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Very unique!
Welcome and good luck!


Really looking forward to your upcoming works!

Gone following!

Just started. Thx.

I like it! GLWS and again: great job!

Excellent design !! keep going and good luck with sales :)

great design :) but why your CSS is not responsive ? and this is not about responsive but your template just for BIG screen … and I try open with FireFox , chrome, IE and , safari and Screen Resolution 1366×768 ( for normal laptop ) some section has been Vanish? may be you must do little smallest :) also make it scrollable (just opinion ) good luck

Thx for advice.

Nice Design! Very original!

Very nice idea! GLWS

Very original, good luck!

Interesting work :)

Looks good, i have a question though, why does it not fit my browser? I think you need to look at making it responsive, doing that will get you a few more attractions i think and potentially a few more buyers as they will ofcourse want the RWD function.

Thx for reply. I`ll get some skills to learn more about bootstrap and upgrade in some future.

Really good work!;

the preview link doesn’t seem to work anymore