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LOVE IT !!!! another Great one! 8-)

This is awesome, well done!

Thanks! :) Glad to hear it! :)

Very Nice and beautiful themes. I love the design. Could you built similar for e-commerce themes?

Thanks! We are thinking about it. Maybe sometime in future.

Very well done… ThemeForest (and Wordpress in general) needs more good looking restaurant/bar/pub themes. This is well thought out, and looks great.. good luck!

Wow this is amazing! Will sell well for sure ;) Great job :)

Wooo. This is very nice. Excellent job! :)

Good work. The textures look great!

i love you long time, been looking for a wine type theme ;) bookmarked to buy for sure.

already picked up your gadgetzine theme, you do great work, and nice and clean code.

Great job. Looks really nice.

Beautiful theme, I’m hungry now. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion. Awesome work.

Great theme. One question about the reservation functionality which I didn’t see in the video. Does the reservation allow admin to put the black out dates and especially times when reservations are not available which will show to guests before making reservations? I would like to use your theme for a beauty salon site.

Also one big plus would be to include a back ground music which adds flavor the the website. I have not see a template that have the background music yet. Hopefully, this will not be a problem if you are able to implement it.


Hi :) Glad that you like it :)

Unfortunately we didn’t make that the admin can black out dates, but maybe we will do on some update :) More information about reservations you can find in the documentation

I’m liking this theme for a restaurant, but how difficult do you think it would be for a person of moderate bitmap graphic skills to modify this to use flatter colours, instead of the leather and patterns?

I would say it’s pretty easy. You would have to change 3 texture images – header, main content (that’s the leather) and footer – and your’re good to go.

Thank you all for your kind words!

Winning combination of soft brown and pastel colors!))Good job!

really awesome hats off ;)

This looks really great.

Is it possible to use the reservation option for multiple pages? I would like to use it for a clients hotel site.

Hi, sorry as multipage it won’t be possible. There can be only one page with reservations.

Great Theme! I brought one recently and now I’m regretting it as I love this much more (- I hate you lol).

Quick question. I sell cakes so I would need the reservation form to be more of an order form. Is it possible to customise it easily? Can I add more fields easily to that form – eg like a flavours field, a quantity field, a size field etc?


Hi, glad to hear it :)

Yes, you can easy remove the calendar, then you will need a bit improve the form and database. But so, yes it’s possible if you have some knowledge of php :)

looks beautiful.. good luck!

An amazing template. Great work! Just a question of curiosity, is the footer widget ready? Best of luck in your sales!

Hi, on footer you can add contact information, social network contacts, and map. But if you modify the code you can also add widgets.

Awesome Theme, Love to view it everything looks so perfect.

Glad to hear it :)