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WOW I love this theme :D I have question for you… You can add on future update .mo/.po in a language folder? because I can translate the theme via this plugin: CodeStyling Localization

Thank you :)

Hi and thanks

theme already ships with languages folder which include a po file for translation. It’s also compatible with wpml plugin.

Great work, the only thing missing, as mentioned, is a frontend gallery and portfolio filter, otherwise perfect!!!

Hello Florian

thanks for your nice comment. Not sure what you mean by “frontend gallery” as there is gallery support in brandspace:


about filterable portfolios (isotope), we may add this feature in a future update if there’s enough buyer demand.



I have a few pre purchase questions:

1. I would like to use timeline plugin http://bit.ly/SnFp1p would it be possible to customize this to fit into the style of the theme. 2. I notice you’ve included the WPML plugin. Is that the entire plugin that allows for theme translation, and will it allow me to install the theme on two sub domains en.mydomain.org and es.mydomain.org? 3. Is it possible to move the social media icons to the top of the page?

Thanks. The theme looks amazing and I’m pretty excited about getting started.


Hello Caldwell

1 – that’s not our code, we can’t really say if a particular 3rd party plugin can be customized to match our theme style. Usually it can be done by editing plugin css files.

2 – Our theme is optimized for WPML but doesn’t include the plugin, you would need to purchase it from wpml.org

3 – there’s not an admin options for that, you would need to customize theme template files and css


Sorry, I’m an amateur in this area. So if i did not use a WPML option and set up a mutlisite network of two sites and used the Bilingual Linker plug-in I would not have to purchase the theme twice right?

Sorry for these basic questions. But thanks for responding promptly.


No. You only need to purchase another theme licence if you are using the theme on another domain or for another clients whichever is applicable.Using the theme twice on subdomains to make another language version of the first theme, is fine.


Hi – I’ve bought 2 templates now on TF and very happy with 1 but less so with the other (not yours!)....

I’m self taught with WP and getting to grips with most alterations although they take me longer than most to do I imagine.

1. Other templates use the selling point SEO friendly… I don’t see any specific mention to this and wondered how easy/integrated this is.

2. Widget wise – I want to have a contact form on almost each page (via a sidebar) and wanted to know the flexibility of the contact form ‘Nature of your Enquiry’ – I assume I can modify all of this easily (I don’t offer quotes and need to change this option)

3. Lastly – I really like the icons and section ‘Why choose us’ on the homepage… are there many more icons to select from in addition to the ones you show?


Thanks for this – I’ve purchased and just installed… is there a tutorial or guide? If so I can’t find it.

Look forward to working on this on the coming weeks.


Unzip the download package, in the docs folder open the index.html file in a browser, that should have all the info you will need. If you come across anyting not covered in the docs you should head on over to our Support Forums.



Great – got it. Big thanks!

Hi, Great theme by the way.

1. I’m just working my way through it but I can’t seem to get the emails to work, am I missing something obvious?

I have a WP Multisite configuration with domain mapping and this theme is hooked up with one of my sub domain websites (which by all accounts works fine). I’m hosted on an AWS EC2 box so I want to use SMTP GMail for all my emailing through the network and to help me I have the installed the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin which seems to work fine and all test emails work as expected, but when I come to the “Contact Page” email form on Brandspace and hit “Submit” nothing happens? Any ideas?

2. Just a small thing, when I edit/save the “Image Caption” text box for the Contact Page I still see the default settings. I have managed to change the HTML in the “page-contact.php” but I’m guessing this will be overridden by any theme updates.


Head on over to our Support Forums, paste a link to your site there in a new thread and we will take a look asap.


Okie dokie, just opened a thread there…

Great theme!

2 Questions: - Does the slider area also video capabilities - Is there a PSD file included

Thank you! Tomi

Hey Tomi,

Unfortunately the slider doesn’t not support video playback. Also there are no psd’s included.


its coming together! Just 2 quick q’s which I hope just require pointing me in the right direction.

1) Where and how can I add Caption Titles and text to the images in my main homepage slider?

