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Really top notch stuff here!

Oh my gosh!!! I purchased the original html version. Thankyou for making a wordpress version.!!!

Absolutely amazing, love your works guys!

Wish you the best with sales , congrats ! :)

Awesome theme pixelentity, glws mate! ;)

FINALLY !!!!!!! Thanks!

But darn the demo doesn’t work :(

And now it does! :)

Okay, get it. Can’t the lazy loading be activated below the bottom browser border? That might be a good idea as a different option?

Well, great job on the theme, works like a freakin’ charm!

That’s controlled by the jquery plugin which handles lazy loading, i guess it could be done by tweaking the plugin js code but i would honestly avoid it.


lol okay I will, thanks!

Absolutely LOVE this theme….does it support the use of the “Revolution” slider?


Glad you like it :)

We don’t use any external plugin in the theme by default, but any WP plugin, as long as it’s well coded will work in this theme.



Stunning. I’m in awe.

Lurve this theme, finally developers with an eye for design – Amazing job guys!....

I think this is going to help towards the Ferrari slush fund : )

Any chance you could add a filter to the gallery section, to showcase different portfolio items…otherwise its perfect!.

Hey, thanks for the compliments :)

There is no front end filter in the portfolio, but there are several back-end filters you can use to only show whatever projects you wish on any of the portfolio pages you would like to create.


Very nice theme. In the social media options – is there a Pinterest button option?


Our framework contains a pinterest “Pin It” button which we had in the theme earlier. In some browsers the button’s code was throwing an error. The error was coming from the pinterest iframe code and had nothing to do with us, so we had no choice but to remove it.

It may be an error that pinterest have fixed now and the button could be easily reinstated. We can help you with this via our support forum should you decide to purchase the theme.


Awesome work guys! :)


Okay, I have been searching for a long time how to edit the left bottom grey box content. It’s not in the widgets or the theme settings where I look :)

Where is it?? :)

Thanks in advance! Tom

You mean the box on footer with logo and info ? if so, theme options -> footer


LOL My god I completely overlooked that! Thanks!

Excellent theme! I’ve purchased several on Themeforest and this is by far one of the best. You can see it in action on my site here: http://www.crispmedia.ca.

Thanks for you nice comment and don’t forget to rate the item.


Hi, Great theme! Just wondering if I can integrate an eCommerce plugin into the site and how it would hold up. Thanks.


any ecommerce plugin should just work out of the box, however you may need to tweak plugin css to match theme look


Hi, my customers just love this theme. We got some issues though…

1. Can’t scroll on blog Category page. Same problem on your demo: http://brandspace.themes.pixelentity.com/category/interiors/ (all three of us is working on mac / safari)

2. If it is a built in lightbox, I wan’t to be able to shut it down. I make it possible to work with plugins like Walleria (works fine with the Facebook wall but not with facebook albums).

3. Drag & drop feature on testimonial does not work. You can Drag & Drop an new order on a testimonail page, but it is still published by date.

Lovely theme!

Best regards / ola

Thank you for your support. Great theme!

Best regards Ola

Downloaded the update! Category in the blog works perfect! Thanks!

/ ola

Glad to know all is fixed.

Please take a moment to rate our item if you didn’t already, it can be done from your download page on Themeforest.


Do you have any plans to add a shortcode for tooltips? That’s pretty much the only thing missing for me _’ This is a goddamn good looking theme :D

Actually we have a tooltip shortcode in our framework, it’s used in our previous twitter bootstrap themes (mentor/neo) but should just work out of the box in brandspace or require very little changes.

Hi there, I have a few presale questions. In the Brandspace Wordpress version every thumbnail (e.g. under Portfolio Alt) is linked to a post or page. In the html version the thumbnails are linked to a post OR to lightbox and some thumbs were grouped to display them as a slideshow in a popup. Also there are different links on the thumbnail and the related clickable headline/description. Is it possible to generate different links like these in the wordpress version?

Under “Thumbs Gallery” wp-version I want to use the “normal” lightbox functionality. Is it easy to replace? I ask because I don’t see any thumbnail in your WP-version opened in a lightbox.

Thanks & Ciao Peter


Because of the nature of WordPress each portfolio thumbnail (project item) needs to have a single page of its own. Once you get to that project page, there you can use a lightbox to view a grid of images, similar to the Thumbs Gallery page.

Currently the Thumbs Gallery page opens the thumbs in a Normal lightbox. It is not like this for you? What do you mean by “Normal Lightbox”?


Some wp-themes offer the possibility to choose what action should happen by clicking on the thumbnail of a post. Link to the post, open full image in a lightbox or open video in a lightbox. This can be setup when you insert an image to an article. So you can configure different links for the thumbnail and the headline of a post/page. An rollover icon will be inserted automatically: Zoom, Link, Video.

Please take a look at your html version of this template. There is exactly the flexibility I mean. http://pixelentity.com/previews/templates/brandspace/light/portfolio_categories.html

With “Normal Lightbox” I mean a clickable full image with back and next button inside the image, slideshow and closing by clicking outside the image.

Thanks for your response.

In the html version, you edit the markup so it’s easy to add different, per-thumbnail options and you don’t need to create a new page for each project.

In wp version, projects are custom post types, portfolio pages (like the one you linked) just groups them using, for instance, a project tag, There’s already a page for each project so clicking on those thumbs always lead you to the related project page.

We had such control (lightbox/page) on thumbnail click in other themes but:

1 – wasn’t intuitive for buyers to manage due the number of option we had to use to handle all possible scenarios 2 – almost no buyer was using it.

So we just got rid of it and kept it simple. In brandspace theme, you can have a lightbox using a gallery and place in a post, project or anywhere in a page using a shortcode:



I really think this is the best WordPress theme I have worked with. You guys took more into account in terms of usability on the control panel side, and the elements that are available make the theme really flexible.

It just feels really well thought out and intuitive. Most of the things I ran into were resolved in minutes. Well done.

Hi meslater,

Thanks for your feedback and of course for your really nice comment. We are glad to hear that you are pleased with the theme. This theme represents a lot of thought and hard work on our side and its always nice to see that our effort is paying off. Thanks again.


ps. If you haven’t rated the theme already, we would appreciate if you could do so. :)