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wow super clean work dude, I really like the colors.. good job

the demo doesnt work :-(

hmm.. That’s weird. I can browse to it fine from multiple sites. Anyone else having problems?

looks amazing and no problem on demo for me.

I can see the demo ok. Went through it. Nice work and loads fast. I don’t personally like the dark version of the contact form.

Absolute love the design style in this one. Is there any chance of this being converted to a word-press compatible theme? Would love to see a dynamic version of this theme.

Awesome template, can’t believe no one has bought this yet.

Thank you for the kind words, everyone :)

It is disheartening for the amount of work and love I put into it. I was hoping it would be well-received.

I’ve bought it and love it…

thanks so much! I’m glad you like it :)

Great theme! What’s needed to make it IE6 compatible?

Thanks for the comment! Although I’m not quite sure what all is needed to make it completely compatible, I do know it will need the PNG fix, as well as some render fixes.

All in all, there would not be a lot needed to make it ie6 compatible; I just sorta ran out of time :) thanks!

Hi, for logo what font you use? When I try to edit the logo.psd I have a warning beacause I don’t have installed your font (missing font).

Thanks and compliment for your template!

I love the Theme, any plans of this becoming a WP theme? It would be the most perfect way for my client to go should it become available.

Great theme, was just about to pull the trigger and buy it, except I went to the contact us page and it is just a pop up. Do you have plans for a formatted contact us page with forms.

What is needed to make the contact us popup work. I think that I can make this great looking template work. I just have to see if I am able to make the contact us work. If the web visitors cant reach me. That’s bad. Thanksf


I think only the formpage should be made much better. This is hampering your success here.

As well as embedding one flashy thing on the startpage.

Otherwise this one is good.


btw. it is still possible that you correct this with a minor update.

IE6 compatibility is also something very interesting for a theme like this.

All the best.

Hi, Excellent work!...I haven’t been able to make the pop up forms work! Help is greatly appreciated!


thank you for the nice theme. How I can get the contact form to work?