Discussion on Bow - Responsive Wordpress Woocommerce Theme

Discussion on Bow - Responsive Wordpress Woocommerce Theme

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jillm18 Purchased

support link says too many requests. Import process 404s on every attempt

Hi jillmi18,

Please feel free to contact us on our themeforest profile page. https://themeforest.net/user/codeopus

Thank you.

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Hello, does it works with wordpress 5.3.2 version?


Actually this theme work with WordPress 5.3.2 version, but you should use classic editor instead of gutenberg editor.

You can install this plugin https://perishablepress.com/disable-gutenberg/ to disable gutenberg.

Why use classic editor? because some content in the demo generated by shortcode generator which is work properly in the classic editor. But if you not use content like our demo this can be ignored, you don’t need to disable the gutenberg editor and you can generate content manually or use blocks in the gutenberg editor.

Thank you

Got it, thank you!

I just purchased this theme but I cannot set up the footer the same way it looks on your website demo. Please help.


These parts above.


Please provide us wp admin access use private message to codeopus in our support forum, we’ll help you http://forum.codeopus.net/index.php?p=/profile/2/codeopus

Thank you

Hi, I have the theme bow, when, I want to update my page I have an error message: Error thrown Call to a member function get_cart_url() on null

I would like to know how to solve this error.



  1. Open cdo-theme-functions.php inside functions folder. Please replace code line 668
    $bow_product_link = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url();


    $bow_product_link = wc_get_cart_url();
  2. Open cdo-woocommerce.php inside functions folder. Please replace code line 391
    $out .='<a href="'.esc_url($woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url()).'" class="bow-woo-button added_to_cart wc-forward"><i class="fa fa-eye" /><span>'.esc_html__('View Cart','bow').'</span></a>';


    $out .='<a href="'.esc_url(wc_get_cart_url()).'" class="bow-woo-button added_to_cart wc-forward"><i class="fa fa-eye" /><span>'.esc_html__('View Cart','bow').'</span></a>';

Thank you

Is it possible to have different t-shirt sizes (ie. Small, Medium and Large)? If so, can you show me in the demo an example on how this looks. Thanks!


Yes of course it’s possible, you can use variation product type.

Here an example demo http://demowp.codeopus.net/bow/product/purple-t-shirt-2/

Thank you


How to update the template? In system status it showed:

“bow/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php version 2.0.14 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.3, bow/woocommerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php version 2.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.3”



Your site is maintenance mode so we can’t inspect your site.

Please provide us wp admin access use private message in our support forum.

Please go to our support forum http://forum.codeopus.net/index.php?p=/discussion/34/send-private-message#latest

First you should register with your purchase code.

Thank you

Please check again, thanks.


We suggest you to decrease font size of your logo by adding code below. Navigate to WP Admin >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Styling >> Custom CSS.

.navbar-brand-bow a.navbar-brand{font-size:20px}

What about carousel slide do you mean?

Thank You


I am having a problem with the store, it is showing just a column where it should show 2 as seen in the example from Themeforest.

How can i fix this? I have tried all options WP Admin >> Appearance >> Theme Options and does not work, it’s still showing just one.

Thank you.


Please delete file content-product.php inside wp-content/themes/bow/woocommerce directory

We’ve fixed the problem and we’ll immediately update this theme on themeforest.

For next question please enter your question in our support forum. http://forum.codeopus.net/index.php?p=/categories/bow-wp

Thank you

Cool!!, problem solved. Thank you very much.

You are welcome

hade uy template na menta…

Nuhun Gan :D

Hello, can you tell me what is the ideal size of the logo in main menu? I tried several sizes but it doesn’t look like expected. And can it be Retina ready? I don’t see any option. Thank you


Please follow instructions in our support forum


You should register and sign in to our support forum


Now looks perfect! Thank you :)

You are welcome @CarlosMarli :)

Hi, it is a nice theme, but i don’t know how to place our products in the homepage as your demo even i read your documentation, and i also have the same problem as felixwong128 (www.hankii.com/wp-content/themes/abv.jpg). Thanks.

First, please make sure you have installed Codeopus Shortcodes and woocommerce plugin. Navigate to WP Admin >> Appearance >> Install Plugins.

And make sure, you have create poduct items.

To display product as slider, you can use shortcode like below

[cdo_products_slider id="latest-product" title="New Arrival" subtitle="View All Product" subtitle_link="http://demowp.codeopus.net/bow/shop/" type="" number="-1"]
  • id: unique section id
  • title: title of section
  • subtitle: subtitle of section
  • subtitle_link: add link to subtitle of section
  • type: featured | top_rated
  • number: number of post to display

To display product categories as block, you can use shortcode like below


[cdo_product_cat category="pants, clothing, sunglasses" featured="no" class=""]

[cdo_product_cat category="watch" featured="yes" class=""]

[cdo_product_cat category="hat, shoes,accesories" featured="no" class=""]


category: add category slug, separated with comma

Also the shortcode can be generated in WP content editor after you have installed Codeopus Shortcode.

