Booze - Bar & Restaurant Muse Template

Booze - Bar & Restaurant Muse Template

BOOZE Bar & Restaurant Muse CC Template” is the perfect Muse template for all kind of Bars, Cafes or Restaurants. Booze features two very unique and awesome looking styles. The modern uncluttered design impresses with richness of detail, emotion and fun at Cullinary.

BOOZE comes in 2 unique and ready to use Muse CC Styles. (Old Fashioned & Rooftop). Just perfect for any Bar or Restaurant looking for a cool vintage feel or a more modern touch.

ATTENTION PLEASE!!! In order to use this Template you need to have the application called MUse CC running on your computer. It cannot be installed on other platforms such as the WordPress or Joomla. Please make sure that you have subscribed to the Adobe website and the application Muse CC before you buy purchase it.


UNIQUE AND AUTHENTIC: Booze features two very unique and awesome looking styles. Old Fashioned, meant for all type of Bars or Restaurants with a vintage feel and Rooftop for modern and stylish cocktail Bars or Clubs.

EASY “NO CODE” EDITING: Thanks to Adobe Muse you dont need to write a single line of code to operate this template.

FLEXIBLE AND VERSTAILE: This template features the alternate or adaptive version, as well as the responsive version to make sure that it looks gorgeous on all devices.

NAVIGATION: Normal and animated floating menu style.

BOOK A TABLE FORM A beuatiful and easy to operate Book a table form.

ANIMATED ROLLOVER BUTTONS All rollover buttons have smooth fading effects.

ONEPAGER + 3 SINGLE PAGES News Pages with single, slideshwo and video background)

VIDEO BACKGROUND BAckground and content Slides

SWIPE SLIDER ON MOBILE In the mobile version all sliders can be operated by swiping.

PARALAX SECTIONS Parallax effects on Events and Testimonial sections

EASY TO EDIT AND WORKING FORMS All forms are working out of the box, you simply need to paste your adress

ANIMATED BACK TO TOP BUTTON A back to top button which will be faded in by scrolling (only possible in alternative version)

VERY DETAILED USER GUIDE ( thi template features several manuals to help you out in trouble cases)

DEDICATED SUPPORT (If you run into trouble with the template, simply drop me an email and i will be right at your service.)

All images licensed under CC0 are included in the download package.

GMap.mucow by musemismo

Images are from:,,,

Latest Update 1.3
- several bugfixes
- on Scroll Animatin have been added
- sticky Navigation Animation
- speed Optimization

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