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Hi! great theme, but i would like to know if its possible to resize Portfolio blocks? to put it smaller and in multiple lines? or is the actual way the only way to show portfolio. THX a lot

Hi there Portfolio listing is only 1 style. Portfolio single you can manage like how you want with visual composer

Ok i dont realy know what you mean with visual composer, an integrated plugin?, Have got some links of customers who have bought your template to see what is possible with?

Sorry we dont have demo admin. Project listing is not grid its like how you see in the demo

hi there – is there a way to have a regular nav across the top n this theme? (like your other – http://sttheme.com/demosd/agensy/) cheers! J

Hi there. Yes there is horizontal menu options. After purchase contact me to assist you

Okay great. So with the horizontal menu – could you then just have a logo to the left (again just like Agensy)? Cheers!

After purchase send me email i will assist you

Hi, do you support in Spanish?

I need an email box so I can write another question! Thank you

Please send email from item support tab

Does this theme come with a testimonials element/feature?

Hi as you can see on demo there is no testimonial plugin

Dude, a got a problem, i put a video on the page header, but the videos seems to have a margin to the left, because the video do not see at full, on mobile devises

please can you send me screenshot of issue URL and wp admin infos via email

Yes sir!


Hello, to change the colors of the theme, only via CSS or have any function to customize the theme?

Please send email

Hi there, working with this template for a client who bought it. how can i get this homepage: https://preview.themeforest.net/item/brabus-contemporary-portfolio-theme-for-agencies/full_screen_preview/23501849?_ga=2.82791190.1026121893.1584107143-287953879.1582194900

only with a rev slider in it? i can not seem to do that?

and if i take a blank rev slider template i have no footer, so could you enlighten?

Gr Erik

Hi there please send email from buyers account !

I replied your email

Hello:) Nice work. I have a simple question: do I nned to buy Visual Composer license to use Brabus, or not?

No need

Woocommerce compatible? Very interested in purchasing

We do not style or customize for woo commerce but if you want you can hire us to do for you. Please send email about details

Hi – i see this theme offered 3 times when i search for it at different prices and one by a different company. Can you tell me the difference and why its like this?

Hi there 1 is html 1 is joomla last one is wordpress theme. What exactly you need ?

ah makes sense – i am looking at WP.

I tried to contact you guys earlier.. I was wondering about: I paid 60 USD for thus theme: ‘Discussion on Brabus | Contemporary Portfolio Theme for Agencies’ but i find out you guys sell it also for 22 euros.. What is the differents?

We answer you back 22 dollars is HTML version not a WORDPRESS

Ah ok. thank you!

I have also a another question.. I want to change the portfolio link in the begin to a another single page link When I open the website and scroll down you have the “Female Purples” and the other ones. When you click on it, it will open the portfolio pages. Is there a way to change all the single pages to an another page/link?

Thank you so much!

Ofcourse left side of wp admin there is “Portfolio” go there create page or edit bottom of page has page title options. Please can you send your inquiries via email ?

thanks for purchasing

Hello there

Just saw your theme and I like it. Before purchasing it I have some questions:

1. Do you have a scroll down button for mobile devices, so the visitor gets to the next information just by a click?

2. I love it when the image transparency drops when scrolling down. Are there more animations available on your theme? Animated elements?

3. Do you have the option for a sticky menu? And can I change it from the burger menu?

4. Can the “Please Wait” Logo be adjusted? Or can I change it somehow?

5. Do you have any variations in displaying a portfolio?


1. No but after purchase I can add for you 2. Only fade 3. We have horizontal menu if we add few css it can be sticky. 4. On theme options you can change preloader image and texts 5. No only we list horizontal for each project.


scoop444 Purchased

Hello, how do I rename the portfolio links? Right now they all say ‘portfolio’ and I wish to change them to something else.

you are talking about slug ?

Please send email to support@themezinho.net