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Thanks for the great theme Boom!. I have notices that the hero image flickers a bit when scrolling. How can I improve that? How can I make the picture stand still or scroll naturally with the page?


Two things, both related to working with Portfolios: 1) I cannot get my 6 items to display in 3 columns, and 2) when I click one of the Portfolio items, I don’t get a page that lets me do something like you’re doing in your example site. Can you point me in the right direction? Here’s a link to the site where I’m having trouble:




Please try this CSS code into the Custom CSS field:
#section-gallery .vc_row{
    margin-right: 0;
    margin-left: 0;
Hope that helps.

That did it! Thanks so much, Toan!!

I’m glad it works, that’s my pleasure.

Feel free to let us know at WP version page if you have any further questions.


Hi, How can I enter a Google Map?


This has nothing to do with the template – but here’s a tutorial on how to implement a google map on your template:

Hope it helps!

how do I show the customer’s tweet? I also changed the twitter / config.php file, but continues to show the envado twitt …

This theme does not lay out properly on IE. Sometimes Firefox has trouble with it too.

You can even try it out!

Hello! My website email has been blocked from sending mails due to SPAM sent via contact form without captcha. They require captcha. How can I solve this within the template Booom!? Thank you in advance, Anne