Discussion on BRAVE - A dark, clean, fully responsive WP theme

Discussion on BRAVE - A dark, clean, fully responsive WP theme

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Hello, I just purchased your theme and first of all, congratulation for your work. Unfortunately I just noticed that this theme hasn’t been updated since 2013. Is this theme still updated when needed or is it an gived up project? I can see that some of the features are totally outdated (like the define WPLANG for exemple), I fear that future Wordpress update will make this theme unusable, is it a legitimate worry? Best regards,

Hi there. The theme will continue to work with future versions of WP. If some new version of WP does away with some function or the like, then it’ll be updated accordingly.



This is a great them and I would like to use it as mobile theme on my website, which is built on Genesis framework. So can you let me know if it is compatible with Genesis framework?


Hi there. What your desktop theme is built with doesn’t matter really, Brave just calls the information from your database (post titles, post content etc.), not your desktop theme.



Your theme looks great but thought that I’d ask the following question first before buying it.

Is it possible when posting a link to a page with a video to show a screenshot of that video? For example, when posting a link to you video example page (http://www.bonfirethemes.com/_brave/2013/03/11/quickly-and-easily-embed-videos-maps-etc/) it shows a picture of a lion, which is an emoticon of a comment and not a pic of the video.

Not sure if that made sense.


Hi there, thanks for the interest.

Automatically extracting a screengrab from a video isn’t built into the theme.


Hello, Looks great! Can it also have a regular horizontal menu instead of a menu button?

Hi there, glad you like it. Brave just has the drop-down menu.

Absolutely fantastic theme, I love it. There is nothing unnecessary in it. Simple, biiutiful. Checked it on samsung galaxy sIII iphone 4s different pc’s, even works on my TV. Recommend it. The best theme from this developer, to my mind, because the menu is most comfortable. Google likes my website too ;-)

What a wonderful testimonial to cap off the year with. Thank you! :)


Just bought your theme, nice looking and perfect for our needs.

Trying to install the theme, but I get an error code: the theme is missing the format template style.css. What to do?


Glad you like it :)

I think you’re probably trying to upload the entire package. Upload the Brave.zip file only.


Hey man, I have bought your theme and i have set it up using the any mobile theme plugin. My website is www.bpme.com.au The problem i am having is that if i activate my normal theme, the menu button on the mobile theme does not drop down the menu on the mobile site when accessed from a phone. But when Brave is activated as the default theme, the menu bar works. How do i fix this so that the menu button works with brave not activated as the default desktop theme?

Hey there, there’s no need to leave a comment and send me an email as well :) We offer support via email, so future questions just there please.

For the menu question, check the documentation for an answer (under “menu not showing up?”)

And the ‘webapp’ notification should show up either way. Shoot me your WP logins and I’ll have a quick look.

Cheers mate.

Hey mate, i looked in the documentation and fixed it, fixing the menu also fixed the webapp notification for me somehow. Thanks very much!

Your mobile themes are really impressive.

I had a quick question though before buying: I want my users to be able to be able to select a light or dark theme based on their personal viewing preference. From the looks of things, BRAVE, HERO and your other themes seem structured quite similarly and I imagine any back-end options added to WordPress are roughly the same.

Is this the case? Or might I run into some issues with each post requiring different custom options to support each theme?

You are correct, the ‘under the hood’ stuff is nearly identical for all themes. You shouldn’t run into any issues on that front.

I do want to be clear though and say that whichever way you’ll be allowing users to switch between the themes would have to be your own creation, as front-end theme switching is not built into the themes themselves.

Cheers, and thanks for the kind words as well mate. It’s always good to know that someone appreciates the effort :)

Great. Yeah, I expected that part would require writing my own plugin. Just wanted to carefully gauge the work in advance. Appreciate your speedy reply!

Sure thing.

I am running version 1.1, how do I go about updating to 1.3? Thanks

If you’re using Brave as a secondary theme, just delete 1.1 and then install 1.3.

If you’re using Brave as the main theme, then temporarily enable one of the default themes (TwentyEleven or whatever you have), delete 1.1, and then install 1.3.


Hi, great theme, thanks. How do I add my logo to the header?

