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It is very short and simple theme. Being straight there are few people who like such theme in which they want to show simply the posts nothing else. Hope next theme will be a big hit with more unique idea and design.

Yes, the concept of this theme is for personal blogger purpose. Thank you for comment :)

looks great! I love the clean themes!

Thank you :)

Beautifully, clean and well executed, good luck dude!

And welcome to Themeforest.

Thank you gan :D

Nice theme! GLWS!

Thank you :)

Thank you brother :)

Hello. Can this theme have a archives page, like this

Another question: how can I delete the map area from the contact form. I don’t need that.

Really wanted to see the theme but the Live Demo kept timing out… but other themes are working, just thought you should be aware and really want to see the theme demo!

Hi Drourke, I appreciate your sincerity. I feel there is no error with the Demo. Maybe the problem is in your connection. I will follow up if there are others complain. Thank you :)


I just purchase your theme, Where Can I copy and Paste, Theme Options.txt you saind that to paste and import in “theme setting”

But I couldn’t find the theme setting, I see only theme option…in admin panel..

Would you please kindly sepecific me more in detail..I’m quite new to WP. ^^

I would like to have the blog looking your orginal theme but change only the Background image..and content..

Thank you so much… BAM

Hello Bam, thank you for purchasing my theme. If you like please kindly rate it for 5 star :)

Yes there was minor mistake, it’s must theme options not theme setting. I hope this post will help you ->

Good luck :)

Thank you …Everything went through very well.. I’ll definitely rate you 5 star..

Hi, great theme. I can’t get the slider to work. My website is Thank you!

Hi wizstudios, thank you for purchasing my theme. I hope you like it.

Whether the slider is still not working? I see your website is fine. Or maybe you could send me a screenshot about the error and slider options via my tf profile page.

Thank you :)

I’ve been customising Bracers to my blog and I have run into the following issues:

  • I don’t want a ‘Header Headline’ so the top header/menu looks too big without any headline text. Can the extra space be removed automatically or as an option?
  • This is a similar situation with no footer widgets. Can the extra space be removed?
  • If dropdown menu is too long, it becomes hard to read. (See here)
  • How to get a search in the menu/header?
  • Small screens: The menu doesn’t show any levels and is confusing especially when some menus are designed to be labels only. (See here)
  • Small screens: There is a white space between header and content. Why does it appear and how to remove it? (See here)
  • ‘Featured images’ don’t keep the same aspect ratio. Previous theme I used was able to maintain aspect ratio and centre image. It’s not consistent if some featured images are bigger and some are smaller. Can we get this as an option?
  • Pages seem to have a comment section like posts. Also has date of page creation. How can this be removed?
  • There are Twitter/Facebook share links on each post. Can we get an option to remove these?

Sorry for the amount of questions/issues!

Looking forward to it. Do you have an ETA of the next update?

I was just wondering how do I keep these modifications in each theme update?

Nope, you dont need update if your site okay.. if there are anything goes wrong, you can email me.. ;)

Feature request: Archives and 404 page.

It would be fantastic to have an archives page and a similar 404 page like this:

When a 404 page comes up, it can go something like ‘page not found maybe you can browse our archives instead?’

Hi, love your theme. I have it setup on my site and just putting on some finishing touches. I noticed a bug on the sliders though.

- Even if you include a URL on a slide, there is no hyperlink on the page. The slides can’t take you anywhere. - The 2nd slide that comes in covers the title/description text. This happens in your live preview as well.

Open custom.js (theme folder/js) , change animation loop (line 120) from “false” to “true”, save it and refresh browser.. if any problem, tell me ASAP via email, thank you :)

I have sent you an email regarding the slider description overflow problem. I was able to find to update the slider animation successfully. Thank you for your continued support!

Yes, I’ve read and fixed your problem.. please open your email and follow the steps.. thanks

Hey I just purchased your theme the other night and I love your demo page you created, but I had some questions. Sorry I’m new to using Wordpress and have been using Adobe Muse for awhile.

I might be installing the theme wrong but when it loads up it says there is an error on line 9.

I want to design my own header what pixel size would I need to set it up in to match the size of the one you have on your demo page.

Under the header there is a second image header that switches between two images. How do I get that or is that apart of the line 9 error?

Last question if I want to edit the text at the footer with my information do I need to go into the PHP files and do that myself or is there an easier way?

Thank You Andrew Pitzer

Hi, please take a look your site, just updated.

Looks great! You have been a big help. Thank You!

Yes, you’re welcome. If you like my support please kindly to rate it for 5 stars. Thanks :)

Hi, thank you for purchsing my theme :) May I know your site link?

I’m all set up. Just did not know that the theme after purchase still have a lot to adjust.

Okay, If you had any problem, just email me, or comment here.

Hey I’m sorry but I need HELP!!! I recently purchased theme on fri and have been struggling to import into wordpress. am so excited to get started. Can someone please help me out? Where do I start…i’d like to have my page look like yours kenzicode. Thanks premie pc user

okay buddy….I’m not seeing a “themeoptions” tab under appearance nor “backup options.” was I supposed to purchase anything from wordpress in order to use your theme? I am currently using their free services. please help!!!

No, you don’t purchase anything to use my theme. Would you let me to install your theme, but you must give me a username and password. If so you could send me it via profile contact there (in right bottom). Good luck :)

can you? that’ll be awesome!


I’d like to know how to remove the comment form and date header for a standard/default page. It seems all default type pages show a comment and date of page, somewhat like a blog, but there’s no way to add a page without this feature. For example, see this page as one of those where I’d like to remove the comment form and post (page) date:

Of course I would still like to keep comments and’post date” on any blog posts found within the blog.


Hi, thankyou for purchased my theme, I hope you like it :) That’s very simple way to on/off the comment form. You just unchecked Allow comments. These are the steps: 1. Edit page that already you made. 2. Look at the top right, there is button called “screen options” 3. Checked Discussion option 4. Look at the bottom and unchecked Allow comments 5. Update and refresh.

For date, I will add new feature to show on/off in the next theme update.


I do like your theme! Nice and simple, perfect :) Brilliant advice on that customization menu, I don’t know how I have missed that before. Have it fixed now. I look forward to your theme update and hope you add some other little goodies too like a built in lightbox/gallery (not portfolio) or easy way to customize menu (positions and colors without CSS/PHP editing). With the removing date, it will be good if the “no comments” info is also removed if No Comments is toggled on. But anyway, all the best and keep up the good work!


Hello, please update the live preview link. It does not load anything.

Hi, sorry for inconvenience. The preview link has solved. Thankyou.