For next question, please enter your question in our support forum http://forum.codeopus.net/index.php?p=/categories/bow-wp


Thank you for your quick reply. when i open the Codeopus Shortcodes at the wp editor of the front page, it pop up the a form for me to edit and insert the shortcodes, but when i want to fill the form, it would disappear, it is so strange. how can i solve it? Do you have a step by step guide to create a website like you demo? i really appreciate your design, and i hope i can use this theme to create an ecommerce website. Thanks!

We suggest you to import bow.xml as sample data like our demo. Please read documentation to import sample data. After sample data imported, you can edit the content as you want,

If you are still having trouble, please provide us wp admin access via email, we’ll help you. http://themeforest.net/user/codeopus#contact


Hi there, first of all nice theme I really like it! I want to know if this theme contains .PO archives because if I buy it I want to translate it to Spanish. Do you have a screenshot of the theme settings? It is easy to customize? Thanks in advantage.


Of course, the theme contains .PO file, we have included the file in the theme.

Please check you email to see example theme settings.


If I buy this theme, where can I download or buy the beautiful product images you’ve on the WooCommerce store demo? Are they included as well?

Hello, just for information for all images on Bow fashion we get on the original site product so the product can’t download, but if you want to get beautiful photo you can get on many site buy photo stock for example you can buy in this site http://photodune.net/ http://www.istockphoto.com/ http://www.shutterstock.com/index-in.mhtml and its sample if you want to find some free picture but don’t forget add di license https://bootstrapbay.com/blog/free-stock-photos/ Hopely this can answer your question :)

i have a problem with the buttons that come up when you hoover a product. since the woocommerce update, it is totally messed up. http://pre.bartlöwen.de

thanks for your help


Please update your theme to version 1.1. Re-download the theme on your themeforest download page.


hi How can i deactivate product thumbnails list that have cycle slideshow. I don’t want to display image in cycle slider

Best regards


Navigate to WP Admin >> Appearance >> Theme Option >> Styling >> Custom CSS. Paste code below



Thank you for your quick answer but i think i ask wrong question. Actually I still want product-thumbnails to be display on my product single page but not display as slider, I want my product-thumbnails display normally not with slider. please advice, Thank you


  1. Open product-image.php inside wp-content/themes/bow/woocommerce
  2. Replace data-cycle-timeout value on code line 69.


Hi I am having a hard time figuring out how to get the catalog images within 280×280 when the original image I uploaded is 1000×1000.

Another question, how do I remove the main navigation menu on my homepage. I just can’t figure how to make a full page background using this theme.


  1. Your image automatically cropped when you uploading image in media library wordpress.
  2. To remove navigation menu in homepage. Navigate to WP admin>> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Custom CSS. Paste code below
    body.home .navbar-collapse.collapse{display:none !important;}
  3. Make full background. Navigate to WP admin>> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Styling. Please setting body background like in screenshot http://i.imgur.com/IC0OXfl.png

    We suggest you to upload large image size 1920×1200 pixel.

  4. Thanks

Thanks Codeopus for the quick reply. I just realize I am using Wordpress 4.4 and it has the srcset embedded into my images and that’s why my catalogue looks overlapped. Can you provide the support to remove that overlapping space?


What your site URL? Please provide us wp admin access use private message in our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/codeopus#contact



I have just purchased the theme and now setting up my site.

However, I cannot setup the footer area in the same way like your site.

Can you please advise the code you have used? and where did you paste it?

There are 6 parts unclear: www.hankii.com/wp-content/themes/abv.jpg

Thank you very much.


Please check your inbox


How do the menu and portfolio works? Menu problem : When I point to your “HOME” button, I can see title of “SELECT 4 AWESOME HOMEPAGE DEMO” with 4 different image of home1 to home4, so what is the process to make it?

Portfolio problem: In your portfolio http://demowp.codeopus.net/bow/portfolio_item/portfolio-1/ , I can see a left side of description which i understand how it works, however, I am confused with the right side of pictures which I could not link from anywhere.

Please help and hopefully you can come out with a guide for all the newbies! Thanks!

Hi Junyong25,

To create menu like you mean:

  1. Make sure you have installed Codeopus Widget in Menu plugin. Navigate to WP Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins. Please install and activate the plugin
  2. Navigate to WP Admin >> Appearance >> Widgets. Please drag and drop Text Widgets to Widgets in Menu. http://i.imgur.com/D8Nnqu8.png
  3. Add code http://pastebin.com/z3w9PAHA to widget text
  4. For other info aboout menu, please read documentation “Setup Menus” section.

To add image in portfolio you should use Featured Image, please read “Setup Portfolio Page” section in documentation.

Note: To get documentation file. Please extract the zipped package downloaded from themeforest to your desktop, in the extracted package you will see index.html inside documentation folder. Open index.html use your browser.


Done with Menu plugin, but in the portfolio “bag” category, I am planning to make a portfolio that with plenty of images that can be navigate left or right for my products showcase just like your http://themeforest.net/item/bow-responsive-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/13033240 instead of one featured image only. Is it possible?

Sure, you can upload some images to featured image. So the images will be displayed as slideshow in portfolio detail page. Please read documentation


Nice clean style. Good work! Best of luck with sales.

Thanks maxiolab


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