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It’s a shame this is not Responsive. It’s design is so modern, but non-responsive layout is so old-school.

This was the first revision, thanks for your comments. All our designs are ongoing projects. We shall be launching a responsive layout too in the near future.

Another revision of brands land will be soon launched including the working submit form. So if anybody has recently purchased the theme we ask you to wait until this is published.

The new theme is now launched, our new support channel can be found here, www.vorelmedia.com/support, so please use this one. Emails can still be sent, but our aim is to build a database with FAQ in order to help clients understand how to work the template.

Just bought this theme because you said the update would have a “Working Submit Form”

There is no documentation for installation.

What html do i need to add to get this submit form to work?

Can you re-download the theme. It was recently updated with a working submit form. Once re-downloaded it should be fairly self explanatory. Look at your index.htm file and it’s all in there. If you’re still struggling please let me know.

I’m debating buying this theme. Is the submit form now working? Also, it seems impossible to sign up for the support page because the reCaptcha is not setup…

The submit form work, as requested. It works asyncronously. It’s fairly easy to setup, required a PHP host.

We’ve now corrected the issue with the support channel. Hopefully we will get responses there. Thanks for letting us know!

Is there any way to make this into a wordpress theme?

This theme is intended for a static website. I understand what you’re saying. All comments are taken seriously and are all counted in the progress of Vorel Media, as such there might be a possibility in the future for such developments.

Nevermind. I just set it up as a normal html site. Is it possible to have an autoresponse after someone submits an email?

The email uses php mailer – http://code.google.com/a/apache-extras.org/p/phpmailer/. By default it does not send an auto-response.

We are going to be updating this theme very shortly, so we’d love to here any comments from people who have purchased the theme and who wish to have updates on them.

Hi guys!

Love this theme, just purchased it :)

The only problem is that there are 4 html files but only 3 PSD files, so there’s one missing (the one with the swirlapps logo)

I just needed the swirlapps logo font :)

Thank you for your purchase and glad you are loving it!

Yeah, we have only 3 PSD files, since the the 4th theme was kind of an added bonus. But for the swrlapps logo, the font used is called “variable”. This unfortunately is not a free font, but there are a few fonts out there that kind of look like this.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you, Vorel Media

Hi again! Yes, I’m new to coding and I’m having some problems :(

1. When someone sends his email, how can I change the email address where I am going to receive it?

2. There’s a button that says ‘get started today, contact us now’ and I would like it to put a email link there, how can I do it?

Thank you so much!

It’s quite an easy process.

1. Go in /bin/process.php and replace youremail@yourdomain.com to your actual email address.

2. The easiest option is to have a single mailto link as your-link within the button HTML.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Yes, just one more thing :)

I did what you said and I can receive the customers emails in my inbox, the only problem is that my site name domain must be a .com, it doesn’t work with a .net

This is weird, but I don’t understand :(

The script used is from a third-party. In theory it should work whilst using a .NET domain, so I am unsure what the problem is here.

Could you please give me a link with the login details so we can test it, send the email to info@vorelmedia.com.

Hi again! Sorry for the delay, I have just emailed you with all the details, hopefully we can solve the problem soon :)

Preview is not working

We’re sorry for this. It appears our domain was cancelled. We’d be updating the preview shortly.

preview is not working