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Nice and clean. Let the sales go Booom! :)

Thanks! Yeah, let’s hope it makes a big blast! :-)

clean design and clean code, good luck with sales :)

Thank you for the kind words and the purchase!

Awesome! Wish you the best of luck with this one :p

Thanks! I had fun designing it and pretty happy with the result!

Hey – awesome theme, some really great parts – however for me the magnific-popup functionality doesn’t seem to be working – just loads the image in a different page. Any ideas?

Hi – thanks for the purchase!

I just tried downloading a fresh install from TF (same files that you get on download) and out of the box, the magnific popup works perfectly.

As you can see in the demo, it works too. Did you do some customisations that may have conflicted with the plugin?

You’re right, was a server issue – thanks!

Good, glad to hear you got it sorted :-)

Hey there,

Love the base of this theme, could definitely work with this. Anyway we can have progress bars, pie charts and pricing tables included?


Hi, thanks for the kind words.

Progress bars are already available as they’re included in bootstrap. I will add pricing tables in the upcoming days.

I think i’ll ultimately do a couple of alternative demo pages to show what’s possible with the framework.

Not sure about the pie charts yet, but i guess this could be added too if there is a few buyers interested!

On my iphone 4s the main menu disappear when I scroll down and the video (Vimeo) is not displayed.

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

The main menu is supposed to disappear (nav bar not fixed) on smaller browser width – this frees some screen real estate and i feel people just scroll up and down anyway (user experience).

You can have the top menu stayed fixed by removing the position: relative in the media query.

Maybe the video is not available for iPhones (flash), i will try to use another video in the demo.

Here we go it should work for your iphone now – check out the demo. It was actually an issue with a floating div. Thanks for pointing that out!


I’m having problems with the video not displaying in smaller sized browsers too. (I scale the window down and the video disappears, replaced by a tiny box.) Could you post the fix, please?


It appears the video doesn’t display on smaller breakpoint when the columns use the “pull-right” or “pull-left” classes.

I will elaborate a solution, but in the meantime you could simply remove the “pull-right” and “pull left” classes in the HTML, and inverse the 2 columns. This will work, but the video will display under the text on mobile devices, not above (which is why i was using pull-left and pull-right).

Here is a code snippet for you:

 <div class="container">
    <div class="row"> 
        <div class="col-md-6">
            <h3>Video Title</h3>
            <p class="lead">Lead Text</p>
            <p>Normal Text</p>
            <a href="#" class="btn btn-danger btn-hg inline">Button Text</a>
        <div class="col-md-6">
            <div class="fitvids"><iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
    </div><!-- /row -->
</div><!-- /container -->

Thanks! Would be nice to have the video on top, but will swap the columns round for the time being.

I have fixed the issue with some CSS – the update v1.1 is now uploading and should be available soon.

You can now leave the pull-right and pull-left classes, so the video displays on the right on desktops, but on top in mobile devices.

I have also upgrade to the latest version of Flat UI Pro (1.2.2) that was released 2 days ago. You should be able to copy your index.html file and paste it in the new version without a problem.


Clean work! Good luck, friend! ;)

Thanks AirTheme :-)

Nice job :) it works very smoothly, i really like it!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! :-)

nice theme simon … but … the popup dont work on the Image Gallery and single photo example, and the pull-down menu is showing as een default look (no css).

in chrome, safari and firefox – firefox opens ok but no close button (!)

gr. peter

simon, i tried another server but no different …

Ok, let me check as soon as i get home and I’ll provide an update if nevessary. Might be related to the upgrade to Flat UI 1.2.2 in the last update I did. Reverting to you soon.

I am really sorry but i am unable to reproduce the issue – i tried in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera and it works fine (dropdown + popup) on all browsers.

It sounds like it’s a js issue – for example there is a bit of js that styles the dropdown in this nice green button – it’s located in the js/custom.js file and is as follows:

$("select").selectpicker({style: 'btn-hg btn-primary', menuStyle: 'dropdown'});

Are you sure you have javascript enabled, that your index.html file is properly linking to custom.js and that you haven’t changed any classes in the HTML markup?

Try download the files again, and without doing anything, double click on index.html to open it in your browser..

If it still doesn’t work, please open a ticket on the support forum and i will try help you further from there (easier to share code snippets and other).


Hello – cool theme. You mentioned you were going to update to include pricing tables; any timeframe on this?


awesome thanks. look forward to trying it out.

