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Hi there. Super looking theme! Is there any chance you could post images of or enable us to the different colour options/skins please?

Hi there,

You can select the different theme skins from the bar at the top of the page. :)

Well don’t I feel like a twit! I’d removed the themeforest bar… . Thanks. 8-)

Great Template for wordpress + buddypress :) i send now for my twitter follow in @carrero and @wpdirecto ( http://wpdirecto.com )

Love this theme! The build quality is super high and slick.

I have a couple of questions.

Is it compatible with either jigoshop or woocommerce, buddystream and the achievements plugin?


Hi there,

The theme has not been tested with any e-commerce plugins. I suspect they will work but you will probably need to adjust the CSS so they look good with the theme.

The theme should work just fine with the BuddyPress and Achievements plugins.

Wow, ima buying this beaty asap!

Great stuff. :)


I would like to know if I buy the pattern I need to open an external account style (FLIKER) or that everything is already in and I just install it and then I could use friends lists functionality and interaction between them?

Hi there,

Have you ever bought a WordPress/BuddyPress theme before and installed it? If not, I suggest familiarising yourself with it http://wordpress.org/. Once you have WordPress installed on your server, simply install the theme, activate the theme and BuddyPress and you are good to go.

Awesome! I can’t tell you how many people where inquiring about Bounce with BuddyPress. A great addition to your portfolio Dan! Congrats and all the best with your sales!! Looking forward to digging into this :D

- Bryce Wisekal

Hi there,

Excellent news Bryce. Thanks a lot. :)

Hi , theme has one menu as i can see?


Hi there,

I’m not sure what you mean? The theme uses a menu in the header, if you’re asking if there’s one for the footer as well, there is not but this can easily be added. :)

By far, one of the most beautiful themes I’ve ever seen on ThemeForest. Congratulations and good luck with the sales!

Thanks Ferdilicious. :)

Hi Great theme however the Responsive part of the site is Clitchy.

On the iPhone it displays rather small (over filling the screen) and the drop down menu system doesn’t work as it tries to resize and is unclickable. You may wish to further test this :). I’ve just established that the size of the screen is effected by your ghost personal menu on the top of the screen which isn’t scalable, and closing that bar seems to resolve the size issue. The menu still isn’t clickable and has problems, (closing without being clicked etc)

I want to buy this theme for a buddy press side project I have and this is there’s only one other thats responsive I’ve found thus far. Let me know when the cliches have been sorted :)

Good Work

Hi there,

I was in the middle of making some adjustments to the demo for Android phones. The theme should display without any issues on iPhones and iPads now all the files have been correctly updated. Please let me know if you still have these problems?

Obviously any issues with the top menu bar can be resolved by closing it, and this is not part of the theme and used only for demo purposes.

I am so ready to buy this. But I am wondering if the shortcodes work in the buddypress area? For example. The author image that wraps the page shortcode. Can the people in buddypress who post have a signature like that?

Hi there,

You can use any of the shortcodes on BuddyPress pages. Most of the main pages in BuddyPress are now normal WordPress pages which are editable from the backend. On other pages (such as BuddyPress signatures) you will need to insert the shortcodes in the theme files that come with the theme.

Bought it, installed it, lovin it ! Great job!

Thanks akoetsier. :)

Pure awesomeness. Love this theme. Thank you!

Great stuff hypermike. :)

the mobile device seems to be fixed now, well done. is there a Register page other than the default wordpress one you’ve developed and integrated?

That’s good news. :)

The theme uses the front-end BuddyPress registration page that comes as part of the BuddyPress plugin – this overrides the default WordPress registration page.

Does this have a homepage slider available also how does it handle ads?

Hi there,

You can add a slider to any page including the homepage. Take a look at these four example homepages with sliders: http://ghostpool.com/wordpress/bounce/pages/example-homepages

can we integrate cart and paypal system to this theme? which one ? how?

Hi there,

Yes you can integrate such features using a variety of plugins. This theme has not been tested with any e-commerce themes, so while they will all probably work you will need to adjust the theme so they look good with the plugin. I can’t recommend any particular one, but I know Woocommerce is highly popular nowadays. http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/

Hi, i just got this theme, it’s awesome. Ive built flash websites for years, and technology has phased me out, so I’m goin to Wordpress. This is my first site, so i’m running into a few snags and some assistance would be great.

I’ve got my groups and set up a profile just fine, but I can’t post anything in the forums. I even reinstalled to make sure i had the groups and the forum options active.

The second issue can be viewed on my profile “wall” http://www.showsthismonth.com/members/admin/activity/ You will see my name, and on the very edge of the right side of the content frame you can see a sliver of my avitar and a box, which pushes my “updates” down. Any assistance would be awesome. Again, Killer Theme!

Hi there,

I’ll be happy to answer your questions over at the support forum where I offer all my support. The reason for this is that the comments section is not easily searchable by other users. Visit http://www.ghostpool.com/support where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

this theme is a scrap. dont recommend it to buy after two hours i decided write my own theme whats yet is cleaner and easier to use than this (after 4 hours of coding..)

Hi there,

Since you managed to create your own theme in 4 hours you might consider making a business of it and selling your themes here. 4 hours for a whole theme! Wow. It takes everyone else from a couple of weeks to a few months to create a theme. You must be an awesome web developer.

With regards to the quality of the Bounce theme, it received a 5 star rating (until you rated it low) and the non-BuddyPress version has sold nearly 200 copies already, so if I’m to go by this information the theme isn’t “scrap” or crap, but actually good and my customers have been very pleased with it.

If you had an issue with the theme all you needed to do was ask for support. Why you didn’t I don’t know, instead you immediately wrote a negative review.

Truly beautiful theme.

I wonder if you could help answer a few questions as I would like to purchase.

1. Can I place a 3 column gallery (sat 2 columns deep) on the home page?

2. The main nav on the iPad sometimes goes underneath. Can the nav be on same line as logo?

3. Can the search box be deactivated on the page title?

4. Very importantly. Do you get full control over H1 typefaces, colours and sizes in the control panel. I recently bought a theme on theme forest and spent hours hunting and pecking through CSS just to change a few bits (so counter-productive).

Many thanks and I wish you 100% success for your outstanding work. Themes like this make us all look smarter than we actually are! Lol


Hi there,

1) Yes, the homepage is totally customisable via the shortcodes.

2) This is intentional – it is the iPad layout, you can disable this if you want so it is on the same line.

3) Yes via the theme options.

4) You cannot change the H1 styling from the theme options. You can easily target these tags from style.css. I also suggest using the developer tools that come with all modern browsers which allow you to right click on an element on a web page and it will tell you want CSS tag is styling it.

I can also help you with this via the support forum at http://ghostpool.com/support if you decide to purchase the theme. :)