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Great work! Another vote for the WP version :)

thx. there will be a wp theme version of brandspace but no timeline yet because the amount of freelance projects we’re currently involved in.

great theme

one question is it possible to use google web fonts instead of cufon?


figured it out easy peasy, actually your template is very well organised. :)

and yes one more vote for WP theme


glad you were able to figure out without help ;)


Looks amazing, too bad it is not WP.

I am just about to buy the theme anyway and convert it to WP myself. I am interested in knowing your technique for doing the little handdrawn arrows, since I want to do something similar but slightly different and in different areas of the site. Btw. the big sell for me is the clean design, typography and the cool real time announcement feature.


lead designer is out of tow. If you send us a reminder via our profile form, he’ll reply as soon as possible


hi, bought the template, great! integrating into RadiantCMS. i notice that in my copy as well as the live demo, the Tweet Widget is not fetching the latest tweet. any chance of a fix there? thanks!


twitter widget fetches data using twitter search, so if a recent tweet is not shown is because search is not returning it.

it depends on their platform, maybe is a temporary issue


Beautiful clean portfolio design. I purchased this template, but I can’t find the HTML file that corresponds to the PSD template titled “concept_02_portfolio_05”. I like the grid to the left of the main image to be able to present multiple images of the project without having to make a super long page. Does this file exist, and can I access it?

Besides that, loving this theme and busy customizing it!

Thanks, dmg


template includes all html pages shown in preview, additional layouts may be included in psds only as bonus but you’ll need to create the markup.



I just purchased the template but I must be missing something. Thete is no dark template with my download. No dark folder and the link on the main page to dark skin is not active. The slider does not work as well. Am I not using it right or is my download not correct (I downloaded it 3 times). Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bill


there’s not separate folder for dark skin because all you need to do is uncomment the dark stylesheet on all HTML pages:

so this line

<!-- color stylesheet -->
<!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/dark.css" />-->


<!-- color stylesheet -->
<link href="css/dark.css" rel="stylesheet" />

the light/dark chooser is only used in item preview to let users see both the skins

the slider will just work out of the box unless your browser has turned on some security setting which prevents javascript from being executed when page is loaded from the local hard drive.

you should upload the demo on a temporary site, if the slider start working than your issues is caused by the above

i’ve answered your mail, for further information just reply to it


Great job! Good luck with sale!

I’ll be the first to but if it was a WP version.

Hi Pixelentity…

Congratulations on the amazing theme! This is definitely one of the best that I’ve ever seen on Themeforest. Anyways… I had one question. Is it possible to change the dimension of the large image to the right of the thumbs in (portfolio_categories.html)? Thanks. E

Hi and thanks for your kind words

styling questions requires lead designer, he’ll be back to work on monday

please send your question from our profile form as reminder, he’ll answer by mail as soon as possible.



1) Can a full screen background image be applied, under a transparent main theme?

2) Can a sub menu be created under main Menus, e.g. when click “WEB CATEGORY ” to open sub menu ?

Thanks ALCA .


Neither of those are features of this template, but anything is possible.


hello Everyone How i can add jQuery shake function when user makes error in newsletter email form? great thanks

Hello, Love it love it’’’

Needing to scale the height of the homepage slider by 50%, although having major difficulty locating the file/ values to modify. Could you pretty please enlighten me?

Cheers, Pip

I’ve replied to your email.


I was trying to use cufon with the twitter feed part. But having trouble making it work. I tried replacing all kinds of elements within the twitter feed structure but could only get it to change the h3 title.

This is very important, any ideas about how to replace the fonts?

It seems the default text inside the P tag does get “cufoned” but the tweet that is then loaded after does not, even it is inside the P tag as well. I guess this is the issue. I am just not sure how to solve it.

Cufon.replace('h2', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });
Cufon.replace('#footer h3', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });
Cufon.replace('#tagline h4', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });
Cufon.replace('div#tweet-text', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });

This didn’t work

Also tried like this:
Cufon.replace('h2', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });
Cufon.replace('#footer h3', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });
Cufon.replace('#tagline h4', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });
Cufon.replace('#footer p', { fontFamily: 'ArdleysHand' });

That rendered the cufon for the p tag default text but not the feed that was loader after.

So far it only worked for the h3 tag since no data was loaded into that. It is just static.


Made a post in the forum too. Scheduled to go live tomorrow so a bit worried.

Sorry for spamming your comment section. I hope others can learn from a solution as well.

answered you in forum thread.


Still having youtube issue. please advise

new video