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amazing ! very nice

Shoukran bazzef :D

Now you speak my language !! Cool :D

Please, do you have this in a wordpress format. I would be ready to buy immediately. Thanks.

So sorry, just the html for now, but we will let you know as soon as we launch the wordpress.

Great design! Good luck with sales!

Thank you !

very cool. please get working on a wordpress version

I am interested in this template. More importantly your implementation of the accordion. I particularly like the dark semi-transparent cover that fades out when a slide is activated. Looking at the code, you call it a “blocker.” My concern is that if I replace the images with other elements (divs, text, etc.) the dark overlay effect won’t work.

Your thoughts before I buy this?

Thank you!

No, I am trying to place a link in the main slide area.

Check this out:

In the first example, there should be both a text and an image link in the last slide. In the second example, the modified Accordion, there also should be an image and a text link. This time in the second slide.

Check the source code. The link is this: a href=”news.html” img src=”images/ad-image-2.jpg” – With the proper brackets of course.

Do me a favor, in your modified Accordion, make part of the text a link. That is all I am trying to do, and it won’t work. I believe the issue lies in the way the tabs are activated, via pseudo links.

Can you give me an email so i can send you the changes i’ve made to the website?


Thanks for the support. It is appreciated!