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I purchased the boutique magento theme from you and the submit button on the checkout page is not displaying. If I change the theme back to any other theme then the submit button re-appears. I am using magento 1.4.2. Please help me.

Have you solved this problem yet?

This template is really well done. Good luck with sales!

Thank you!

Hi, i’ve bought this theme and i’ve set it all up. The only problem i have is that i can’t get the top menu to appear. Any ideas?


You need to make categories to get it visible.

Hello I see your latest update is listed for Magento 1.4.2

Will this theme work with Magento 1.5.x?


I don’t have time to test it now and because I don’t know what have been changed in this version of Magento so I can’t say will it work or not, sorry.

preview is broken

Hmm.. I can see that. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reporting me!

I apologize that you all had to wait my replies over three months but I’m going to fix this issue in this weekend. Still I need to say that I can’t read these comments on a regular basis so I ask you to be patience and find solution from somewhere else, like from Themeforest forums.

Thanks guys for supporting me! :)


Is it possible to view the preview?


I have few extra day off in this week so I’ll try to get demo site running again.

And also if I have time I’m going to update this theme to work with latest Magento release.

Hi, I’m seriously considering purchasing this template but I need to add shipping information to the checkout page, similar to: Does this download version offer this functionality?

Yep, theme includes everything what you can see in the demo.

Hey there, my client loves your theme but there are a few things she needs that I am not sure if this stylesheet offers…

Is there a way to change the color of the banner and drop down menu? She wants red instead of green.

Also this client is selling stationary and invitations… upon submitting an item to the shopping cart, customers would need to be able to choose from several options other than quantity… ex: color- blue, green, red—ex: “add envelope” might be an upgrade of a dollar… a purchase order if you will that would ultimately be sent to my client so she can take orders. Does Magento and your theme offer more options for a form? are these “upgrades” possible?

If so… we will probably be using this theme Please contact me at

I appreciate your time Mark

Check your email.

With the Regular Licence I can buy this theme EDIT it and sell it to a client?

I have a client who needs a ecommerce store, I plan on making him one for his industry and then either sell it to him, can i do that?

Yep, as long you do some modifications to the theme (like changing color scheme) you can sell it to your client.

Smuliii, Could you please forward the E-Mail you sent to MarkSandora. I also need this information for the same scope of work that we do. I am also looking at purchasing this template but i would like to know if 1, the colors can be changed and 2, upon submitting an item to the shopping cart, customers would need to be able to choose from several options other than quantity…

My E-mail is

Thank you, Ryan

1. Only navigation bar is actual image but all other colors can be changed straight from styles.css file. Of course if you are willing to use CSS3 , you can replace navigation bar with pure CSS and can get the same end result than with the image.

2. This is more general Magento question than theme related but yes, you can add dropdowns, checkboxes and many more options to products with ease.

Just FYI , if you guys want to add the “Cart Widget” to the homepage sidebar, use this in the “Homepage Callouts Sidebar” Static Block:

{{block type=”checkout/cart_sidebar” name=”cart_sidebar” as=”topCart” template=”checkout/cart/sidebar.phtml”}}

Yep nice tip, thanks!


bought this theme but cant get the sidebar or or cat bar at the top to show. I have followed the documentation to the letter several times and i have made categories and a product to see if that was the problem but it still doesn’t work.

site is at:




For sidebar issue, I noticed you haven’t uploaded jquery.cookie.js file ( which is required for sidebar.

Make also sure your categories are a subcategory of the root category, otherwise they won’t show up. By default root category is called Default Category. Make also sure you have set Is Active and Include in Navigation Menu fields to Yes.

Hopefully these will help but if still no go, check these two tutorials:


thanks for the reply. got the categories working fine now but still no luck with the sidebar. I do have jquery.cookie.js uploaded fine.

Also to get the grid working on the homepage, do i have to add the code as a block? if so, what is the identifier?

Also could you send me the email you sent above for customising the css.

Thank for the help, much appreciated


Hard to say why but it still says Not Found:

You don’t need to do anything special for css grids. You can start using them right away.

And check my reply to rnelson1313 if you want about customizing css.

All sorted now, was a problem server side which my host provider sorted.

thanks for the help, its a top theme!

starting to look real good now if you wanna take a look.

Thanks again!

Well good it everything works now! And it’s definitely starting look better.


Is this theme compatible with latest magento

If so, i will buy it right away!

Please reply ASAP .


Mr Nut

There shouldn’t be any big differences between versions and But just to play it safe, I made quick test with latest release and I didn’t notice that anything would be broken.

So I would say it compatible with version


Highly appreciated. I will buy it now ;)

Thanks again

Thank you for buying my themes! :)

Hi, I Am using the latest version of Magento CE 1 .6.1.0-stable, i have follow step by step the installation instructions, all seems work fine, but the Green menu on the top doesnt appear, i have add product categorys, subcategorys, 1 test product, but nothing..

Any suggest please?