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I am enjoying this theme. I’m redoing my personal site with it now. Only one query I have is I love the context box you have on the WP version. Is there an easy way to have a similar on on this version?


The only way to do it in the HTML version is to manually insert the html and css for that element. If you have any further questions head on over to our Support Forums and post a link there to your page.


Hello, great template! Thanks very much.

Just one question though. I am trying to insert my logo in which is w: 475px and h:106px. How can I have the logo inserted so it shows fully? Preferably to the left? Thanks

Hey Saveetozzz, head over to forums and open the thread and we will help you out: http://support.pixelentity.com/


It looks liek the wp version is responsive but this oneis not will there be a reponsive html version as well?


the wp version was completely rebuilt on top of twitter bootstrap framework, we don’t plan to do the same for the html version because all existing buyers already using the non responsive version.

hi nice theme, have bought it. one question, can this template be edit by dreamwaver? why it show a mess in dreamwaver 8.0, words and photos totally disorder. thanks


thanks for your advise. so i cannot use this template to build my site right? the only thing i can do is open a HTML file in dreamwaver, replace some photos and edit the words, and i know nothing about code or something. while i like this site too much, its clean and innovative. then is there any other way i can build my site with this template, without any complex code issue? like my old site, the builder give me a backplantform, i can login and change everything i want except the structure. you have such product? iu saw there is a 50usd brandspace theme on selling, is that one easier for me? or more difficult? pls do help me, such a idiot here on this subject, because i like your theme toooo much, thanks in advance.

or, can you recommend other works of your company, which is easier for editing, i like your design style

The 50usd one is a theme for WordPress which works pretty much as you described: login via admin username/password, then change text and photos using a friendly interface.

You’ll need to purchase a domain + hosting, install WP and then install our theme. Most hosting providers offer one click install for WordPress.

hi, now i am making the site with your template, meet a problem here. For those navigation items on the top, the letter size is different in IE and in others (like chrome. In IE, the letters are suitable, small enough to put one item in one line, while when open it in Chrome (or others), the letter is quite big, many items have to break to two lines, which make whole navigation a mess. That’s to say, only IE can open my site normally, since i dont know what explorer my visitor would use, must solve this problem, pls help on this. thanks and regards

Hi, Head on over to our Support Forums, check if your issue has already been answered for another user. If not, open a thread about it in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap. DOK

Hi my contact form, the form itself is working i.e it’s sending the field data to my email address, but the echo “message sent” is not showing up. Can help pls?

website: http://theseocompany.sg

btw i’ve embedded the form in index.html

My Twitter feed in the footer area is working but the actual link (just below the head) is not linking to my twitter page. How do I adjust the code to link directly to my Twitter page rather than the stats?


please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/

Couldn’t find any threads that answered my question for the HTML version of the Brandspace template.

Open a new thread there, support staff will answer as soon as possible.

Hi. I have tried everything to get the Twitter reader to work but I dont seem to be having any luck. Can you help?


Hi, Twitter have changed how their API works. Please see the following thread on our support forums: http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/2450-how-to-migrate-to-API-v1-1-for-Brandspace-template?highlight=twitter

is this work on google chrome?

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but notice that the twitter widget on your demo isn’t working. Just wondered if you can advise please?

Hi, This template was released long before twitter added OAuth to their API and since that the widget does not work. It would need to be replaced with a twitter widget jquery plugin in your live site & you would need to follow all of the OAuth registration conditions so you could display a tweets in that way. We did not want to use a 3rd party widget in our demo.

You could go for our WordPress version of this design and use a WP twitter widget there, may be easier.