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Discussion on Bourz: Life, Entertainment & Fashion Blog Theme

Discussion on Bourz: Life, Entertainment & Fashion Blog Theme

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This theme is listed as one of the best themes here: https://medium.com/best-wordpress-themes/best-wordpress-themes-for-selling-tobacco-6da4dd3ab82e Hard works always pays you back!

Can you please send me the demo contents file of this theme shown in the preview page?

The demo content file is included in the theme zip.


i try to make my site header look like this :


Example 3 ..

what settings i have to input into the “Header” section to make it look like this ?

unfortunately I don’t have any money in my account now to pay for additional support .. I’m sorry I didn’t request the support service in the first 6 months .. but I think that any settings that makes this theme to look like in the demo should be included for free in the documentation .. we should only pay for extra options that are not included in the demo .. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me

i managed to fix this myself.. however, i have an issue with the search box in the header.. when I hover the mouse over magnifier, the search box is not displaying..

Hi there, your support package seems to be expired. Please renew it from your Downloads section and let us know. We’d be glad to help you with your question.

Hello just buy your great theme please can you tell mw how change body font and remove prev and next under single post?

Hello there :)

Please go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS” and add the following CSS:

.single-post .page-navi { display: none !important; }
.article-container .fs16 { font-size: 14px; }

Please can you tell me also how to change font dimension of widget latest articles and generally for all the fonts? thanks

Generally, you need to target the related CSS selector and add a custom CSS for that. If you could share the link of your site and specify the exact widget, we’d be happy to provide you the necessary CSS.

Purchased, downloaded and installed Bourz with the zip file. Two questions: 1) No documentation (user instructions) came with the theme. None of the links in this comment thread work anymore. Can you please tell me how to find documentation/user manual? 2) although the theme is installed and i can view the customizer, i cannot make any changes to the pages. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I wonder if the download is missing some items in the zip file (i tried both the installable and the full download). I bought this in November 2020.

Hi there :) Thanks for your purchase!

If you click “All files & documentation” from your Downloads section, you’ll see the help file.

Here’s the documentation link: https://theburnhambox.com/help/bourz/

And some other resources: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1Wwu8BxsuhmGtScs0HAqnXD0SeilmYwrw

Please ensure that you’ve installed and activated all of the plugins that come with the theme before importing demo content.

You can find all theme settings in Appearance > Customize section.

When i try to add Bourz widgets such as “popular posts” or “selected posts,” i cannot save. There is an endless “saving” button, and a notice pop up that says “there was an error. [object Object]”

in themes page, i have a “broken themes” notice for “Licensing stylesheet is missing” and “Theme: Stylesheet is missing”

I re-installed bourz.zip and got “theme updated successfully” page. The themes page, however, still shows these same “broken themes” and the widgets still won’t save. I’ve tried different browsers, emptying cache etc.

I have screenshots of these error messages but no way to upload here. Thank you

Hi there, sorry for your trouble.

We tested our theme upon your statement and we can confirm that everything is fine with our theme. The broken theme warning must be related to another theme. You can try the matters below:

1) Delete all of the themes and re-upload & install Bourz theme.

2) Re-install WordPress just in case there was a problem related to the core installation.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your generous gift!

I know that you do not support free users, but I think the question is interesting for many: “How can I exclude New Bourz Slider from caching processing by plugins?”

Thank you in advance for your answer.

With respect, Mikhail

Hi Mikhail, thanks for your interesting question :)

I’m afraid this is not possible because the slider doesn’t use a separated file which could be excluded.

Have a nice day

Hi, I’m in the process of setting up a website in your fine Bourz theme. But I have a small question that I unfortunately can not find an answer to myself.

Can you turn off the gray box on posts that come under featured images, or alternatively limit the number of lines of text extracted?

Greetings from Denmark Lars Hansen

Hi Lars, sorry for late reply!

Thanks for asking. You can easily control the length of the excerpt text by inserting them into the “Excerpt” field on “Edit Post” screen.

So, please go to Edit Post screen on your dashboard, scroll down the right pane to the bottom and there you’ll see the “Excerpt” section. Write your text that you want to appear in that gray box and you’ll be done.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, i have now learned a new thing today :-)

Hello again :-) You have helped me before and hope you can help again.

In the overview / front page where mail is listed, the font is very small compared to other headings and texts. Where do I correct the font so that it all becomes a little more readable


Thanks Lars Hansen

Hi, if you visit my site and take a closer look her – http://bmc-vennekreds.dk/nyhedsbrev-fra-vennekredsen-juni-2021/

The part in the grey top box with social share are, the size of the font are just great

But the white box under the grey box with the main text in is really small, where do i find the font size for this part.


Hi again, please go to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS” and add the following CSS:

.article-content-outer-sidebar .brnhmbx-font-3.fs16 { font-size: 18px; }

The default value is 16px.

Thanks, that helps a lot :-)

hi, there is some part of code from header.php that seems to be displayed in google search results, which is not good for SEO.. You can see yourself if you paste your site in google : https://www.google.com/search?q=https://theburnhambox.com/bourz/ . I seen this on various other sites that use the Bourz theme.. I tried to remove that part of code from header.php but then the sticky header is not working properly.. The code which im reffering starts with .

Hi there, thank you very much for letting us know about that. You’re right, we’ll launch an update for that.

Kind regards

hi, 2 months passed, still no update.. when you plan to launch the update ? kind regards

Hi again, we just updated the theme. You can go to your Downloads section on ThemeForest and download the latest version. (7.0.3)

Thanks for your patience!

Kind regards

Hi, i just update my WP installation for the new one – WordPress 5.8 But something went wrong ?

Could you help me ?

The “brnhmbx_bourz_custompostwidget” block was hit by an error and may not work properly. Please check developer tool for more details.

The “brnhmbx_bourz_custompostwidget” block was hit by an error and may not work properly. Please check developer tool for more details.

The “brnhmbx_bourz_custompostwidget” block was hit by an error and may not work properly. Please check developer tool for more details.

The block “brnhmbx_bourz_customemptyspacewidget” was hit by an error and may not work properly. Please check developer tool for more details.

The “brnhmbx_bourz_custompostwidget” block was hit by an error and may not work properly. Please check developer tool for more details.

Hi there, thanks for asking!

Well, we just tried to reproduce the issue but couldn’t. When we added the “Bourz Post Widget” using the new block widget editor, we were able to see it properly on the front end. The only issue is that we see an “Undefined index” error, which is known by us and will be fixed soon. You can just ignore these errors since they are not affecting anything badly.

Still, you can try to deactivate all of the 3rd party plugins but the ones coming with the theme by default.

Hi again, i now need some more help :-) It seems that the search box didnt pop up?

I use Chrome / Win10 And my site is placed at https://bmc-vennekreds.dk/

Do you have any suggestions for what may have gone wrong here?

Thanks Lars / Denmark

Hi again, I can see that only the small search box up by the social media icons is not good enough?

Hi there, thanks for your feedback! We’ll consider your thoughts about the search box in the future updates.

Could you please deactivate all of the 3rd party plugins except the ones that come with the theme and check if the issue still persists? Somehow the search box looks like being prevented from appearing.

Hi There,

Hi there, I’m currently seeing raw code on my website. You can see the code here on the homepage: https://yourfriendsj.com I have all my plugins updated and the latest version of the theme. Thank you for your time.

Hi, thanks for contacting us!

I got a “yourfriendsj.com took too long to respond.” error when I try to visit your site.


On a fresh install of your theme, version 7.0.3, the search icon in the header doesn’t open the input box to type into.

Hi there, what’s your site address please?