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How do I make the header larger? I want my logo to be bigger and for the menu to not overlap it. Thanks

Or that’s fine…just don’t reply.

Hi brittbo2008,

Thanks for getting in touch.

To increase the height of the header add the following to Foundry > CSS Editor:
header #logo{ height: 44px !important; }
Just change the 44px to a height of your preference. Should you need more help with the header please shoot us an email to info@udthemes.com .


Hello. When I try to install the theme on WP it tells me the the theme is “missing the style.css stylesheet” and cannot be installed. Why is it doing that? Please let me know, thanks.

Hi Having trouble with image galleries.

You have your gallery here where the pictures have “Video and Slider” come up on the first image, then when you click, it goes to the appropriate page. I cannot seem to make this work at all. http://demos.udthemes.com/boxter/wordpress/light/ Here is my site so far: http://northsideagency.com/ The gallery works but when you click through it does not go to the right page. I cannot edit the URL once its in the gallery. Its grayed out. Then I put in the URL in the “Side Link URL” and it does not work either. Also, I dont see a way to add in the text like the one on your site.

Please see.

Ok, So I was able to create New Portfolio Project for all the DJs there. I then made a test page: http://northsideagency.com/test-page/ If you click on, say, the first guy, it takes you to /portfolio/dj-lazor. It needs to go to /talent-roster/dj-lazor. The side link URL is set correctly, but thats it. How can I make it go to the correct page? I do not want to call the Talent Roster “Portfolio”.

Ok, got a different plugin to do what i wanted.

Hi Hillbdesign,

Glad to hear you got it sorted.


Here is a new one. My Talent roster drop down needs to be 2 columns because i cannot see all the names. There are 16 and will be more, but I can only see 8 or 9 names. Its goes below the fold and I cannot scroll down. How can I change that?

Hello I love Boxter, I have a question: why my chart look like that http://tintanegra.cl/?page_id=14 ; without backgorund, thanks!

Hi paulinacarrillo,

Thank you for contacting us.

If you mean without the background image, then yes this is possible. We can show you how to achieve this.


I’am talking about my Skill Chart, Thanks!

Hi paulinacarillo,

Thank you for clarifying.

From what I can see the width is set on the wrong container. Could you email your login details to info@udthemes.com and we’ll login and take a look and fix it for you.


Is your boxter themes homepage unlimited as far as how many sections can be added like multiple sliders, looping video, testimonials, quote sections, etc.?

Thank you, Johnny

Is your boxter themes homepage unlimited as far as how many sections can be added like multiple sliders, looping video, testimonials, quote sections, etc.?

Thank you, Johnny

Hi VentureFitnessRocks,

Thank you for contacting us.

You are limited to one featured slider, recent post and recent works section. However, you can add as many sliders, videos, and thumbnails using shortcodes in the content are as you want. Hope this makes sense.


Hello, I have a few questions for you regarding this theme.

1. In the demo, I see that you can add video in the homepage slider. Can that video be hosted at sites like Vimeo or Youtube? And can you determine the length of the clip from the theme’s control admin area?

2. In the theme’s description, it says the site can be full width but I can’t find the option to view it as such via the demo site. Do you have a demo of the site in full width? Is yes, can you please give me the link to it?

3. I noticed this theme hasn’t been updated since 2014. Are there any plans to update it any time soon?

4. And lastly, the header has a dark color as it’s background. Can that be changed to either no color at all or translucent? Or can an image be put there?

I have a client who is interested in this theme which is why I am asking. Thanks much and hope to hear back from you soon.

Take care

Hi RoyalKing,

Thanks for getting in touch.

1. Slider Video

The slider only supports HTML5 background video. Not Vimeo or YouTube unfortunately. The length of the clip cannot be controlled from the admin; the slider will play the full length of the clip.

2. Full Width

The portfolios can either be fixed or full width, not the site itself. By full width in terms of portfolios, we mean that the grid will take up the full width of the content area. Here is an example: http://demos.udthemes.com/boxter/wordpress/light/portfolio/. And here is an example of a fixed width portfolio: http://demos.udthemes.com/boxter/wordpress/dark/portfolio/

3. Updates

We may add new features in the near future, in which case we’ll provide an udpate.

4. Header Background Color

By default you can only switch the color. But we can show you how, through some custom CSS, you would make the header translucent or no color at all.

Hope this helps.


Hello there,

thank you for your work . there will be an update in the near future ?

Thank you

I’m really pissed off about your theme Boxter. It doesn’t work anymore! It’s impossible to see the home sliders on iPhone and iPad!!! I see a big hole instead… I understand that you need time to update the scripts but it’s too long… It’s not professional!

Every time there’s a new release of WP, your theme gives a new problem!!!! For example « view all projects » on the homepage opens the posts, it should open the portfolio projects!

Please do this as soon as possible because it’s been too long to wait for the new release of your theme.

It’s the first time that I have so many issues with a theme!

When I see that you offer a support service but we have to pay for it, I’m really angry…

... and With “Crop To Fit Slide” on the other hand, the Slider images are seen completely distorted !!!

Hi albertoebaldi,

Will have a look into this right away. Thank you for letting us know.


ok, thank you … I hope you manage to solve the problem soon!

I announced yet another problem now more than a month ago! No one has bothered to fix it. This theme sucks, there is always something that does not work … or solve the problem immediately, or claim a refund of money spent unnecessarily on this subject that never works!


is the theme also compatible with the Visual Composer? or are you planning the next update to install this?

Scam, theme full of problems … money down the drain