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Boa Tarde, gostaria de saber onde encontro o link par download da ultima atualização e gostaria de disponibilizar um plugin que fiz para este tema que possibilita os usuários a comprarem os produtos do cardápio, colocando todos em um carrinho de compra que fica do lado e logo apos o mesmo pode estar pagando pelo método do PAGseguro! Me mande um email para que possa emviar para vocês. espero ajudar! Sou do Brasil! meu emial e e estou com um problema no meu ele não aparece os itens do cardápio e quando cadastro os mesmo não aparece a categoria e valores.

Tinha me esquecido segue a baixo link do plugin! e muito simples de usar! O bacana dele que o carrinho estiver vazio ele não aparece no lado. somente se estiver com pelo menos um item! Obrigado e fico no aguardo do arquivo da atualização.

Hi, can you please, translate it to english? Thanks!

Is there a way to make the menu descriptions longer?

Hi, yes, go to filter.php find this WordLimiter function and edit the $limit=15 to $limit=25

Can I get the shortened description to end in ”.....”

Add ” ... ” in function new_excerpt_more in functions/filter.php

function new_excerpt_more($more) {
    return '...';


How can i remove permalinks from menu card?


Hi, you need to edit template-menu-card.php file ;) And remove all liks from the menu card div. ;)

Neytrex – I needed to do the same thing. In template-menu-card.php on line 187:

<p class="title"><a href="&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?&gt;">&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;</a></p>

(In the above example some > and < are showing up as > and < not sure how to fix that.)

Change to: <p class="title"><?php the_title(); ?></p>

This removes the link tags from the output.

Exactly :)

Thanks for helping :)

Hi, great theme keep up the good work. But am having difficulties with the following

1) How Can i remove the commenting system completely?



you can remove them in wp-admin -> settings -> discussions.

adokilla – one way is to look for <?php comments_template(); ?> throughout the theme and remove it. Any tool with a Find & Replace is a good idea to find them all – just search for “comments_template”.

To the theme author – I saw in the demo of the new version you can now go straight to a specific menu page. How do I set this up? I can’t find the option anywhere. It’s probably right under my nose but I can’t see it! Haha.


you can do this manual by adding ?page=2 at the menu card link ;)

For example the menu card link : And here is the second page:

Oh ok – my menu has more than 2 pages, is it still possible?

Yes, you can add ?page=3, ?page=4, ?page=5….. ;)

I wish there was a way from the control panel. as a switch on/off but i will just remove the comments_template from the code of all the pages.


But you can turn off comments in wp-admin, settings, discusions. Also by adding a new post there is a way to choose to allow coments or not.

Could i also get the changelog of which file i need to change in order to have the latest fixes available 1.0.8


At the time we have not such file. But in near future we will add also change logs files :)

Good Afternoon, I want to know where to find the link to download the last update pair and would like to provide plugin that I hum this theme That paragraph allows an OS users to buy the products on the menu, putting them all hum cart shopping is Which Side Logo and after the same may be paid by the method of Paypal! Send me email par hum paragraph replaying What CAN you guys. I hope to help! I’m from Brazil! My emial and Problem with hum and I’m in my element did not appear, menu items and when they do not register a class and values ??appears.

I’d forgotten following a link from Low plugin! Very simple to use! The cool him that the cart is empty elements do not appear anywhere. only if at least hum item! Thanks and I look forward to the update files.


You can’t get the latest version here, because you haven’t bought the item. But so the latest version is available in the download section.

Sorry but no experience with that kind of plugins.

I have accomplished to remove the comments thanks for the help, I am also trying to rename the theme to the website name, but it breaks the website what all files do i have to edit to change this


You can change only the name in style.css. If you will make changes in other files you will break the page.

Great theme by the way….

I have like 5 restaurants in different location but wants to use one website.

Can your theme can be use 5 different google map location, 5 different reservation booking system for each store and menu cards.

Is it possible?

Hi, in theory yes.

In footer you can add the main location, and in the contact page you can add all other locations, by pasting a google maps iframe code. And for the reservations you will need to add a new field in the reservation form, like – restaurant location, where peoples can choose one of your restaurants. Also you will need to edit the reservation database.

The plugin was developed by min and would provide the same to you! and more an option for the theme. Regarding the purchase of thema can buy it now. If it comes with opsção in Portuguese, and if I buy today you already released the update to min?


sorry but we can’t understand what exactly do you want. Maybe you can explain it in more details?

Already bought version! I would upgrade to 1.8. And I want to make the plugin for download.

You got already the latest version ;)

Ok! javem he translated into Portuguese?

You need to translate the language file in language folder. More information about that you can find here:


Sera would not make an order book where the customer chooses the products to enter the menu and put in a basket where the same and sent by email to the admin site?

We will think about it ;)

Hi, It’s me again “mcdc2000”.

you were mentioned about I have to add new filed on reservation form and update some reservation database….

Is it something I can do with your explanation? or is it customize thing that you have to do?

I’m not a beginner but I do edit on some code.


I think you won’t be able to do that, but we can make it as a custom work for you. If, you are interested, please write to our e-mail.

Any way to Order the Menu Card? Like Entrees first?

It seems to go weird on mine?

Party Packages / Burgers

Drinks / Chicken

Is there anyway to set which displays 1st 2nd 3rd etc?

Hi, we are working on that. I hope we will add this option in next updates. But the only way to put them in order is to enter them in correct order at the start.

I Figured out that i had to term ID / redo it exactly in order I wanted it. thanks! great Template.

Glad to hear it :)