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Hi, I have a pre-purchase question: What pages are included with this theme? Is there any list of pages or are all pages include on demo page? I’m missing some page types: About, Services, 404 etc…

Regards, Peter

Answered your other comment

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question: What pages are included with this theme? Is there any list of pages or are all pages include on demo page? I’m missing some page types: About, Services, 404 etc…

Regards, Peter


All page types are included on the theme demo. We haven’t used titles like “About” etc, but any page can be called “About US” because an about page can have all sorts of content, so just look at page content rather then page titles.

Thank you for the reply.

Happy to be number 404 to try this theme. Man, you make WP right! Good stuff…

Thanks, glad you like it :)

I have few questions..

Can I add kenburner slider and jquery rotator just like custom template of brandspace.(is it separate plugins?)

Can I change footer section color to dark theme or any colors. Only for footer. Btw, nice theme


They are not separate plugins but are tightly integrated with the theme, so their use elsewhere would not be possible.

If changes are made to the theme’s colors via the admin panel, then these changes will apply to the whole theme and would not be confined to the footer area. The only way to do that would be to add come custom CSS styles for footer elements only.

Nice, but expensive compared to all of these other templates.

Any plans on an HTML version (and lower price) ?

Never mind I found it – along with the lower price.

Hello Author

Great theme..

One thing I am not able to find is that how can I add pagination links on blog and testimonials page.

Please help me.

Thanks Aman

Hi, Head on over to our Support Forums, check if your issue has already been answered for another user. If not, open a thread about it in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap. DOK

Hey, I have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to have a navigation with 5 instead of 4 columns, when my logo’s smaller than the one that’s included?

I also wonder what’s happening if i have more than 4 sub-pages, is just the header and the navigation getting longer, getting a new line of text?


Hi, Unfortunately not right out of the box. The theme’s menu would need to be customized.

Yes, the menu columns would just expand down, pushing the rest of the page content a little further away.

hello Author,

my “theme options” doesn’t work. In particular the tabs: tagline, colors, fonts,...show a white page.

I’m using Brandspace 1.0.3 and WP 3.7

Please help me


you need latest version (1.0.4), just download the theme again from themeforest and update your install

thank you so much for your very quick reply

Great theme, we’ve enjoyed for a while now, quick question, is there an issue with the Gallery options now, I can’t seem to get the gallery back after I click on and enlarge a photo, see this link please, http://mez-media.com/behind-the-scenes/

meaning, usually the pic goes away when you click off of it and then you can click on a different image, it seems to be stuck on that screen??? Please help.

Mez Media

Hey Mez,

I’ve looked at the link but can’t reproduce the issue you are describing. Open a thread in our support forum for this theme, posting the site url, browser and OS, and give us any more info you can about this problem. We’ll take a look.

Here’s the Brandspace forum: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/26-WordPress-Brandspace

OK, I see the issue now, in IE it works, the X shows up to close the image, but in Chrome which is what I use most, it doesn’t show up…any ideas? It’s definitely a Browser issue. Same problem with Safari on my MacPro, I haven’t checked Firefox or others yet, but definitely an issue with Chrome.

Hi, Pre purchase question. Is it possible to use custom colours & background images on the theme?


Hi, Some of the colors (text, primary color, secondary color) can be changed from the admin, but background images would require some custom CSS to achieve it because it’s not a feature out of the box.

Hi, I’m unable to import the theme settings from dev site to live site. Is there any way to import the theme settings such as logo, widget areas, etc.? Thanks.

Hi, Please head over to our support forums for this theme. Open a new thread for your issue, give as much detail as possible about the issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look at it asap.

You can find the support forum here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/26-WordPress-Brandspace


We’re currently considering to buy your theme. Our question is, is it possible to divide the menu equally?

Kind regards, MBA

Hi yes there is, paste this into the Custom CSS field in the theme options page:

.top-bar div:first-child, 
.btm-bar div:first-child,


We were trying to post our question on your forum page, but it isn’t working. We have the problem that the site won’t replace our handwritten script by arial. Could you perhaps send us some code that we can paste in the custom CSS? We tried replacing it by another font, and that works fine. Only the arial isn’t working.

Hope you can help us, Kind Regards MBA

Hi, The forum is working fine. If you have posted a thread there, please be patient, you will receive an answer shortly.

