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Hi there, we are using the Visual Editor in the Muffin Builder and are finding it frustrating that paragraphs are not being rendered properly. We are using p tags and even br tags to create gaps between text, but when we look at the live site, there are no gaps and our text is just one big block! How can we fix this? The only hack or work around we have figured out is making everyhing a UL!!! That allows the text to appear as paragraphs, but this is dodgy. Please help. Thank you.

Like we wrote above, we do not have any impact on how this wysiwyg editor works. What we can do is address this to WP developers. AS we said above, we just included default wp’s editor and when it’s more than 1 one page, this is how it works.

Although I am still not convinced this can’t be fixed by your theme, I have found a simple work-around that does the job. The selected blocks of text just need to have a text alignment specified to stop the p tag removal. So, all I have to do is ensure each block has the left align button set (or any other form of alignment). This fixes the problem. It might be helpful to include this workaround in your documentation.

Thanks for this explanation.


I cannot download the xml file from your site. Please send it to

Thanks and kind regards.


please send us private message thru contact form which is on the right side at and we will help you.


I see there is no compatibility with bbpress/buddypress. What would these plugins look like with this skin right now? And are thery any plans in fully supporting these in next versions?


we have no idea how these plugins would look like because we did never tested them. And so far, we do not have any plans to support them as well.

Thanks for your interest anyway!

Hi, Portfolio link jquery listing adress bar link “” this link change possible ? property-type product ?


we are sorry but we do not have any option to change these slugs.

Thanks for your interest in Brandon anyway!

okay, and one queries, main menu home icon how to add ?


as you see, there is no “Purchased” label next to your nickname what means that you did never bought this theme. And because support is for our customers only, we can not help you unfortunately. If your client did purchased, tell him to create account for you on support forum and ask questions there.


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whats about the update for wp 4.4 ?

This theme is compatible with 4.4 version already.

Hi I got your theme, last year, from ENVATOMARKET. It worked fine!

Now I got the upgrade to the latest version.

With new version all works fine except on iOS devices. Site on these devices become very slow, while for example on Android device it works fine. It takes several seconds to show home page and takes same time when I try to see another page.

I tested the site with iPhone 5 and iPad with latest iOS version Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android 5.0

I installed new version of Brandon theme on the same server where the old site is running.

I created the new wordpress installation gettin data form old site, using wordpress exporting/importin tool.

What can I do to solve this problem?


I also installed a wordpress on the save webserver and I selected the Twenty Thirteen theme. It works fine on PC, android and iOS.

Last observation: I installed Dolphin browser on iPhone and site works perfectly. So I think that the problems is Safari with Brandon theme. Any ideas to solve?

We did checked your site on iPhone 5 & 6 in Safari browser and everything is fine. It works as fast as desktop version. We do not see any differences at all.

Hello, can you please tell how to setup the parallax effect on the background image as in your demo. On the forum the image link to the settings is expired and there is no mention of that in the guide. Thank you in advance

But this is not parallax. This is fixed position.

this is what I wanted! thank you!!! all sorted now :)

You are welcome! :)

Hello, can you please tell me when your theme will be updated to support the newest version of Wordpress? Currently it is listed as only officially compatible up to 4.3.1?


theme is compatible with recent WP version of course.

Thanks :)

Hello, i want to implement a tracking code for google analytics in the layout of the theme. Example:

In the contact form:

onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘form’, ‘contact’, ‘sent’,, false]);”

In some of the buttons in the site:

onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘link’, ‘click’, ‘askforprice’,, false]);”

Please can you specify the place, the file, in witch i can insert the tracking codes. Thank you !


as you see, your ThemeForest account displays the Support Expired badge. You need to extend your support period via your ThemeForest dashboard if you need help.



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Hello , impossible to import the XML data to make it indentique your site, demo is beautiful…


can you explain where the problem exactly is?

Thanks for choosing Brandon! :)

Hi, How can I disable featured image in single post? Best regards, which css file : display none ?


as you can see, there is no “Purchased” label next to your nickname what means you did never bought this theme. And because support is for our customers only, we can not help you unfortunately. If your client bought it, tell him to create account on support forum and post your questions there.

Thanks for understanding!


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Hello, I just wanted to check if the theme is compatible with the Wordpress 4.5 update before I upgrade wordpress? Your changelog on here says the last time the theme was updated was November 28, 2015, so I thought I would double check. Thank you!


yes, it’s compatible. Feel free to upgrade your WordPress to recent 4.5 version.



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Great! Thank you for the incredibly prompt reply :-)

You’re welcome! ;)

Hi, I have been using this theme for a couple of years now as well as BeTheme. It seems that Brandon is being left behind and is not nearly as capable as it could be. Will you be looking to improve this theme over time or is this it now for Brandon?


we do not have any plans to update this theme so far unfortunately.


Hi Dear

Could you Do RTL this theme for me ?


we are sorry but we can not do this theme RTL ready unfortunately.

Thanks for your interest in Brandon anyway!

i will pay more sir ! u cant do it ?

Sorry, but we do not offer any extra customisation services unfortunately.

how can I upload the xml file without using wp-admin dashboard, it keeps crushing when I try to do that

We are sorry but we do not have other .xml file. We got only one which is complete version of what you can see on our demo.

I have managed to install and make it somehow work, however I have a few questions: 1) how do I insert a banner in the header 2) how do I add a banner in the content (need a 300X250) and a 728X90 ; 3) how do I add products from woocommerce on the main page ? (I am using no sidebar for the homepage)

1) Banner in header can be put under Theme options > Header & Subheader > Extras section but please remember that it works with 2 header types: Magazine and Creative.

2) You can add it using html for example inside Column item.

3) You can do this using WooCommerce shortcodes.


trbrack Purchased

Can you have a look here at a site that uses the theme? The css styles seems to be missing despite them being set up correctly in the admin.


please try to open the following files:

As you can see, your server is unable to open files responsible for styles. We recommend to contact with your admin/web developer because it has something to server configuration.



trbrack Purchased

Thanks so much. It turns out it was a Sucuri plugin option that was restricting the display of those files. In Sucuri I turned off hardening of the /wp-content folder and it worked just fine

Great! :)

Hello, I´ve updated the latest Brandon version 1.9.1, I´m using WPMultilanguage with two more languages, after the update the other languages have dissapear from the language switcher. Any idea why? Thanks!


did you updated WPML plugin as well? If you didn’t, please do this as well but if this won’t help, please log-in to FTP, remove both (plugin and theme) and then upload both thru FTP to be sure that all files has been transferred properly.


Hi again, thanks for your fast support! Yes it was the first i did, update WP, then remove the theme and upload the last version theme, and to finish update all the plugins (of course WPML plugin too). Now i´m worried because if i remove the complete WPML plugin, won´t loose the translations i´ve made before? Regards!

As far as we know, you shouldn’t lose them but for more information, we suggest you to contact with wpml’s support team.

Hi, is it possible to create photo gallery page with this theme?


yes, it is possible to create gallery as you can see on our demo

Thanks for your interest in Brandon! :)

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I know my support is expired but map started disappearing. What should I do?

Error: “This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

UPDATE: I solved it with api key plugin. Nevermind.

But it doesn’t change that you have a great theme :)


we are happy to know that you found Google Maps API key option and sorted it already.