You can download it now, it’s ready :-)

He Simon,

after the update the pop-up and other js functions are oke now. it looks great in al browsers and the new price table is also very nice ….


gr. peter

Great to hear, thank you for the feedback :-)

Not sure where to find the Envato Purchase code, so have to ask here!

I have got two issues: 1. Need to have two carousel sliders; but while clicking on buttons for the second carousel slider it reference the first slider. 2. Need to link to an HTML page from the image gallery, but instead it gives me the error message that says ‘the image could not be loaded’.

How to fix the above problems? Can send in an annotated screenshot (to your email) if the above explanation does not illustrate the issue.

Thanks! Heidi

p.s. I really love the look and design on your theme, and all the functionality that is practical and useful – great job!


Thanks for the purchase and for the kind words!

You will find the purchase code in the download section of ThemeForest (hover over your username and you will see a “downloads” menu. Once in there, next to the item icon, there is a “Regular Licence” link. That’s where you find the code! :-)

To answer quickly to your questions (i can provide more in-depth help on the support forum):

1) Each slider needs to have a different ID name, so they don’t interfere between each other.

2) You need to remove the magnific-popup class and image tag for the link to work.

Please open a ticket on the forum and i will provide detailed code snippets to suit your needs. I will do this tomorrow morning as it is getting late here in Australia :-)

Let me know if you find the purchase code allright!

Gotcha! Now moved all the stuff to support forum – thanks :)

Cool thanks, i have responded to both your questions there – hope it gets you up and running :-)

Hi, it looks really great and is very well priced. I did not buy it yet but, Could I make the image gallery link to HTML pages with the same layout (buttons etc) as the homepage? And adding new pages is it not too hard? I am comfortable with jQuery but have never used anything other than bootstrap UI components before.

The template is built on bootstrap, so if you are familiar with it it would be very easy to add new pages and link the images to these pages.

You can create a new page (single-item.html for example) and then have your galley link to that page.

You don’t really need jQuery to achieve this, it’s more of an HTML markup job to create your new page using the bootstrap classes.

Hope it makes sense!

Thanks, I bought it and should be ok with it. Welcome to AU! Byron is really nice, I will keep an eye on what you do, it really nice clean design

Thanks! If you need some help, open a ticket in the support forum –

I don’t live exactly in Byron Bay, but close enough :-)

Very Good Work ! +

Thanks a lot! :-)

You`re always welcome :)

Hi, I absolutely love this design and it’s exactly what I was looking for. What I wanted to know was; does the download include Flat UI Pro?


In the main.css file, you will find the following code around line 1840:

.select .btn {
  width: 220px;

You can increase this value to make the select button wider.

If you are using the LESS files, this fix can be done in less/modules/select.less at line 39.

That should work out for you!

You’re a star, thank you.

Great template! I’m having the same problem with a gallery popup as ai-peter. This occurs because the tweeter is not connected. Just comment /* Twitter FEED */ block in js/custom.js and everything will work perfectly. ps: sorry for my english.

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for sharing that.

Hi simonswiss,

I need a little help here. I just bought this theme but I forgot to read about how to install it to use it with wordpress. Do you have any guide on this matter?... I really need your help cuz I'm developing this website for my company and it has to be uploaded as soon as possible.

I’d really appreciate your help.

My best. Diego

Dear Diego – I am sorry but this template is an HTML template and not a WordPress theme – it will not work with WordPress.

WordPress Themes are found in the WordPress category and usually cost around 40 to 60$ – you purchased this item from the Marketing – Landing page category, where files are HTML / CSS only..

That said, we are currently working on a WordPress adaptation of the Booom! template – we are still a couple of weeks away from releasing but, if you like the template, you should be able to purchase the WP version.

Please contact Envato support if you need a refund, i cannot do anything myself on that matter.



how to configure and enable twitter on the page?

The answer is in the documentation :-)

You need to creat an app to obtain consumer key etc, then enter these keys in the assets/twitter/index.php file

Hi Simon,
Your template looks awesome. However, I’d like to adjust two things.
1. Is it possible to remove the frame around the video?
2.In the slideshow, images are rounded when in full display and with a right angle when sliding. Can I change that?


1. You can remove the frame around the video by adding frameborder="0" in the video iframe.

2. I don’t this this is possible, but you can give rounded corners to your images in Photoshop and save them as png’s with transparency, so they stay rounded when they move..

OK. Noted.
For the slideshow I’d rather remove the border-radius altogether.

Yeah, that works too!