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wow, i’m amaze with the theme, installing a dummy content just like your site demo is just three clicks away ..

just bought the theme, and if there’s a problem with redesign it to my client .. hope you guys will help me ..

all the best for the sales .. best regards


Hey sinfu, thank you for your purchase!

We are glad you like our theme, if you will have any questions, feel free to visit our supporot forum: http://support.pixelentity.com/


I love the HTML version and I’m noting slight differences between the HTML version and the Wordpress version. For example, the slider: I really loved the + rollout, but now this appears to be a more simple title box. Oh well. And also: the announcement font seems heavier in Wordpress than in the HTML, which was very sharp and clean. Any reason for this? Latest work, there is no “lightbulb” rollover. And the slider again: no Ken Burns effect?


Brandspace html version is not responsive unlike the wordpress theme which is built upon twitter boostrap responsive framework.

As such, there are differences like the mobile optimized slider which, in the wp version, replaced the ken burns effect because it works much better with mobile devices.

The html version uses cufon while the wp theme takes advantage of google fonts, hence explained the difference in font look.

Thank you!

Previously I purchased a theme on themeforest and wasn’t really impressed. But Brandspace is really really good. The documentation is very thorough, and I’m very happy you use Bootstrap as a css framework. It’s also good to see the theme files organized very logically- later when upgrading bootstrap it shouldn’t be too difficult. Congratulations on a very good theme…

Thanks for you kind words. We’re glad you like it :)


A very simple change: IF no logo image is specified the blog’s title should be shown instead.

One last comment: It would be nice to have an option for the navigation bar to be drop-down. Currently I am using Chinese language and a) the sub-links are very small and b) the header takes up lots of space due to sublinks. Some people have many sublinks in navigation, so current navigation bar style might look bad.

I will shut up now :)


We don’t offer that type of menu because the column based menu is the backbone of the theme’s design and is what makes it stand / look unique. If the sublinks are very small, you can change them via the theme’s CSS. If you head over to our support forum, we can help you with that tweak also. http://support.pixelentity.com


Hello love the theme have a few quick questions. Does it support self hosted videos? and is there a way to disable the responsiveness ?


brandspace only supports youtube and vimeo video. To disable responsiveness, you’d need to customize theme css and manually remove or reset all media queries.

How can i change the slider transition time delay between two photos?

Hi, nice theme! Question before I purchase – can we add links to the caption on the slideshow?


yes, caption content is html so you can add links too.

Congrats beautiful theme. I am trying to convert from responsive to non-responsive. Any instructions?


Head on over to our Support Forums, a member of our support team will give you instructions.



the answer is not there….

Excellent job !!

hi, in this theme im missing styles for tables, lists etc….


We don’t use tables in the theme and only basic lists, so other things would need to be styled by you if you need them. It’s unfeasible for us to add CSS for every possible element.

This theme is based on the twitter bootstrap framework, which has lots of base styles for tables, which could all be used, but for anything more specific, you will need to use the “Custom CSS” field we have provided in the theme’s admin panel and add your own styles.


See last comment.

See below.

Hi there;

I click “save settings” in the theme options and now the entire theme displays incorrectly in IE.

See: [link removed per author request] for reference. It works in in Chrome.

Please advise what to do here. I have tried reinstalling the theme to no effect.


link inside item comment are not allowed, please create a new thread in our support forum, first available support staff will check your issue


Thread has been made. I titled it “AAAH what happened to my shortcode”, but I think the issue is with CSS.

Hello Pixels, have a presale question here:

If I want to have a blank white no text page with your theme, how far into the theme code will I have to dig? Any simple way of removing everything? Thanks)


not sure what you mean by blank page, can you give more details ?

by blank i mean right after i install your theme on a fresh wp site, how far do i go to have a white screen with no text, no menus, no widgets – just a pure white screen.

If you have no content in your install, nothing will be shown as inno menu, posts, pages, footer widgets

Presale question: Love the theme. But for the portfolio, like on your single project link, the specific client name and other info shows on the left of the picture and the text is below. Is it possible for me to adjust it where there is a text box to the left of the photo instead of the other information?



you’d have to customize theme files to change layout of project page.

Also, is there an option to filter the portfolio?


Not the usual isotope-based filterable option, instead we added alternate portfolio layout.


I am looking to turn of the small address block you have in the footer and instead use 4 text blocks in the footer as widgets.

I have already tried to remove the address block, but the text widgets only fill up two columns.

Please advise.



please head to our support forum http://support.pixelentity.com/