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TO the worpress version, am i able to have a video gallery ( like the photo gallery ) that the template already have?


you can try to customize it, but by default it just for images ;) It should not be difficul to realise it.

Nice!!!! Would a future version support HTML5 /CSS3?

Best wishes.

Hi, maybe we’ll do CSS3 versions in the future, but for now, in our opinion, it’s not yet ready for general public using older browsers. We often have people asking us for IE support, so there’s no point of making two different versions just for CSS3 sake. Maybe later.

I kinda goofed. I bought the Wordpress version of this template when I truly needed the html version. I’m 57 years old and sometimes do not see the forest for the trees. I can change the WP version over myself but it will take forever and I need this for a client fairly soon. I am not asking for a refund of the difference because I will go ahead and buy the html version when I hear from you but I would like to know if you would credit the difference towards other templates?

I would delete the Wordpress version or however you would like me to handle it. I have been a buyer at both Themeforest and Envator for a good while now and have made several purchases. Thanks for any help and I will watch for a reply. It’s ok if you cannot work out something with me, I will eat the difference in price if I need to. Thanks, Ronald.

Hi, I can’t see that you have bought this item. And WP version includes the HTML version ;)

Thanks for responding. It shows on my downloads link if you have access to it. Let me know if you need my password. Ronald

Yes, now I see, but you need to to contact ThemeFores about this problem. We can’t help you here.

Thanks for looking.


The Contact Form in this template doesn’t work. Am I missing something or was that intentional? Usually the HTML templates without a working contact form are cheaper. Please advise. Thanks!


you have a HTML version, and HTML version doesn’t contain php code wich you need to run the contact form, you will need to add it by yourself. This is just a HTML template.

That should have been pointed out in the description, and I can’t believe ThemeForest approved it without it being there. Any other HTML theme on the site I’ve purchased had at least one working contact form. Maybe on your next update of this file you can include a working contact form for those of us who aren’t great at php. Otherwise, I feel cheated because you did a great job on the design.

A working contact form is in wordpress version! How I said this is a HTML template for web developers, who can use this template and modified it.


I love this theme. I have a question before I get it. Envato has advised us to contact the author for showcasing your theme on our website.

Is it possible for us to showcase your theme in live preview on our server so that our clients get to know how this theme works?

As you know, it’s not easy for us to sell our custom service without showing our clients how the theme works.

Of course we’re going to purchase the theme first, showcase this theme on our website in live preview, and then we’ll buy each license for each domain, or website for our clients.

I hope this will help increase the sales volume of this theme for you, Envato, and us.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi, sorry but it is not possible.The only opportunity, what we can offer, is a sample video of the theme managment panel that you can see in the description.


Okay. Thanks for your quick reply.

Hey, first of all amazing design. I am very happy with it. The only thing is I know the php is not included but any chance you can create a quick file that just gathers the information and sends it on its way to a email? I am having trouble setting that up since I am no master at PHP . Thank you.

Hello, Do You think Contact form? If yes, You can set it up inside Bordeaux Management -> “Contact”.

I am sorry. I bought the HTML version because I am not good at working wordpress. I got the site shape as I wanted since all I did was edit the HTML . The only problem is that I love the way reservation looks but cant make it complete its job. It allows to fill it in but wont send the information it gathered. How can I make this happen?

When I mean the PHP I mean for the reservation page.

Hello, please contact us via contact form, and I’ll try to help You :).


why do you have put the boxed layout into html tables?

Hello, It’s there cause without it, website design won’t show properly.

Hello, before I purchase this theme can you please tell me if its possible to change that wooden background image at the top header to something else? Also I need to be able to put 2 restaurant locations, will the footer widget allow me to put 2 separate map locations?? That would be awesome if that could work and I will buy this thank you very much.

edit: i meant to post this in the wordpress version, i will copy/paste there

Check wp answer ;).

Hi, I am just about to buy this theme, but, I need to know if I can get rid of the food items beloew the navigation bar(on every page but the homepage)


Hello, yes, you will be able to turn off menu slider in wp-admin panel.

I am talking about the HTML version.

Hello, Sorry about that. You will need to remove few lines of code in html version. If you will find it difficulty, just contact us and we will help you to remove it!

Hi, first off all, congrats for the excelent design of this template. I’m willing to buy it but I saw on previous comments tah reservation and ontact forms doesn’t work cause is missing the PH code. Did you solved it? It was implemented or still not owrking. I understando that it’s a HTML template but loads and loads of HTMls templates on web, inclusive here onEnvato have a working contyact forms wih PHP sendmail script. Kind regards Newton


Our HTML Versions don’t include PHP reservation and contact form. It’s easy to integrate, since there are alot of tutorials around the internet. If you will have problems, we can help you to integrate it.

If you can do the integration of both forms I’ll buy… Let me know please. Kind regards


We will be able to help you integrate it ;)!


Fantastic theme with great documentation and additional files. I’ve found one problem that I don’t know how to easily fix, so I’m asking for your help.

Mobile devices do not show background images that have more than 5244100 pixels, and your background image images/block-2-content-bg.png has twice as many (650px x 20000px). Can you suggest a fix? Even a quick fix would do.

Kind regards


I’m sorry but this theme wasn’t made for phones / tablets, so basically you will have to edit css files and add new style elements to fix that.

That’s a great template. Just one thing i didn’t like is; the reservations page is complicated to modify.



Could you please give us more information, what exactly there is hard to modify?


I got the error “Stylesheet is missing.” while installing the theme on WP. In fact, I couldn’t find any style.css in the theme folder???


Please follow this tutorial on how to install our theme correctly – .

Hi…i’ve a issue on my site: I dont know what happened but bullets on slider aren’t working good as you can see in this link above.


By default slider is ment only for 5 slides, if you want to have more than 5, then you will have to change the width of #control element in stylesheet and also change this image – to bigger in width.