Hello i need some help i just got the theme and i am trying to add a slider to the page but the option on the top of the page when i select it after publishing it just go’s bad to not having it


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: http://support.pixelentity.com/forums/26-WordPress-Brandspace

Hi, I have left a thread on the support forum over a week ago but have had no response. It quite an important issue so a reply would be good. Thanks

Hi, Thaks for your patience, we’re experiencing a large volume of threads at the moment and due to the bank holiday weekend there have been other delays. We’ll get to your post asap. Please note, further bumping your thread in the forums will send it to the back of the queue.

Hi, I have been using the HTML version of this theme for a few years now but want to upgrade to the Wordpress version. Can this theme be used with the WooCommerce plugin?

Many thanks in advance :)

Hi, There is no Woocommerce support in this theme, therefore it would require some custom work to integrate the plugin.

We’ve been trying to get an image cropping issue resolved for 2 weeks now through your forum with one response a week later and no resolution, I need this fixed now.

I really need help with this. I want the images to shrink in size but not cut up the image. On your demo site the images are being resized but not cut, they just look like smaller versions of the larger images. On this page http://test.thegetsmartblog.com/testimonials-2/ the images are being cut off at the top here is one of the images full size http://test.thegetsmartblog.com/wp-c...1/DSC_0496.jpg when it is shrunk it cuts the top of his head off, this one too http://test.thegetsmartblog.com/wp-c...1/ted_owen.jpg. All of them are cut no matter the size we make them.

Also when I click the x at the top of an enlarged image it does not go away. If you go here http://test.thegetsmartblog.com/testimonials-2/ and click on one of the thumbnail images, the shadowbox pops up, click the x and it shrinks the image down but still leaves a version up. Same thing on all of our images, you can click the image in this page http://test.thegetsmartblog.com/public-relations/ and then try to click the x (in Chrome and Firefox).

When you add an image into the content area is it always going to be resized to the same sized horizontal image? What if we want a vertical image down in the body of the content?

I also need to know why the buttons in the theme admin area are all messed up, we can’t change anything from yes to no or vice versa? (see the image we uploaded on the forum http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/8574-Image-Cropping-shadow-box-and-shortcode


1. As we already explained in our replies on the support forum, the sizing/cropping of images which you insert into content sections via the default WP editor is not part of theme functionality but is controlled by your WP installation. It has nothing to do with our theme, so you will need to play around with default media sizing options in WordPress to rectify any issues you are having there.

2. I can’t find that exact page on your website that you show in the screenshot, so I cannot test the lightbox now, but the last time I looked at your website, in response to the same complaint, the lightbox showed fine for me with a close buttons and all. If you post a link to that page directly, or to another page which contains a lightbox image, I’ll check again.

3. I’ve checked you link and the site is not pulled to the left for me in any browser. Its centered and displaying normally.

4. The footer of this theme only supports 2 widgets, 2 columns, hence inserting 3 widgets into that area is not going to work. Only 2 may be inserted.

5. Unfortunately we cannot offer support to our customers who choose to swap out parts of the theme with 3rd party components. This theme was not designed to have its slider removed/replaced by another, so any problem which arise from such complex customization work to the theme is beyond the scope of our support.

You guys have not helped with any issues in almost 4 weeks, it’s interesting that you don’t see any of the issues we see and by we I mean 3 different people on 3 different computers. We have had to go in and find the issues in the code ourselves.

Let’s try one more issue, the galleries are not showing in the pages. When we insert them through shortcode it says it can’t find the gallery.

How are we supposed to insert the galleries? We can insert straight from the media library but not through the code.

[su_custom_gallery source=”taxonomy: media-tags/92”]

[su_custom_gallery source=”taxonomy: media-tags/76”]

I found your shortcode for this we will fix all the other issues ourselves

Hi there,

a short pre-sales question. Is there a way to use full width single portfolio items?

Hi, Unfortunately not. The only portfolio possibilities are those displayed here in the portfolio pages.

Do you have any plans to update to 3.9?

Hi there,

Brandspace already supports WordPress 3.9 (we released compatibility fix in April), the reason that version is not listed on theme page is due to bug on Envato side.

If you have the latest version of the theme, you can safely update your WordPress to the latest version.

Hello, congratulations for your beautiful theme! I want to ask something before i purchase it. I want to know if it supports the greek language and greek fonts


Hi, Out of the box, there is no support for those characters, you would need to manually change the font to one which includes those characters by default.