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Excellent! Very nice slider and schemes! Good luck with sales smuliii!

Nice work indeed!!!

Thanks to both of you! Let’s hope that I get at least one sale.

here here ! Great work. will be purchasing for upcoming project! do you know of any good hosting providers for magento?

I’ve been customizing this theme for one client who’s using 1and1 and at least for now it has been working just fine.

But it really depends how much you are willing to pay. So shared or dedicated hosting.



Very nice. Is it possible to get installation support if I purchase?


Well if documentation and screencasts doesn’t help I also offer installation service with hourly rate.


i am about to buy it but i want some information about checking out, thanks.

What do you want to know? You should be able to test everything on demo.

the checkout section, like for payment and stuff like that

I made test account so you can now test everything you need to.

Password: password

Awesome template! Excellent support from Smulii.

I’m really new when it comes to using Magento, I was wondering how you add products?

Is there a tutorial online I can take?


As of now the page is blank, how do I go about adding products or even adding web banner and slide slows as your sample.


Web is full of Magento tutorials but here is few links to start of:

Just follow documentation and you should get same looking homepage like in demo.

Thanks for buying this theme!

Dear Smuliii,

Your Boutique Magneto them looks very nice and I gues I want to buy it. Before buying I’ve got a couple of questions:

  • IE 7 the sub menu does some strains things when mouse over
  • IE 7 /8 when page is loaded the first second you cannot scroll the page
  • The sidebar don’t scrolled like the rest of the page
  • IE 7 /8 the footer doesn’t have round corners
Would this problems be fixed in the future?

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


1) The way Magento has decided to handle navigation dropdowns cause this problem and unfortunately there is nothing I can do to it

2) & 3) I haven’t notice these problems in any browser. Sidebar should work even with Javascript disabled.

4) Rounded corners just don’t work properly in IE (not even with Javascript)


this template accepts paypal? if no, can you do this work for me? if so, how much?

Of course. You have many different payment options with Magento and PayPal is one of them.

This is a bit old screencast but the basic principle is pretty same:

If you need, I provide support/installation service with hourly rate.

this one have a pagseguro gateway too? (brazilian alternaive to paypal) pagseguro have a document how-to make a gateway with magento systems, is it possible to you read tis document and apply this payment gateway too? how much is your hour rate? Is It possible to use other languages?

please, contact me at for quotation about your rates.


hey i need your installation service. is it also possible to get the demo contents mysql dump?


regards michael reply to

Email sent.

Great Theme

I have sent an email regarding installation and minor customization. Please check your email. Also from my comment you can tell I have purchased the theme…

Thanks Ray

I cannot get the right sidebar to show on the front page at the same time as the floating sidebar on the left. How is this done. If I do as stated in the instructions then the left bar shows but the right is blank.

Thanks J

I noticed that I have tiny typo in documentation because I’ve used both homepage_sidebar_callouts (in homepage) and homepage_callouts_sidebar (in static block) block_id’s. And of course then nothing won’t show up.

So check if this is your problem.

Having the same kind of issue as Jamiec1.

I get the callout sidebar to appear but it appears underneath special products? Please let me know how to fix.

Many Thanks


Thanks for coming back to me, I have tried re-applying the default, and I still get the same.

if you look at, you will see the image placeholders appearing underneath the special products.

Thanks for taking a look


You haven’t changed homepage layout to 1 column. I’m pretty sure that’s the problem.

Brilliant, that did it, thank you.

Can’t believed I missed it, thanks for your time

Please create for prestashop :)

Diseño web Madrid

Hi Smuliii,

nice magento template indeed!

Would it be possible to integrate a Super-/Mega-Menu such as this one:

It’s an extension, so I figure it should be easily done. However, that probably depends somewhat on how you’ve set up the #nav container, i.e. some specific tweaks that might conflict with the extension…


Because it’s extension it should work just fine but I can’t promise anything..

Hi friend i like it, i have some doubts

Hi friend, hi friend, i want to buy it for a new website i am doing: - what type of hosting will i need to put this shop working in my website? – is easy to add items and categories? (is it like code as html, xml or something like this)? – can i work it with dreamweaver cs5? – to receive payment with bank, is easy to configure it? – if i buy it, can you help if i have some doubt? many thanks in advance!

it look like really cool!

best regards from spain!!!

Enrique Tortosa

I recommend to check You should find answers for all your questions from there.