2) Am I limited to the logo size.. 120×90 is pretty small and the next size up 480 x ? is huge… is there a way to input a smaller logo?

3) ‘Hang with us’ by the social icons… can’t see where to change this text

Sorry these are more aesthetic questions and probably not overly technical but would be good to know!

My site for reference is http://www.londonpropertyadvisers.com

Hi Mark

please head to our support forum and create a new thread about it


Contact form isnt working? What can be the problem


just update to latest version (1.0.2), issue was fixed. Either redownload the package from Themeforest or activate “Auto Update” in theme options.


Thanks i missed that update :)

Does include the Ken Burns jQuery plugin? (Like the HTML version)

No, the wp version, being responsive, comes with a slider heavily optimized for mobile.

Is there any page navigation for the blog?

Hi yes, you can set the number of posts to display in the admin settings (general Wp), or if you are using either a blog shortcode, or custom page template the “use pager” option will be there in those options.

If you have any further questions head on over to our Support forums.


Hi Pixelentity.

I need to change “read more” (link) on posts of the Blog page.

I didn’t find where i can change “read more” (english) for “leia mais” (brazilian portuguese).

Where do i change that? I didn’t find “read more” in Widgets, Posts or Editor.

Could you help me? I have some urgency to resolve this.

Thank you.

That’s not the correct file, please check docs about theme localization

Sorry, i’m not an expert… And i’m a little confused about that… I’m not wanna translate the hole theme. Just wanna change this specific text “read more”. See? I think it was pretty simple, but canot find where is it in the code. Can you please tell me exactly where is it in the code?

Thanks a lot!

Open the following file:

“theme\php\PeTheme\PeThemeBrandspace.php” and find the following line:

return sprintf('<a class="hand-written read-more" href="%s#more-%s">%s</a>',get_permalink(),$GLOBALS["post"]->ID,__pe("read more"));

Change the “read more” there. (keep quotes).



There something wrong in the single post blog page template. Please take a look: [link removed]

The section that has social Facebook icon and newsletter sign up seems to be cracked on the page layout. I have searched for something in the code but found nothing. Any idea?

Best regards,


That’s happening because you have some unclosed “div” element in that page. This has happened because you have made edits to that page template to remove the post meta info. but you have not done it correctly.

Additionally im reporting your comment to get the link removed. Links are not permitted in comments area.


Sorry about the links in comment area…

Awesome support with instant responses. I have to thak you for that!

I’ll try to fix it in the code but do you know where is that unclosed “div”?



If a buyer breaks a theme making modifications to it, we normally don’t even offer support in these situations. You made the changes so I find it hard to believe you do not know where to look.

Compare your markup with our preview markup. You can also use a markup validation service. View sources on both pages. This would be a start.


I’m not a code expert… But solve this! I have removed the icons (icon-user, icon-calendar, icon-tag, icon-comment). Replace it and works fine. But i do not want to show theese icons (icon-user, icon-calendar, icon-tag, icon-comment) in the page. How can i do this without crashing the layout?

Thanks again!

Then register to our support forum and post your modified markup in a new thread.


Great Theme!, Quick question, on the Theme Options Tab, under Newsletter, how do I change that word to something else, like “Subscribe” it looks like it’s hardcoded in backend, but I can’t find where??? Please advise.


Head over to our Support Forums, onep a thread in the appropriate forum for your purchased item, and one of the support team will take a look asap.


sorry, having trouble, I created an account on your forum but do not see how to open a thread; please help.


Once you have activated your user account via the link in the email you received after registration, go to this forum http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/26-WordPress-Brandspace and click the “Post New Thread” button.


great, thanks, got it.

Hi great work. I’m glad that you finally managed to make the wordpress version of the brandspace template.

I have problems finding in admin where I can edit the social icon links. I need to put my own links for the socials.



Theme Options -> Footer -> Social Profile Links

if you need further support, please head to our dedicated forum: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/26-WordPress-Brandspace

Yes but I don’t see any options how to edit the links for these social icons. I would like for example to make twitter like twitter.com/myusername.

thanks in advance.

Ok now I got it, thanks