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Hi, could you please consider adding “Dash” like style to “Don’t miss” sections under the post or even to the gallery post type?

https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ Could you please submit a ticket in the category “Ideas and suggestions” and describe the request more detailed. Please also add screenshots. Thanks

I think your “Another GAG” preview is broken. Sidebars are missing.

Hmm, tnx. Checking it


How can I change the size and position of the sidebar images this same

Please double-check the widget name (not title). What’s the name of the widget you have currently?

Aha, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. On my screenshot “Boombox recent posts” widget as well as in your 1st example. Recent posts widget differs from the “Trending”.

Hello, I activated Wordpress debug and these errors appear in the report. I just want to inform you.

[16-Oct-2020 23:58:04 UTC] PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent in wp-content/themes/boombox/includes/rate-and-vote-restrictions/vote/class-boombox-vote-restriction.php on line 193

16-Oct-2020 23:59:27 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: default in wp-content/themes/boombox/includes/libs/all-in-one-meta/core/classes/class-aiom-post.php on line 212​

Hi, can you please open the support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ and provide us accesses. Our developers will check the issue.

Hi, I can’t open a ticket, my support is over.

Okay, in that case we will ask you to deactivate all the plugins that are not listed in our Boombox documentation https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/all-plugins/ as well as Drop-In Plugins and update Boombox and the rest of supported or recommended by the theme plugins to the latest versions. If the problem still there, please email us on: support@px-lab.com and provide your accesses. Regards

Hi. Please design a new layout for Quotes and Poems website too. More focused on text, and less on images. Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will discuss this with our design team

Hello is it possible to transfer my license to my new site? as I change my domain name


Hi. There should not be any problems unless the theme is installed one domain.


Yes it is currently installed on a domain name but I would like to transfer this license to a new domain and delete the old one

No problem with this. The license is kept i your database. You will not have any problems with that.

How to hide burger menu from AMP

Can you please open tickets if you have any issues – not to keep long discussions here. It’s about settings – not the general subjects. And Themeforest guidelines according the comments section – not to use it as support platform. You can open the support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ and please add screenshot as well, so we could be on the same page. As there could be different menus – mobile main menu is located in burger and more button menu also… if you want to disable main menu – how the user will navigate? Please describe your request more detailed in the support ticket.

Hi I want to buy your theme. Is it possible in the mobile responsive version to set the UPLOAD button at front or top in website, because its hidden deep in the dropmenu.

Best regards :)

We don’t have this as an option, but you can open a ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ maybe our team can offer you a solution.

Thanks, a ticket submited

Answered. Hope this will help.

aaronvs Purchased

is there a way to import zombify post demos? so I could just duplicate and adapt. Thanks.

Hi there. Yes, you can use Boombox Demo Import. But not all the posts will be pulled. For time-saving reasons. https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/demo-setup/

aaronvs Purchased

Thank you for your fast response!!

I did. Actually twice, thinking there was a problem with the installation. The thing is that it import some posts, but all the same content with different titles. What would be useful is to import one post of each type, so I can see how it is structured or duplicate if needed.

Could you provide me an XML with 1 post of each type?

Thank you in advance. :-)

Are you talking about the Zombify post formats, like story, video, audio, quiz, etc. These posts in wp admin dashboard will have only a shortcode. I’ll ask developers if we can organize something. Please send your request via https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ or support@px-lab.com


mefura Purchased

Hi. How can I make the Single Next Button in Pagination Style like this: https://ibb.co/s16LdGx I want this to be the view on Mobile and Desktop. Thank you

Unfortunately our support team is not providing additional customization services. According to the Themeforest guidelines – it’s always up to the author to decide this. Sorry


mefura Purchased

No worries. Thanks

Hello PX-lab, if you want the Featured Labels Menu be static and always shown on each post, or category page, is there a way to do that in theme settings?

Wow that was quick, THANK YOU so much! It works

Glad to hear that! Hope you’ll enjoy using Boombox.

And don’t forget to rate our theme, if you like it. ;)


Mand89 Purchased

The homepage of the website displays like this. https://prnt.sc/v48z4z Is this the subject error?

Hi, can you, please disable all the third party plugins, that are not included or recommended by our documentation https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/all-plugins/, and update those that are left to the latest versions, as well as the Boombox theme. If the problem still there – please open the support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ and provide us the link to your website and WP accesses.

Hello :) - If user wants to comment on a post does he need a facebook account or are there other options? Its cool to show the comments on their fb page but what about users with no fb.. - I also cant find in documetation how to turn on the display of comments,share,points under the picture on home page.


Please read the ESSB plugin documentation. If this button turned “on” https://www.screencast.com/t/oxPXxwQAMPX all share buttons will appear in the line (or in 2 lines). When choosing social buttons in the plugin settings, you should choose “more” button as well. The list of all available social share networks you can find in the plugin settings. You can also go through the plugin support chats to find more about the Chinese social networks.

Yes I did try that with activating more button in Boombox position settings but still same problem. Thanks

If you have any questions – please open a support ticket here https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ We should not use the comments section as the support forum

Hi on dash template you can add between the images ads?

Hi. We suggest using a cool AdSense Plugin WP QUADS PRO. It goes with the theme. It has many options and you can totally customize ads placement throughout the site, also between the posts. You can find our more about it here: https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/ads/ Let us know if any other questions.

Is it possible to change color and size or even change add another icon of the Burgermenu and Upload button?

Yes, you can do that via additional CSS / Customizing

Ok cool, I have know how to write css, but no idea how to connect with those buttons where I find names of these elements?

In code. With “inspect element”. If you have any problems, let us know by opening a support ticket.

hello author. i want to add tags as a filter on categories can you show me how please thanks

Hi there you can add tags in posts and then go to the WP admin dashboard/Appearance/Menu https://www.screencast.com/t/3LqzfDWRyzH and create a menu from tags. After that you can use this menu in headers, sidebars, widgets. Hope this will help

ty_vs Purchased

Is there a way to allow MP4 gifs on list and rank lists. I’ve been hoping for this to be updated for years. Is there a way I can adjust any of the code to make this happen?

Could you please submit a ticket https://pxlab.ticksy.com/ in category Ideas and Suggestions

When I using WPbakery

I trying create my home page look with posts. But i don’t have option to add paging for home page. How I can add it?

Thank you

Hi! Try this: Customizing ▸ Home Main / Pagination type https://www.screencast.com/t/2q4uAyJivF https://documentation.px-lab.com/boombox/home/ Hope this will help

Hi, the Instagram and Facebook embeds not working since oct 24: https://kinsta.com/blog/facebook-oembed/

Plan you any update for this?

Thanks for your suggestion. We are working on solving the issue. Facebook has changed the code entirely and WP and Gutenberg are not yet ready for that. You can’t now embed the code via wp admin options. But we try to implement it in our Zombify. And we hope to include it with the next 2 updates.


Please follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pxlaboratory/ not to miss news and updates.


Mithru Purchased

I want to purchase the theme. I have tried a similar theme but disappointed with their Front end Editor. I hope you are not using the Froala Editor. Because that editor is buggy and the original providers don’t care about the issue. Let me know if I should be worried about the Editor on your theme.

We are using our own front end uploader – Zombify https://zombify.px-lab.com/ You can check the demo


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