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Clean and beautiful! Good luck with sales!

Thanks for your words. Good luck to your sales too.

Very neat and clean. Well done!

Thank you ThemeREX.

Very nice! GLWS :)

Thank you!

Good luck with sales!

Thanks drupalet!

Thank you ThemeRox.

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :D

Thank you :)

Good luck with sales!

Thanks atwozfree!

Thank you ThemeCafe.

Really great theme. Just wanted to ask where to configure the google map? Can’t seem to find it anywhere?

Thanks again.

Hello dear customer,

First of all, thanks a lot for your purchase.

Regarding your question, for details on how to configure the Google Maps you can see the Documentation under the section “Customization -> Google Maps”. If you need further help send us an email through the profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

Again, thanks a lot for your purchase.

Best regards

Thanks for the quick reply and apologies…I actually finally realised that there was documentation this morning (once I had a coffee). #workinglateandwastingyourtime!


No need to apologize :). Have fun working with Bracara ;).

Best regards

Nice work! Good luck :)

Thanks codeex!

Very clean and bright, love it!

Thanks you :)

Good job, glws ;)

Thank you thecrea!

Hello. 3 days ago I designed website for a one of webmaster. And they use your theme for my webpage. How can I make contact form messages come to my email? I haven’t got a documention folder. Please help me. My e-mail is aakral @ windowslive. com

Hello, maybe it is better to talk by email to explain your situation better. Send us an email using our contact form on ThemeForest: http://themeforest.net/user/leaftree#contact

Best regards

Thanks for your answer. I will send e-mail as soon as possible

Hello, first of, love the theme :) but i have some issues with the Countdown timer,

Hi i am trying to use the “under construction part” and the countdown timer, but i am unable to change the date.

tried just changing the day in the countdown.js file, but still it shows the 550days’n 8 hours timer (current time) regardless about what i enter in there. any idea’s?

after some research i found out i just need to refresh my cache as it works on all other devices, phone,tablets and etc. :)

Hello dear customer,

First of all thank you for your purchase and your kind words :).

We are glad to see that you solved the issue.

Best regards, leaftree


Love the theme. Could you tell me what font you use for the ”.:bracara” logo please? I think it looks great.



Thanks for your words and for purchasing our theme. :)

We used Quicksand for the “bracara” and Arial for the ”.:”. We hope you enjoy working with bracara.

Best regards.

I am having an issue with the fonts display on Chrome. Some words appear to be overlapping each other. I sent you an email through the contact form with more details.

Thank you.


Thank you for buying Bracara.

We checked the website and the issue does not appear in our side. We sent you a screenshot via email showing what we see in our chrome browser.

Let us know if the issue persists on your side.

Best regards

Hi, The theme looks great, we like it a lot, thanks!

We’d need your help with one thing, though:

We’re having trouble getting bracara to work when installed in a sub directory (www.example.com/bracara).

We were able to change hard-coded paths (in blocks for example), but don’t know where to change the icon paths. Hence, none of the icons show up

Thanks Kat

Hi Kat!

Thanks for your words, we hope you enjoy bracara. We think you are referring the Drupal version of this theme right?

In order to help you we will answer you by email because for us is easier to give support that way.

Best regards.

hi is it broke?url is not valid.Why?


We don’t see any problem now. Are you still experiencing it?

Best regards,