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Got pretty much similar experience of poor support. The theme has many bugs and lots of research and code alterations are needed to get things close to what it supposed to be.

It would be a great theme if author would express more interest in feedback, debugging and updates.

Hi Guys,

is there an option to turn off the circle around the logo or change the color of it? Or tell me the position of the code an im gonna try it myself. And btw i found a bug at the option for the rotation speed. I cant choose a value below 1. Wordpress says then that values can just be natural numbers.

Beside that its a pretty nice theme. Thank you for your support.


Please open a ticket

@Unite-Studios you can change a background color .logo (mainstyle.css) , eg. background: transparent;

@ancado Ur the best dude. Thx really much!

Does any user know how I can customize the order of the Brada Categories in the vertical navigation bar? Right now it’s ordered alphabetically. I want to customize this myself.

I’ve opened a ticket in support section and wait for your support. Thank you in advance.

Still waiting as usual for a reply…......

usually 4 – 5 days, thanks

Pre purchase question: The black and white to color hover in the page (featured image?), can that be disabled to only show the color photo? The same for the blog?

How child theme friendly is it?

Thanks, a

you can’t disable b/w effect by admin panel, you can do it via css, yes, featured images


Pre sales question, can all the pages be made to look like the static page which appears to be one column instead of two. Also what changes are supported in the backend, is there a document somewhere?


You can customize it easly Doc is in main files

Hi, I tried to use the live preview on IE8 but it doesn’t work well. I read here the the IE8 is a Compatible Browser. Are there some possibility to use this fantastic template for IE8? Unfortunately some my costumers are using this very old browser…



On contact form, how to change “From”. After send mail,the sender as wordpress@mydomain… I need change too the subject of mail

Read the doc or open a ticket

How exactly do you get rid of the b&w hover on the photos?

Also does anyone know how to get rid of those little round floating bubbles that pop up? I really want to get rid of the “comment” balloon bubble since I turned off all my comments. It still pops up though.

I hired someone to fix this.

Hello, Would really appreciate support to my questions, ticket: Been waiting for several weeks now. Thanks!


Ticket: 272879

Anybody having problems with the gallery completely not working? Mine just sprawls the photos everywhere…doesnt create a gallery. Am I doing something wrong? Sliders don’t work either.

Our designer is currently using a purchased version of Brada as the theme for the website CappasKennel.com and need support in creating unique pages for each of the block pages on the main page. Can we still keep the fluidness of the site as we create these pages?


I’ve oppened 2 times a ticket and I didn’t have a response.

I have problems with the template. The blog is not working when I choose to show as a homepage one static page. In the other hand I can’t find the way to order the diferent “blocks” because is not working the specific place that has Wordpress to indicate the relevance of the different pages.

Please I need help. I’ve oppened 2 different tickets and I didn’t get the e-mail with the ID and I can’t check if you replied me. Besides I haven’t received anything in my e-mail.


Why I can’t install this on my wordpress? I already purchase de theme and received a message that the style.css is missing.

What should I do?

Hello. I can’t change the author of my posts. They always appear like “anonymous”.

What do I have to do?

I am having issues submitting a tickets through the support center. It keeps saying invalid purchase item id. I followed the format it told me to put it in as… perhaps I am using the wrong number? Can you please tell me:

1) where I can find my purchase ID and 2) the exact format it needs to be in?

thank you!


DON’T BUY THIS THEME unless you just want it to work on browsers < 6 months old, even then it’s a maybe. Buggy IE8 or IE9 even though it says it supports both, unacceptable degradation. Check the demo page, it has overlapping boxes etc. I’ve spent hours applying CSS patches to get it to work even half way on older browsers. Contact form doesn’t work in Safari so anything that might display properly doesn’t send mail. This theme should be pulled from sale until it works properly. No response from support.

Hi, i need to know how to insert a hyperlink into a brada slider, as seen in demo page (pink circle button). Thank you