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Very nice template, thank you.

Please advice, how I can use cyrilic font replacement. If I write in russian, no words seen. It’s important for me :)

Thank you, Nick


Register at our support forums and post your problem there. Support Forums



Are you considering re-developing this theme for Wordpress?

Put me down as a +1 if so!


Yes we sure are. Send us an email via our profile page and we will add your email address to our launch notification list.


first of: This is one of the best themes out there.

Although I have to respect your busy agenda: Not having a WP version after 8 months is a huge disappointment mate!


Great theme. Quick question: I purchased and downloaded it in October, but haven’t as yet worked on it. I note that since then the onscreen preview design has changed slightly and I like the updated version even more. I tried redownloading the files from my original purchaser link, but only ended up with the same files. Do I need to buy it again to get the very latest version? A


The online preview & download package files have not changed since then.


Hi There

What coding do I need to change to get the prettyphoto to open images in full resolution, without having to click the expand button in the top right corner?



See the prettyphoto website for an explanation of all the options available. Then edit the js file “js/prettyPhoto.js” adding your desired prameters to the plugin.


Hi I juts purchased, how do i chose the dark theme? its not included in the folder!!

Hi, you just need to change the skin css file it’s all covered in the included docs



Love the theme. Have a quick question about the slideshow.

I am using the regular slideshow instead of the Ken Burns, and I just want to know how to change the transition to “fade” instead of “swipe”—I tried a few different things and they didn’t seem to work. I’m sure it’s a simple fix, I’m just pretty new to all of this!

Thanks so much. Jenn

Hi Jenn, you can use slider in swipe mode and then set data-transition=”fade” on each slide.

check docs, “Homepage Banner Slideshow” section


Hi BF,

thanks i found it in the file its looking lovely the layout, but a couple of further questions i thought id ask you direct and in your preview i saw that the preview has this, but not my layout.

1. how do i change the slider details to stay open like on your themforest preview homepage and only when someone clicks the ”+” icon it shuts. I want it so when someone visits my site, the slider information stays open.

2. on the contact page. “get_a_quote.html” how do i have the map zoomed in more than it is, right now it shows my whole country and i want it to show the street (also like in your preview)

many thanks! :) lovely layout!



sorry but i had to flag your comment because direct links to unprotected item sources are not allowed.

please head to our support forum and post your question there



I have submitted a new thread with my issues under the title “Brandspace html problems” i really hope you can help me as i have a client waiting on me. I look forward to hearing from you soon (sorry for the linking) many thanks! K



Hi, any news on the Wordpress version?

Hi Florian

we’re currently working full time on our brand new wordpress framework, as soon as it’s finished, we’ll start pushing themes.

there’s a newsletter signup form on our site in case you want to be informed on any news regarding our works



I purchased this theme just to put your personalized key burns slider into a website. I don’t understand why it just displays the first image with lazy loading. I’ve implemented all js files (even the ones which I don’t use). Firebug Js console doesn’t shows me errors, but IE detects some. This is the site: http://www.fronteragiardini.it/new/

You took out part of brandspace (the slider) and placed in a different context (your own template) but that code is not meant to be used on its own like a plugin.

While such kind of use it’s perfectly legit under the terms of your purchase, i’m afraid we cannot help in such cases.

Some assets are missing on your server, like icons/spinner, template layout/markup is different and you have additional js scripts on that page which might cause unwanted side effects.


Incredibley tasteful work! Also good choice on limitations, I think it’s an ideal theme for the less specialized client. Great work and great taste!

Beautiful work!! Wordpress version, please!


Before I buy this I would like to know wheter this template is responsive and will be shown well on all mobile devices of just on iphone?

Greetings, Donna


This is not a responsive template. However this template will display as normal on iOS devices (tested iPhone & iPad). The template has also been tested on an Andorid tablet (Galaxy tab 10.1) and it displays as normal. However its almost impossible to say that it will work on “all mobile devices” there are simply too many devices running too many version of different OS’s. and we cannot test all of them.



Ok, thnx for you quick reply!

Do you recommend an editor\program to use this template like DW CS5 ? Are there support documents to get started?

Hi Scott, just answered your mail

Great template! 1 Question…. As this is not a WP template will the blog page work in regards to posting comments or is it just and example of what the blog discussion posts would look like once you guys build the WP template for Brandspace?

Hi, Yep its the latter; the comments are inserted so that any buyers who are buying it in order to convert it to WP would not have to design these extra parts. Of ocurse it also come in handy for us when we choose to make the WP thme version of the template.


Hi, I apologize I just purchased your template but by I didn’t notice that it was not a WordPress template… So I’m a bit frustrated because I don’t know how to use it? I love the design etc but I really thought it was a WordPress template, so what shall I do? Do you consider refunding me or it would be awesome if you could provide me with the WordPress version?


I just read here that many people have been buying the template thinking that it was a WordPress template. So the problem now is when we can use your template for WordPress?

I think it’s a bit urgent.:)

Hi HitchB,

Yep as you have realised this item is a HTML template not a Wordpress theme, I don’t know where people get that idea from. It is not possible to use this item with wordpress wihtout converting the template to a theme which is a large developoment project for a skilled programmer.

There will eventualy be a version of this template for Wordpress, but that is still quite a ways off, though even when it does come out, it will be a separate item and would need to be bought separately.

Unfortunately authors do not handle refunds, this is done by Envato support. Feel free to contact them in this regard.


Hello, I understand that this is not a wp theme, but I’d like to use the pages of blogs and comments that have been built on the site, how do I? I know a tutorial or give me an indication what can I do?




You have 3 options:

1.Manually enter new posts, maintain the pages, etc. by editing the HTML of those pages in a code editor. In this option, no dynamic items will function such as comments, and all widgets, such as recent posts, will need to be manually filled.

2. Link the template to an admin template with which you would use to add posts and do other things a bit like what WP would do. This option would require that you hire someone to do this connecting for you, which may not be cheap, because it is a decent amount of work.

3. Wait for a few month until we finally release a WP version of this template. :)