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Various form inputs such as select radio check-boxes are not showing as per the theme.

Really a great them. But I have following problem Please take a look at SELECT OPTION box


Add “select” to the list of form elements so that it gets styled the same way as the other elements.

e.g. #contact-form select in the list of CSS declerations.

<h2><img class=”hover_effect” src=”assets/images/icons/big_icon_04.png” width=”140” height=”140” alt=”Podium Icon” />Custom Text</h2>

The text “Custom Text” is not aligned beside the image.

Hi amoltrans,

My apologies, but what exactly are your questions?

All images except image 3 are taken from actual coding
Problem: Heading text and image are not aligned. image 1
Problem: I’ve tried using align=”left” property to img tag. But the image get left aligned and all the tags appears as shown in image 2
The H2 Text aligns to bottom of the icon image.
Solutions: The H2 Text should appear aligned right to the image. image3 . I’ve created this image MANUALLY using photoshop

The markup you provided is all wrong. It should be something like this:

<img class="”hover_effect”" src="”assets/images/icons/big_icon_04.png”" width="”140”" height="”140”" alt="”Podium" icon="" />
<h2>Custom Text</h2>

Would it be possible to add a couple of features, (or give the code for these):

1. Mobile menu: make this disappear/retract when clicking / touching anywhere outside the menu?

2. Make the mobile menu ‘stick’ to the top, just like the desktop version does?

I’ve been looking for a long time for a suitable design and I think this fits the bill, so I’ll buy it anyway, but these 2 improvements would be perfect!

Hey George111,

Try this instead:

// Mobile navigation menu.

 window_width = $(window).width();
 if( window_width < 767 ) {

  $('#navigation').slideUp( 800 , 'easeOutBounce' );




 $('#navigation').slideToggle( 800 , 'easeOutBounce' );


I haven’t tested this on an acutal mobile device, so let me know if there are any problems!

Thanks :)

Ah! Thank you! Now I’ve had time to go through the template I’m very happy with the coding, level of documentation and ease of modification. Great work – it’s much appreciated.

Thanks. I appreciate your feedback :)

How can I add a captcha for the form? I receive a lot of spam using it.


The issue I’m having that I’m hoping you can offer a quick fix to by directing me to where in the code I can find the appropriate value for modification is as follows;

I’ve modified the #page_header to be 60px taller than the theme in its stock configuration… clicking on the ‘scroll_to’ menu items now causes the page to scroll 60px too far which in turn causes the ‘back-to-top’ upward arrow tabs to slide under the (fixed position) ‘page_header’ and disappear.

Where can I adjust the code so that the page stops scrolling 60px sooner?

Hopefully that’s understandable.


And it’s just after I type this that I find it in the query.custom.js… all figured out, please disregard.

Hi elroyfulton,

Glad you got it sorted :)

Would having version 5.4.29 of PHP running on the server prevent the Contact Form from working? I entered the email address to deliver form submissions to in the location described in the documentation but it’s failing to work.


Can you give me any more info? Is there an error message? What happens when you click on submit? Does it go to a blank screen or does nothing happen at all?

The more info, the better I can help :)


Sorry for not responding… I never received any sort of notification that you had responded… Anyway… the page actually behave as though the message was sent… delivers a “thank you, your email is currently on its way to us..” at the bottom of the screen…

Does the code for this form come from elsewhere? Or was it homegrown?

Hi there,

If you are getting a “thank you” message, then the email is being sent somewhere…

Are you working online or locally?

Have you tried testing on a different email account?



I purchased your design it last week and now I am working on it. I’m really satisfied, it is beautiful.

I’ve got a question: If I’m in projects/post page and click on the main navigation, I want to go to the index.html to the right section. At the moment I can do it only from index.html, but not from the other pages. How should I change the script so it can work?

Thank in advance


To go back to the homepage and force the browser to go to a specific section, you need to end your URL with the name of that section. For example:

<a href="index.html#services">Services</a>

This will take you to the services section.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks, this is fine now

How do I change the time on the intro section “slogan_cycle” to make it wait longer?


Edit index.html in a text editor and at the bottom, you will see the script for the slogan rotator. Edit line 715 and increase the “timeout” value to something higher. The higher the value, the longer each slide will be visible.

Hope that helps.