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Hi Simon, Yes sure will do, thanks Sam

Hi Sam – i have responded to your e-mail and fixed the issue. I added some screenshots to explain what the problem was!

Hope it helps :)

Hi, I am having a few issues that i was hoping you can resolve. 1. How to add a 6th element to the features. I have added 6 in the resources page however only 5 have appeared.

2.Boom appears in the tab as opposed to the url i.e. Boom /Blog as opposed to mysitename/blog. how do i change this?

Thanks Sam

Showing more than 5 features

the `getResources` loop has by default a limit of items displayed set to 5.

I have logged in your site and set the limit to `0` so it displays all the features you want to show. You can now see the 6th feature on your website :)

Perfect thank you

Simon did you get my last email regarding the ecommerce?

Hi i really like the template, would it be possible to:

1. Use slider on the main top image rather than a static image 2. implement a multipage 3. Dropdown menu 4. add a drawer menu

wouldn’t mind paying for the extra features thanks


None of these features are available out of the box – but they are definitely all feasible.

I am available for ‘hire’ for custom work – you can reach out to me via my contact form on my profile :)

Hi, I have a problem after install booom! theme. I use modx revolution 2.2.14-pl (also tried on 2.4.2-pl version and the same problem). During installation booom theme I had to install manually several extras (like ajaxform, formit and so on). Frondend with sample data looks fine but Backend – there is only menu and nothing else (all pages are blank). Please help me with this.

Hi – could you share your login details to access the MODx manager area so I can help troubleshoot? You can send it to me via my contact form on profile page.


Can this theme be expanded beyond a one-page website? I need a multi-page site and would like to know if this is possible.

Also, is there an ability to create a more traditional footer with links etc.?

Sorry for the newbie questions but I haven’t worked with ModX before


Very sorry for the long delay in my answer. I totally missed the notification about the new message..

This theme doesn’t support multi pages out of the box, but it is absolutely possible to add extra pages by creating a new page template in MODX (using the same header, footer), and then create your page content to use the input fields from the MODx back end.

However you’ll need some MODx skills to do that.. I am available for hire for custom jobs – you can contact me on my profile page. :)


Hi Simon I really liked this theme. Does it support internationalisation?

Hi, sorry for the long delay in my response! There is no support for internationalisation at this point, sorry.

Hi Simon, The download doesn’t support the current version of MODX (2.5.7). Do you have any updates to support installing on that version. Specifically, MODX reports that the zip file doesn’t appear to be a transport file. Thanks for the help.


Sorry for the late reply, been incredibly busy as of late. Will look into it ASAP and get back to you!


I was able to install the freshly downloaded theme on MODX 2.5.7 without a problem.

I think what’s happening is you’re trying to install the entire download zip from ThemeForest instead of the zip that sits inside of that, called boom.transport.zip


I don’t think it’s working for the latest MODX version. A lot of errors during the install and the resource browser (menu) is broken, it produces 500 errors. So it’s not working out for me.

Could you refund me this purchase? I’ll buy the HTML template and work from there…


Happy to refund the purchase, if you log a request, but I just tested the download files on a fresh MODX 2.5.7 install a couple of days ago, and it worked just fine.

It could possibly be issues with your server / hosting environment.

Can you successfully run other MODX sites on the same environment? Did you follow the installation procedure as per the documentations included in the download package?

Just tried with a fresh install of 2.5.7 instead of 2.5.6 and though the installer looks better the manager still starts flipping after the install. Also the menu of the template isn’t working. I’ve spend over 4 hours already so I’ll just go for the HTML version. However I can’t file a refund request with Envato, my purchase isn’t in the list… Is there any way you can send me the HTML template? So I don’t have to go through this horrible refund process? Many thanks


Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Can you please send me an e-mail via the contact form in your profile? I will send you the HTML files to the e-mail address you contact me with.

Hi Simon, I have used your template for my customer and they love it. However they like to replace the URL for a more friendly URL. Can I swap the URL link http://www.something.com/#section-9 to http://www.something.com/page and having it showing in the URL. They told me it is a google thingy.

Also how do I start at the top of the template? at refresh it jumps straight to the 3 column offer section, skipping the top section.


Hi Simon! I have problem with feature loop, it’s just showing 5 features. Can you help me please? I see you have answered to this question in previous comments but if I am correct, than only you can change this restriction.

Hi,, i’m trying to install it to the modx 2.6.1, during the installation it produces some errors and the most important is, some parts of template don’t work., what can i do? i use php 7.1

i just tried it with 5.6 and it seems that the problem is not php

I am ready to give install log if you give me any way to send it personally, i believe it’s problem with template, i tried it both on mac and linux servers.

I have written back to your email. I have also uploaded a fix on ThemeForest – it should be available within the next few days!

Hope it helps – thanks for your patience and let me know how you go!

Hi, I’m having the same issue as matvey4. Is there a fix for this?

Hello, How do you install this on a Godaddy Hosting Plan? If not with Wordpress or PHP, im new to this, can you explain please? knowing that not everyone know how to install but can use installation guide for Beginner.


Hello! Where can I see the demo?

Demo not working. Dead project.


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