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Can you please tell me WHEN the mobile iOS7 update is coming? I am going to be driving a lot of traffic to the site and need it now!!

sorry for that the update is soon ;)

I agree with deluxdojo, we need the update soon man. I have a real cool site but if users are not going to be able view this on an iphone and safari browser on mac. Can you please let us know when there will be an update.

sorry for that the update is soon :)

Any update?

work on it !! sorry for that but my system was broken? fixing now :)

Did you guys change the look and feel of this theme recently?

yes we do my friend !! ;)

From Brand/Inc/Parts/Share.php, having trouble with the Facebook share button. Getting a 404 in the popup, and I notice when I hover over the share button, I’m seeing “sdk=joey” in the hyperlink. Can’t figure out how to fix this. All the other social share buttons seem to be working properly, except FB. Please advise.

hi joshlumpkin22,
contact me on my email , i will fix the error for you , thanks

Hi, My last support ticket wasn’t answered and we are still having the same issues with the exception of tthe mobile issue. Also, we are attempting to set up an ecommerce page and the theme is causing the page to hide the content. Can you help?

I emailed you direct but thought it worth commenting here as well. is this theme still being actively supported and updated as i see the last update was 3 months ago and only one month ago you were apologising to earlier commenters that an update was coming soon. I wold like to know the answer to my question before i purchase this theme. Thanks in advance

apologis , to you all i will make big update with in week , i am sure of that, sorry for my late replay , have nice day, thanks :)

Hi, I love the theme and I am feeling like a rock star using it but I have one little problem. When someone opens the site for the first time , the site will appear stretched and blown out of proportion as well as the news ticker if left on which I need because there will be some unwanted white space other wise. Please help me fix this and I will make sure the Gods of Gaming heaven will grant you your craziest wishes :)

hi bro sorry for late replay !!

you can now get via my email only , :)

for your 1st , sorry but we can do small trick to make loading img while loading the page if this cool for you ,

2nd , for android issus i will try to fix it in my next mega update it will big & lots of feature ;)

I appreciate your reply ,it means a lot, and also what is the small trick of loading images ? Good luck on your mega update, I wish you the best.

Hi, I think my problem is that the version I have is 1.1 not 1,3 even though I keep downloading the theme again and re-installing it . can you check out the site to conform ? Thanks in advance.

The theme is great but really needs an update to fix some of the bugs . when can we expect that to happen.

Sorry for the late reply I am suffering from personal problems

soon work on it

thanks , you can contact me on twittr, @bbosawpthemes

Don’t worry about it, take it easy. I hope all your problems go away soon .

Seriously, no more support or updates ? theme unusable now

Had potential and design was great, just needs some maintenance.


I’m really interested on buying this theme, but I have a couple of questions.

First of all, is it accessible? Goverment has a list of features needed in order to get some public supports like alt images, site map, etc…

Second question, how many spaces are available for ad banners, what sizes are they and where are they??

Thanks for your time!