Hey there, glad you like it :)

To answer your question, check the documentation under “How to: add a custom logo image”

Great, thanks!

Hello! Trying to make the column works with the plugin… is there a way to wrap a generic content of the column instead of a paragraph? If I want to add a heading to a column I don’t seem to be able to do it…


Make the heading part of the column? (instead of pressing Enter, press Shift+Enter)

Also, these types of questions should go to email please (via TF profile).


Hi, I thought of purchasing this theme my current site is


1.I would like to know if I purchase and install this theme will the theme for desktop view will be affected?

2. if i have to customize this theme to suits the original site will can it be social icons and footer be the same?

Hey there, thanks for the interest.

1) Brave will most definitely not affect you desktop theme.

2) There’s nothing stopping you from bringing over the footer, you’ll just have to have the know-how for know how to do it.

I think the real question is how you desktop site is built. There doesn’t seem to be a blog index. Just a bunch of pages?

Then Brave may not be for you. I see your desktop site all over is built rather uniquely. It probably doesn’t play well with other themes.

I purchased this theme only as a secondary, and as such can’t access it on the backend (I’m using the any mobile theme switcher as you guys recommended), for some reason, the website keeps kicking out before it fully loads on anyone’s phone….any reason why this could be? Also, I try to add menus and do other customizations and I keep getting kicked out as well. My website is http://www.jukeboxdc.com.



Hey Jon, thanks for the purchase.

No need to both comment here and send an email; I’ve responded to the email you sent (we offer support via email) for some clarification on your question.


Hi there.

i set up my front page to be the Recent posts, but instead of showing the tumbnail and post tittle it opens all the recent posts content.

How can i fix this problem??, i just want the recent posts to show the tumbnail and the link to the actual post so when visitors click on the tumbnail or post title they go to the actual post.

Hey there.

I wouldn’t really call the blog index showing the posts’ content a problem :) But if you’d like to show excerpts only, or the featured image and title only, then I can certainly guide you through that little customization.

Shoot me an email through my ThemeForest profile and I’ll send back quick instructions.

Cheers :)

Thanks for the speedy respond , email sent . Many thanks

Everything is ok now , thank u for ur help

Hi Guys! Great theme, works like a charm on mobile devices. Could you recommend a theme to use for desktop users that is compatible with Brave?

Cheers, Johan

Hey Johan, glad you like it :)

As for a desktop theme, can’t really recommend any, but as long as it follows WordPress standards it should work without issues.

Hello Guys,

In future versions could you please use wp_register_style( ‘style’, get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . ’/style.css’, array(), ‘1’, ‘all’ );

instead of wp_register_style( ‘style’, get_template_directory_uri() . ’/style.css’, array(), ‘1’, ‘all’ );

in functions.php? The first one messes up any child theme and it is a great thing to apply customisation on the child theme and be able to update the parent theme when updates are available! Thanks!!!

Yup, it’s already in the pipeline and will be out with the next update along with a ready-to-go child theme :)


Just a quick update; this is now included in Update 1.1.

Can this be used as main theme (IE: not used alongside another theme?) in the main browser as well? I am not sure I understand well this… Thanks

Hi there.

Absolutely it can be used as a main desktop theme. Just install it as you would any other theme and you’re good to go :)

Hey – how do I add my logo to the header? Also – how do I add social icons?


I already responded to your email. Please check it, thanks :)

Hey there, loving the theme!

Only question: I read in the description before purchasing there are “multiple color schemes”... But I can’t seem to find where to change the scheme. Only colour option is to change the background colour, but I don’t see anywhere to, say, change from the dark theme, to a light theme.

What am I missing here?

Hey James, thanks for the purchase.

The color schemes apply for the menu button and links. Check the documentation for that, it’s under “use a different color scheme”

The theme itself remains oh-so-dark as advertised :)

Hi, great theme ! is there a link to download dummy content to get started ?

Also, do you know about a good tutorial about how to create pages and posts, i mean an advanced one.


Sent , thanks !

did you get my email ?

Yeah, and responded over 30 minutes ago. Check your spam folder, maybe it went there because of the attachment.


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