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Hi there, in your Brandon demo page, you have a nice slider more or less in the middle of the page with title WORDPRESS THEMES and an old car with number plate FARMER BOY. Which option do I need to choose to get this effect. Is it Muffin Slider or Slider Revolution. Thanks and regards.

As you can see, there is no “Purchased” label next to your nickname what means you did never bought this theme. And because support is for our customers only, we can not help you unfortunately. If your client bought it, tell him to create account on support forum and post your questions there.

Thanks for understanding!

So, now I retrieved the purchase code from my customer and try to create an account on your forum in order to finally get an answer to my original question. I get “Themeforest username is invalid.”. No explanation. What username ? I entered DidierA1, DidierA2, he name of the company and still not good. It is really frustrating corresponding to you. I have the feeling you take customers for idiots. What is the link between Envanto, Themeforest, Muffingroup ? It’s not one face to the customer. I would not recommend any prospective customer to use your solution, believe me. If I cannot get sufficient support on what this customer bought, I have plan to migrate them to another theme which I know to be more support friendly.

The purchase code you get, simply does not match to the Themeforest’s username that was used to purchase and that’s why you can not register on support forum. Or the other reason might be that such account already exists and was created by your client already.

There is really no need to intimidate us because this won’t change anything. And because we don’t want to force anyone to use our products, you can migrate your client to any other theme of course but we are sure that none of the authors on this marketplace, does not provide support for people who didn’t bought their product. And this is how it looks like in your case as there is no “Purchased” label next to your nickname what we already explained above.

Hi, really like the theme. Is there a buyable license that allows me to use this theme on multiple domains? Or unlitimed-domain license.


in reference to TF license and agreements, once purchased license can be used for one site/domain only. If you want to use this theme for few sites, then you must buy as many licenses as many sites you want to build. Of course this concerns all themes on Themeforest marketplace and there is nothing like “multiple” or “unlimited” domains license.

Thanks for your interest in Brandon anyway! :)

My website is having an issue all of a sudden where we cannot click into the Credit Card fields. I contacted my server host, payment processor, and WooCommerce and they said that it is the theme.

The payment processor specifically said this:

I had our API Support team troubleshoot a bit further and during one test in which they refreshed your checkout screen, they received a 502 Bad Gateway error. We also noticed the WooCommerce extension being used on your site is currently using an outdated version of our JavaScript SDK (V.2.15). There have been several updates to our Hosted Fields since version 2.15 that may help resolve some of the issues you are experiencing.

Has anyone else run into this issue?


please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru contact form which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason. Please don’t forget to let us know what for the access is.