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Good Morning we have a problem on the topic. The customer has identified that the site search does not work, we have seen that the issue is not updated for a while, I think the thing is to be connected to the theme. You can help me to solve the problem of the search?

Thank You Studio Grafico Page


have you confirmed your account? What username did you use to sign up on the forum?

Good Morning, account for how to subscribe to the forum I used Studio Grafico Page

Thank You

Hi, I have checked your account and you are registered and may post in the forums, so go here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/26-WordPress-Brandspace and click the “Post new thread” button under the main maxcdn banner on that page. Then just enter the details of your question/issue and one of the forum staff will take a look. Don;t forget to include a link to your webpage.

I’m having issues getting YouTube videos to appear. Vimeo links work no problem, but switch it with a youtube one, or make a new one, and no luck. Help is appreciated.

NVM, Solved the issue. Removed the “s” from “https”

Thanks anyway! :)

Hi I’ve been using this theme for awhile, but now whenever I got to edit a page in Wordpress it takes me to a page not found and it’s looking for this .. http://brandspace.themes.pixelentity.com/wp-content/themes/brandspace/img/home/stat_04.png

Is there a fix for this?

Hi, Please post a link to your website and we’ll take a look.

Dear ,

I just bought the theme but I didn’t realize that it’s not PHP 7 proof untill my IT brother looked at it.

We’ve fixed 3 files, but we keep getting errors like this.

Is there a PHP 7 proof version or can I get a refund?

Tue Dec 13 23:43:27.621015 2016 pid 72403:tid 34611480576 FastCGI: server ”/var/run/php-fpm/php70/php-cgi” stderr: PHP message: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘new’ (T_NEW) in /sites/supera.re/www/wp-content/themes/brandspace/framework/php/PeTheme/PeThemeGallery.php on line 553

HI, Yes you’ll need to change your hosting to one which run on an earlier version of PHP 5.x for the theme to work. This is the most common PHP version available from hosting providers. PHP7 is almost hard to find still.

I am having difficulty customizing the theme and modifying simple items like the basic blurb at the top of each page, updating the logo in the header to my own, and modifying the footer information. Any assistance?

Hi, Please open a thread here in our support forum for this theme: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/26-WordPress-Brandspace

Please include a link to your website and details of exactly what you are having trouble modifying. Try to be as specific as possible so we can provide specific help/instructions. Also please don’t forget to read the help documentation which is included with the theme, this document contains an explanation of all options in the theme and includes instructions for doing the main things.

hi. please check this theme is not installing on WordPress. it crashes the WordPress when we try to activate theme. waiting for your reply.

Hi, What other details are given about the error? Check your console. Might also be worth checking your server’s PHP error log. If something breaks on installation, it sounds like missing or corrupt files – could happen when you are transferring them to your server. Alternatively it may be that WP didn’t install correctly. Try installing other themes and see if all goes well.

other theme runes well. i am facing error while activating theme. still please provide me compatible WP and PHP versions. thanks

I’ll still need all the details of the error please. Is there any error printed out in the browser screen? Can you link the page here so we can check? If there’s no browser error showing, check the PHP error log and past out last couple of log entries here too, or in a pastie on the web somewhere and link them here.