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Good job!Good luck :)


Awesome! Please, notice me if you will launch WP version. I’ll buy for sure. Thank you ;)

will do :) thanks!

Excellent Job . Good Luck With Your Sales


The download file is not complete, there are missing files or stuff? ‘Cause i don’t have the services part, twitter feed, newsletter, etc.

Hi Sibian,

Some elements are added by ajax – that’s why if you are testing it locally, some elements will not appear (error: Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP). If you are using Chrome browser, here you can find detailed instructions how to disable this warning.

Hope it will solve your issues – if not, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at:

Thanks, createIT

Ahw, thats why, Thanks!

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)


Great job mate clean and modern theme!! GLWS… :) I just love the way you have setup the demo page…

Great looking theme! Nice job!

My website is now online, but I read the manual, but I can’t get the contact and newsletter to work.

Hi Sibian,

Glad it’s online:) Could you please send me your FTP access and your site’s URL to I will take a look :)

Thanks, createIT

Do you have plans to migrate this theme for wordpress ?

In fact we do, yes :)

Hey, just for your information, WP version is now available here:

Very nice, GLWS;)

Hello, I have a problem: After I typed the word containing the letters of example( ), this letter formats as bold. Please advice.

Thank you. Best regards

Hey, this seems like this character isn’t supported by the font used – would you please provide URL to your site to our support? They will be happy to assist you :)

Now it works great, thank you for your excellent support via email.

Yo Mates! Hot stuff! And nice sales, well deserved! Keep up the good work! ;)

Thanks a lot!

Very nice theme! Good luck man :)

Congratulations, the project is great!! when we have the wordpress version?? I’m waiting for it to rebuild my website

thanks :) We hope to release WP edition within +- month from now!

Hi there! Your template looks amazing, and I would like to try it on But, I haven´t ever use a templete yet, I´ve always worked with themes, could you help me with the insallation proces? any tips?

Thanks, and congrats!


This is just a HTML template, so there is no real installation procedure. It’s just enough to copy the files to your FTP and will work :)

Cheers createIT

Is the licence for Revslider also available as the WP plugin version in this template? If so where/how can we install into WP?


No – it’s doesn’t contain WP version of Revolution Slider – it uses only JS version.

Thanks, createIT

Just purchased, any chance you could link me to the stock images which you used? I’d be willing to purchase those off the creators.

Also; is there anyway I can change the entire theme color instead of editing each individual CSS element?



I’ve updated item description with a list of used stock images – please note that unfortunately some images are already not available :(

As for CSS colors – sure, just use for example green.css style and add it below style.css. If you would like to use your own color, just replace main motive color with your own.

Thanks, createIT

Sorry for the second comment but I found some issues.

I have my site running your theme, check it out over @, the color scheme loads with Red, then changes to green. It’s weird.

Plus is there any way I can improve the mobile version of the theme? When I view the theme on a mobile the image header/slider doesn’t change size, it’s still full height.

Thanks :)


Yes, could you please move green.css just below style.css in head section – this should do the trick. We will of course update our version too.

Thanks for the info, createIT

The theme is absolutely great but the responsive design of it is terrible :( I really wish I tested it before I purchased. I hope you get this fixed soon.

Hey, there were lots of fixes and updates to this template since initial release! If there is anything that doesn’t work for you – please get in touch with our support team at, they will surely help you fix it. We want that template to be perfect! :)

Thanks! createIT

The contact form and email sign-up forms are not working. Followed all instructions in the documentation. I sent you email for support; please respond.

will do, thanks!

Thank you for the great support. Everything is working now!

anytime! :)

I bought this theme and the images are all blank. How am I supposed to associate what goes where without screwing up the template? I know Basic HTML but this is just not what I imagined buying. I got to go searching for things like hex numbers for colors and image codes. Importantly “index-revslider.html” opens up a bit disoriented, the rest of the template does not display correctly underneath the slide.

Hi Jev,

I’m so sorry you find it difficult to use our template! Please note, that it’s clearly stated on the product description page, that demo images are not included (as in any other template here on ThemeForest), but I believe you can use the images that are listed under “Stock images” header on the same page.

If you have any troubles with our HTML code, our support team is happy to help you. Simply create a ticket on our support forum ( and one of our developers will assist you :)

Thanks a lot! createIT