do you assure that they would be considered and will be fixed?

Thanks and regards

3) Cloudflare (please refer to the documentation link, I’ve attached above). 4) It’s not the dropdown list – it’s just the Side Navigation (hierarchical) with custom links, you can see it in wp dashboard/appearance/menus—>manage locations tab. More button top menu select Side Navigation. We’re received your ticket, our support team will contact you.

Hello, I’m considering purchasing this theme but i got a couple questions before doing so. Is there any way to deactivate front end user submissions? And also to deactivate visitors account creation? I really don’t need/want visitors to be able to have an account.

Hi there! Yes sure. All these options can be disabled. Hope you’ll enjoy Boombox!


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