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thanks. I found it and solve it before receiving your reply.

Has something changed in the install file? I have tried using the theme installer on the downloaded file.

I’ve unzipped the file and found no other install zip. I rezipped the bounty_no_images directory and tried installing that, but I keep getting ‘install failed’ in Wordpress 4.1

I’m not seeing a templateDetails.xml or other basic files needed for a WordPress template. Directory Structure of the zip file is as follows:

themeforest-7293626-bounty-modern-responsive-html-template bounty_no_image !!!Documentation (no instructions on installing theme) contact_form dark fonts images js light parallax pattern style video

coming soon.html

Please assist.

this is only HTML version its not a theme for WP

Hi, I have bought the theme. It’s a great theme. Needed some help in some minor bugs. the hover div does not work on the team members for the second rows. Meaning when click on the arrows on the team, when you move over, there is not while background. How to resolve this? Thanks

Hello jackohjin, sorry but i dont see this bug? what the browser did you use

Could we have your help? We cannot see the portafolio in ipad Do you have any solution?


I mean that your them bounty is not working with ipad device (apple).

You must see your theme bounty with an ipad device (apple).

The photos of big-slider, you cannot see the motorcycle photo, apartment photo.

The portafolio, you cannot see the photos

hello Salva1, thank you for you feedback, i check it today

Dear Alexey,

Do you have any solution about this problem?

We have no reply from you since February.

Thanks in advance Salva Martinez

hi, sorry today we update theme

Hi – Having trouble with the portfolio section. I emailed you but no repose yet. All the thumbnails link to the same work section.

Hi, I send answer on mail

How do you enable the live twitter feed to work on the Bounty template?