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Ok, I sent the password, other issues fixed.

Hello, I have two categories, just changed the “order of categories” and it worked, but what the right way to insert categories? How should I advise to choose the right order? Thank you.

We replied to your email.

Hello, it’s me again, i hope you are fine :) I updated bordeaux theme (4.0.3), i would like to change wordlimiter, i need more words for description. I have did good for the previous version, but now, it’s a little bit difficult. i have found filters.php and /word limiter/
function WordLimiter($string, $count) 
i have tried
function WordLimiter($string, $count=120) 
but nothing happen :( Thanks for you help.

There will be multiple functions called “new_excerpt_length_*()” in “functions/filters.php” file change the return values of these functions.

Hi there, How can I change the order of the reservationdate from the reservation information? Currently it’s year-month-day

I want it to be: day-month-year

Where can I change this?

It seems that we have forgot about this feature, currently is not available. We will consider adding it in next updates.
For now, if you wish, you can modify the “template-reservations.php” and “includes/theme-config.php” files. This will require programming knowledge.

Just one more question: how can I change the mailadress from which the reservations are send?

Now there’s WordPress@..... on top of the mail someone receives after a reservation is approved.

You can change it while editing the Reservations page, there will be a metabox called “Notifications email”.

hi Is it possible to offer delivery & take away option for shop? I only see delivery option in cart.


Yes, there shouldn’t be a problem. You can use a guide like this:

Yes, it does support WPML.

On the reservation page it doesn’t seem to pass the date. This is what I get:

Message: TEST Name: Christopher Phone: 9161234567 E-mail: Date: Time: 18:15

We replied to your email.

I am pretty sure I bought it on here but it is not showing up. It was about two plus years ago. Do you have a record of this?

I setup ftp for you so that you could upload the demo files on September 9, 2012


we purchased your theme and we can’t get shop-menu-card on home page..even we selected shop menu card in homepage from page option, we are able to get simple menu card but shop menu card is not coming through, here is the link please help us with the solution

still waiting for ur reply

We replied to your email.

hello, I would like to know how to customize the img background, colors of the links, the background colors of the menu, etc etc … because I can not find any tools. Thank you all.

These Settings will be available in “Bordeaux Management -> Style Settings -> Page Colors/Style”

great theme. would just love to remove the menu card slider. how do i do that?

never mind the question above…. Only problem i have is google map does show up as widget

Could you give us a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can see it in live?

Prepurchase question. I love the art on this theme. Can I use it if i purchase?


Thanks! Theme comes with all beautiful textures and backgrounds.

Except product photos and photos in slider. If you wish to see the same product photos as you can see in slider, then You can buy these photos (very cheap) from photo marketplace

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. :)

Just an FYI, I tried a Google Map URL in the Bordeaux Google Map widget and it does not display the Google Map for some reason but it does show the link to see the map in Full View.

I then went back to an old version of the website and copied the old Google Map URL and put it in the widget and the Google Map worked.

Try using this, this should solve the problem:

How to change Featured Image inside a post/menu to full-size.


The ‘post-image-2’ tomato-juice featured image is cropped to 600×180px. I want them to show in original full-size instead.


PS: All my photos are 600×500px.

Hi, it remains the same even after I change to ‘Small Images’, then back to ‘Large Images’ again. Featured photos in post will still cropped to 600×180px.

Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Nevermind, Got it fixed by updating the ‘image.php’ to the value we want.

Hello theme is great and your support responses are fast I highly recommend this theme. Wonder if you could assist with my menu. for some reason it is not spanning the menu bar.


Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?


Thank you for the good theme but there is a display problem with the slider’s pager on the homepage on IE(9,10,11) . Can you please check this issue.


Any updates? Been more than a month now :(

Hello Am downloading the new update especially the IE fix. but would it be possible to know which files are updates so i dont update everything .

many thanks in advance

There will be a file called changes.txt in the directory with the theme files. It will list all the files modified.

hello i have version 1.3.1 and now i want to update to latest version. I already download the latest version and I have backed up my old version. What files must to restore after updating to keep my current customization?

Every single one of them. The v4 bordeaux is basically a whole different theme now – we had rewritten it from scratch due to it’s old standards.

Do you advised me to start from scratch customizing my site with the new version ? Not to keep my old files ?

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?

is the new theme compatible with WPML?

Yes, it does.

Hi sir,

How can i change de front color about the 3 info block ? tks

You can change fonts in “Bordeaux Management -> Style Settings”, but for more advanced customizations you will need to modify “css/main-stylesheet.css”

If it is HTML5, I will buy

Currently it isn’t HTML5, but we’ll most definitely consider converting it in upcoming updates.